Business as usual following #rustleleague disorder

Little Jimmy RustlesSome #rustleleague Twitter accounts were unfairly suspended Wednesday, rustling the jimmies of several prominent micro-bloggers belonging to the underground hate group #rustleleague.

While it is rumored the notorious #rustleleague are involved in illegal activities, there is no evidence to suggest malicious activity more offensive than DDoS attacks or SQL injections – known locally as script kiddie bullshit.

Jaime Cochran, who was recently ousted from #rustleleague has reclaimed her place at the upper echelon of #hatesec and other charity organizations known for contributing varying degrees of asshurt. Cochran, formerly (and presently) under the ire of #rustleleague hatefags, was most recently removed from the pro-Israel #rustleleague FBI chatroom for fame-fagging at Weev’s federal court hearing by repeatedly yelling the word ‘dicks.’

What an asshole.

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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