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Dr. Troubadour announces long list of prescription-only ‘good times’ to be had CHEAP

Virtual Dr. Troubadour’s head opens like a hatch, ejecting the perfect pill that’s right for YOU


I am Dr. Angstrom H. Troubonymous. I have enjoyed a long, storied career as a plastic surgeon to America’s top most beautiful celebrities. Some people say I do not deserve my wealth. Some say I deserve nothing at all. Others still will say I should be locked up, behind bars, and caged like an animal. As you can see, with all my accolades, I’m about ready to prescribe you a whole medicine chest of oxys, percocets, tramadol, xanny bars, yellow boys, and footballs.

I do not have a medical license, but the way everybody’s looking for me, you would think I am the best doctor in town, and you’d be right! But no, I may not have no fancy medical degrees. No, I did not go to Princeton, Harvard, or Yale. I attended Lebal Drocer University, where everybody gets a turn. From there I learned the invaluable art of having a good time.

That is why I come to you today with shrimp benzos, shrimp downers, shrimp quaaludes – I can still get those (I know a guy) – perc 30s, perc scampy, perc burgers, perc in aspic, perc in boiled sauce – perc mayo and perc junip, with sprigs on the side.

I am a pretty good old doctor. Look for me in the Yellow Pages. Remember the Yellow Pages?

Catch you on the flip! The candy-flip, that is!


Dr. Langstrom P. Armstrong, Ph.Dizzle

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

3 replies on “Dr. Troubadour announces long list of prescription-only ‘good times’ to be had CHEAP”

“A single acorn which is the Great Oak Tree of Harmonic Dissonance.”

Anti-Leaders Handbook, now that brings back memories AND also reminds one why time is fleeting (except when handed a 10 yr jail sentence).
Glad to see Hammond finally made it out into the light of day.
Free at last, free at last …. AND still #FuckSABU!

ps- smoke pot & eat edibles, you’ll live longer, PLUS you’ll get to keep your teeth ?

There needs to be an Amber Alert for Neal Rauhauser.
I can’t respond to DMs, yet, because I went over the limit. Probably for the best, anyway! Get back to you all, later. Seize the day, by not trolling anyone or contributing to the Internet Hate Machine. That means both sides, people. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS #FreeHeroin

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