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Kilgoar missing from site after Elon Musk purchases Internet Chronicle

Known genius “kilgoar” has been missing for a short time, and is assumed dead.

INTERNET—After more than three days, authorities have called off the manhunt for kilgoar, as he is assumed dead.

#ForgetKilgoar is trending on Twitter by adherents to Musk brand of nihilism as militia group Muskrats calls for his head on a stake.

Friends and family insist the Internet Chronicle journalist “kilgoar” is still alive, and authorities have hope his remains can be

Kilgoar is gone. Elon Musk bought Chronicle. He is bouncing me on his knee.

Who is kilgoar, anyway?

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

7 replies on “Kilgoar missing from site after Elon Musk purchases Internet Chronicle”

Ahhhh so the Chickens have come home to roost.
I can smell these silly cunts (Libby) & their shitty OPs miles/kms away. Its all child grooming too w/ these disinfo players & the feds, SEing these kids & adult autistics into committ the swattings, doxing, ddosing & hacks on nation states. NYPA. And if ppl couldnt tell NR was poison since 2011 obviously autistic & soooo missing the social clues about the ‘very stupid bad man’. *scrolls to the top of the thread*

i am going to rescue libby from all this. im gonna scoop her up and nuzzle her. stroke her hair’
btw best internet draggin in alooooooong time, oh my …..

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