Man seeks garbled mess

INTERNET NEWS—skull fucking race bias and all that
just whatever like you know race riots, proudboi rallies, q anon digs, sweet angel dug me, she dug me good.
all that type of shit fired in rapid succession at the listeners before descending into repetition like some kind of cascading repetitive struggle time and time again, overlapping chain of chaos. madness of the brain sent down for generations.
Just that sort of thing. Do you have that?
I am looking for that type of shit in rapid succession, please, if you will.
(or how we do it DOWN SOUTH: rapid secession)
or how we do it out west:
    just owned slaves.
    tell you what hoss, how about that?
just stuff like that, in rapid secession.
do you have that?

radical nightmare underground thoughts of the curious mind. leader of the incels chemical breakdown. leading from behind

do you have that? check spoken word.
really, literallyyl just anytthing like that. if you have it. doesn’t even have to be that.
Reply “I have that” to [email protected] when you get it

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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Motives of Highland Park Terrorist Hidden by Ugly Online Subculture Exploited Radical Right

“I first heard this term [schizoposting] used I think around 2019 or 2020 but over the past year or so have seen it—both the word and the aesthetic/subculture—used much more often,” researcher Carolyn Orr Bueno of the University of Maryland told Daily Kos. “The best way I can describe is, a type of shitposting that sort of ironically riffs on the idea of going crazy because of what you’re seeing/reading online.

“It’s online/chan culture mixed with mental illness mixed with nihilism/fatalism, with bits of incel culture/blackpilling/trad cath/vaporwave/fashwave depending on the day and person.”

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