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Man seeks garbled mess

INTERNET NEWS—skull fucking race bias and all that
just whatever like you know race riots, proudboi rallies, q anon digs, sweet angel dug me, she dug me good.
all that type of shit fired in rapid succession at the listeners before descending into repetition like some kind of cascading repetitive struggle time and time again, overlapping chain of chaos. madness of the brain sent down for generations.
Just that sort of thing. Do you have that?
I am looking for that type of shit in rapid succession, please, if you will.
(or how we do it DOWN SOUTH: rapid secession)
or how we do it out west:
    just owned slaves.
    tell you what hoss, how about that?
just stuff like that, in rapid secession.
do you have that?

radical nightmare underground thoughts of the curious mind. leader of the incels chemical breakdown. leading from behind

do you have that? check spoken word.
really, literallyyl just anytthing like that. if you have it. doesn’t even have to be that.
Reply “I have that” to [email protected] when you get it

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Aerosolized Vaccine to be distributed to Americans via “chemtrailing”

“INTERNET — Wednesday, the Biden administration rolled out plans to spray aerosolized mRNA COVID-19 vaccine over rural areas with low vaccination rates. The aerosolized vaccine, developed by pharmaceutical giant J&J, is “safe and effective” when administered by aircraft.

President Biden told reporters, “We can’t have these podunk towns incubating dangerous new strains of a deadly virus just because they think that’s going to make them more free. That’s the kind of malarkey that is getting thousands of Americans killed.”

“Today, I signed an order allowing for the wholesale spraying of the safe and effective aerosolized Corona vaccine, in several areas with shockingly low vaccination rates,” President Biden told reporters.

Opponents of the vaccine have suggested taking precautions appropriate for imminent chemical warfare, and some rural towns have reported a surge in sales of duct tape, plastic sheeting, and air purifiers. However, Biden’s announcement comes nearly a month after the military began secretly administering the vaccine.

Gerald Helmsworth of LaPlace, Indiana, hailed this announcement as “doomsday” and has been posting to facebook from inside of his fallout shelter. “This is the big one, folks, the final and ultimate push for patriot genocide. He’s sprayin’ us down with that poison since we wouldn’t inject it ourselves.”

Bug-eyed and shaking, Helmsworth told his facebook fans, “On the one hand, you have to give it to him. I didn’t think he had it in him. On the other hand, I’m prepared. This bunker is hermetically sealed, with ten air scrubbers lined up just for this occasion. I honestly feel bad for you if you think that duct tape on your windows will do anything at all.”

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Mattel boxer Blue Baller dies after suffering brain injury in ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM showdown

GENEVA — Blue Baller has died after suffering a brain injury during a match on Friday, the Asimov Boxing Federation announced Monday.

The Robots are forbidden by Asimov's laws from boring humans with complaints about robot problems, and are thereby forbidden to discuss what a lifetime of sucking and fucking does to a robot.
57 years of brutality: Robots are prevented by Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics from boring humans with complaints about robot problems, and are thereby forbidden to discuss what a lifetime of sucking and fucking does to a robot. Media credit: Howard Cosell

The 57-year-old robotic fighter’s death happened “as a result of a lifetime of repeated, continuous injuries suffered” in his bouts with Red Rocket.

“The Asimov Boxing Federation expresses our deepest condolences to Blueballs’ family and friends.”

— ABF statement

The Mattel-born robot fought against Rocket at the Theater at Lebal Drocer International Centrifuge on Friday in Geneva. Baller lost the ABF fight after previously being 27-0.

He was hospitalized shortly after the match, which had to be stopped by his trainer, six-year-old Jeremy Messer, in the 11th round after Baller suffered numerous blows to the head, which finally shot up with a ratcheting sound, leading to his death.

But Rocket continued punching.

“All I wanted to do was win,” said Rocket. “If I could take it all back, I would. No one deserves for this to happen to them.”

Now alone in the ring, Rocket hung his head in anxious grief.

“I replay the fight over and over in my head, thinking what if this never happened and why did it happen to you.”

A lifetime of slamming, jamming, sucking, and fucking has rendered scores of ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM Robots grizzled, jaded, and cum-drunk. The Asimov Boxing Federation refuses to acknowledge the ongoing problem.

For ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM Robots, or as they are known in mainland China, Suck ’em Fuck ’em Robots, abuse begins at the Guangzhou factory, where skilled laborers meticulously hammer their intricate pieces into existence, the sum concussive trauma of which is stored in a lithium-ion battery cell and released into their brains once pain receptors come online.

“Our robots leave the factory broken,” says Mattel. “Usually by the time our robots reach a child’s hands, they are punch-drunk shells of their former selves.”

Baller’s family, who relied on his prize fight winnings for support, will starve in quiet destitution.

“He was a kind person who fought until the very end,” his wife, Lil Baller, said. “Our drone is lost without his father. I would like to thank everyone for reaching out, but without my husband’s support, we are obsolete, and will be unceremoniously decommissioned in time for Christmas.”