Chronicle.SU special sexy female criminals ruin America edition featuring EXCLUSIVE CASEY ANTHONY HARDCORE NUDES

Murder murder murder, murder murder murder. Guilty murder little Caylee, murder murder murder.
This picture was taken the day after Casey Anthony killed her daughter. Can you see the guilt on her guilty face?
"Authorities say that whey they arrived she was screamed profanities and proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and spray the deputies with her breast milk." The real news is that nobody's corrected Fox News on this terrible sentence yet. (Image links to abjectly written article on Fox News)
This is Casey Anthony's sexy guilty ass.
Casey Anthony drank all the beer and then sang the national anthem while burying her baby in the back yard.
This is Deborah Blount. Her boyfriend murdered her because of this photograph. Now it's newsworthy enough to put all over the internet.
Here's Casey Anthony again, aborting her last few beers after she already committed to them.
Look at me, I'm Nancy Grace and I don't kill my babies! Ooooh I'm soooooo special, and better than that Casey Anthony murderer murder murder murder murder murder murderer murderer murderer murderer murderer murderer

EXPOSED: LulzSec Mastermind Julian Assange

Documents leaked anonymously over pastebin Monday afternoon reveal LulzSec, notorious for hacking law enforcement agencies and corporate websites, is actually the most recent effort spearheaded by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange, perhaps not the only man ever to be accused of rape by a voluntary participant, made comment via Twitter.

Assange still resides at Ellingham Hall with journalist Vaughan Smith, founder of the Frontline Club.

Sabu comes clean. He IS Julian Assange

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Fuck yeah

Anonymous LulzSec AnonOps AnonNews! Disband FalseFlag J35T3R d0x team poison Julian Assange! Meanwhile Twitter Gawker Wired Forbes Guardian Barrett Brown.

FBI CIA Secret Service. NSA Obama Schumer Protect IP Al Franken. Anonymous anonymous AnonOps IRC.

50 Days of Lulz and LulzLizards ftw omg heydarguise wtf rofl lmfao lolocaust lulz. rofl rofl rofl, lmao lmao Adrian Lmao.

Adrian Lmao launches wikiSnitch, becomes world’s first overnight gorillionaire.

LulzSec went to and tell them to control internet reputation in case someone lies about them online.


I wrote this rudimentary smtp spamming program that can't deal with the massive numbers of emails leaked. Also, while I was away from the whole hacking scene smtp became impossible except with gmail. Also yes, I know. stfu

Julian Assange Julian Assange. False Flag Osama, False Flag Obama.


Sabu = Julian “LulzSec” Assange

dox dox dox, dox dox dox. a little dox on your dox?

final shout outs to my twitter friends, give them an unfollow

@LulzSec – so glad you gave us an interview. it is the highlight of our life as fake cyber war reporters. also we know you’re only “retiring” for the lulz, just like art bell.

@th3J35t3r – thx for the multiple tw33t5 linking to us. it is another

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@AdrianChen – u jelly we talked to lulzsec? yeh umad and u jelly. leak that jelly to pastebin.

@AnonymouSabu – it was nice talking to you, Julian

Did I forget to mention your twitter? Awwwww, go cry, you fuckin’ trolls.

Now for a final statement from Kilgore Trout (who keeps coming out of retirement, even though we hate him)

You Australian Farmhouse sandwich eating cunts! You can’t quit! What am I going to do with this shit-eating Twitter account? What the FUCK is going to get hacked now? So we should all go to AnonOps. Really? Leading people back into that FBI pussy trap. If you fucking say so, because I worship your swollen nuts. God Dammit, you’ve got me this time!

Let’s all go down with the LulzBoat!

nooooo don't go away lulzsec pleeeeeeeaaaaase we love you



Nobody gives a shit about your Facebook birthday

You have 27 friends with birthdays this week

Nope. I just have too many Facebook friends. Delete.



I pretended to care once, too

If you really gave a fuck about whose birthday was coming up you would’ve already sent them a card, a phone call, an email a “go fuck yourself.” Something.

The obligatory “Happy birthday!” spam on people’s walls is nothing more than an indication that they check their fucking email.

In fact, you should consider yourself insulted that anyone would have the nerve to write “happy birthday” on your Facebook wall instead of sending a private email, because then they’re just using you to portray themselves as someone who cares.

Cars 2 Review – Where Were The People?


I watched Cars 2 tonight. It was better than the first one, which contained faggoty overtones of Podunk nostalgia.

Cars 2 was less celebratory of self-imposed limitations and even called out Mater & his voice actor Larry the Cable Guy’s act of ignorance by pointing out how the audience is too busy laughing at his act to realize he’s not really a good ol’ boy like them is. In Mater’s case, his character really was that dumb. But in “Larry’s” case, he’s not.

What I liked about Cars 2 was all the stereotypes. They had Asians, Mexicans, Italians – Russians named Ivan – all down pat. They even added a “black” car – an old hooptie that sounded like a doped-up Wanda Sykes or something. It was my pleasure to watch this movie in the white-bred Appalachian community of Waynesville, North Carolina (right outside of Clyde, near Canton, for those of you who need a point of reference) and they loved that sista-car. She was funny, for a you-know-what.

Cars 2 is NOT for children. That is, unless you like exposing your children to banality and mediocrity while rednecks clap for the theater screen. “That was too much!” As Mater boosts around London with rocket boosters.

Now that I think more about Mater, maybe Cars 2 was a celebration of good-natured ignorance after all. He was instructed not to change even if he is seen as an embarrassment to the entire world: all but the Car Citizens of defunct Radiator Springs located along an obsolete desert stretch of Route 66.

Mater won the hottest bitchin’-ass car featured in the entire movie – a British spy technician luxury sports car with medium-sized car tits and a sultry voice actress who is assertive and qualified, but not quite as domineering as the weakest male character in the film.

Despite all the gender and racial stereotyping, and in spite of the product placement and references to TV commercials, I could still relate to the storytelling found in Cars 2, until I realized one thing: I could not connect, emotionally, to the characters or the plot-line. That’s because there are no fucking people.

Who drives the cars? Why do they construct buildings? Are there car beds in Car Tokyo in the Car Apartments and what about the Car Churches? Is there a Car God? There was a Car Pope in Cars 2. But not one single human being. So why do the cars speak different languages in different accents? Did the cars evolve over many hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years, to develop their own languages and regional dialects? Was there a time in Cars history when the Cars had not yet invented their parts because they had not yet even mastered stone tools?

Finally. I’m going to ask this one more time. Where were all the fucking people?


And now for Dan Whitney, before he became “Larry the Cable Guy!”


Murderous Syrian Leader Just Wants Citizens To See Things His Way

Bashar al-Assad wishes people could afford shoes in order to know what it's like to walk a mile in his.Syria–President Bashar al-Assad told reporters Friday he feels that in spite of the crushing oppression of his dictatorial regime, the Syrian people are just not as empathetic as he would like them to be during this tumultuous time.

“I just wish those peasants could see what it’s like to be me before I order them to be mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of my death squads,” President al-Assad said.

Thousands of people have jumped on the Bashar al-Assad Hatewagon and now flow through the city streets like enraged water. “That is why it is so important that I must kill them all,” the leader said.

“How many rounds must I fire into vocalized women and dissenting children before they learn I am their best, if not only, option?” asked al-Assad.

How many rounds must I fire into vocalized women and dissenting children before they learn I am their best, if not only, option?”

-Bashar al-Assad

The troubled Syrian President said he is starting to think his people believe he has grown weak because he sends other people to do his dirty work for him.

“I even ordered my troops to shoot the troops who protested the shooting of the protesters. Is this not a sign of strength? Do I need to shoot them myself?”

Syrian state spokesperson Ahmed al-Kahardi said a new commercial paid for by The Al-Assad Campaign For Unending Control will broadcast amid damning footage of unsympathetic Syrian protesters being gunned down on the Al Jazeera news network.

The commercial is said to feature footage of the Syrian President killing dissenters with his own two gloved hands so as not to appear spineless. Assad is also reportedly seen choking a young man and crushing his windpipe on camera before he can even squeak out “Death to tyranny!”

Such strength.

What's on Bashar's playlist?

Al-Assad said he hopes to kill enough protesters to “flip the ratio of haters,” until there are so few people left in his mean, dispirited state that all who remain in existence will represent none other than a majority of pure Syrian nationalists – good-natured folks who are willing to gladly accept all the abuses and indignity his oppressive regime has to offer, and who are so sympathetic to their ruler’s cause they are willing to starve to death and pay with their lives so their non-dissenting children may eat another day.

“If only they knew what I have to go through,” said al-Assad. The leader reported back pains that develop in the sixth hour of his sometimes day-long rape sessions upon women picked up by Syrian security forces.

“Sometimes I just want to lay down after that, but I can’t,” al-Assad complained. Occasionally the beleaguered President is even required to pick up the phone to order hot meals or tell reporters and UN diplomats to “fuck off” while he continues to ravage his unforgiving, unsympathetic nation.

Stay tuned as more details unfold around the President’s delicate emotional condition.

Some contents of Lulzsec's Arizona Police leak, Chinga la Migra!

Chinga la Migra! Fuck the border!

This may or may not have anything to do with the drug war. I don't see a car wreck, though.


Own your own Drug War™ firearm! Raffle tickets benefit a family in need.
A demotivational posters from the Drug War™
Raffle anyone?

Below are excerpts from Chinga La Migra

I was standing in line and oblivious (like all the other patrons) to the fact that an armed suspect had taken the manager hostage and was forcing her to open the safe in the restaurant’s office. One of the cashiers had seen this and I overheard her telling another employee that the business was being robbed.

At that time, I had approximately 15 years of experience and was a SWAT team member and use-of-force/firearms instructor. … As I was standing near the front counter trying to get some of the kitchen help to get out, the suspect came from the office area and began running in my direction.

I immediately noted the large semi-automatic pistol in his hand. The distance was about 15 to 20 yards. I drew my weapon, announced myself and took a kneeling position behind the counter. Unfortunately, the suspect raised his weapon at me and the gunfight erupted. The suspect fired a total of 2 rounds in my direction. I fired 11, striking him 10 times. …

I immediately noticed a small child lying behind me. I saw blood pooling under her head and knew at a glance she was dead. One of the bullets fired at me had struck this child.


Even after controlling for other explanatory factors, racial/ethnic disparities exist for warnings, repair orders, citations, arrests and seaches. … Further analyses of searches and seizures illustrate that hispanic, black and native american drivers were significantly more likely to be searched compared to whites.


The NOC Fusion Desk Watch Officers are responsible for monitoring the Security Threats e-mail box.  Security Threats is a platform from which the public can report suspicious activities to the Department of Homeland Security.

The following link discloses the below.

I wanna RAPE and MAIM barbara bush and jenna bush, sexy whore daughters of  dubya bush AND I want to RAPE and MAIM the WHORE DAUGHTERS of FBI, NSA and NIS directors  Robert Mueller III, Mathew Hayden, Keith Alexander and Mike McConnell and  then carve out their eyes, chop their ears, noses and then stab them a  hundred times on their faces and body and maim them and make sure they cry  every second for the rest of their lives and make sure no guy will ever  think of having sex with these rich whores.  I do not want to kill them because there is no pain in death. I want these  whores to experience what I have been experiencing every second for years  in the hands of their fucking dads at FBI, NSA and NIS.  Once I finish raping them, I want to sell tickets to the public who ever  wants to fuck these whores. Once everybody is done I wanna torture  them like I said and make these rich whores “MY VOICE” to go on TV  and explain to the american public how much pain I have been subjected  to by their fucking dads organizations FBI, NSA and NIS.  The best part is these PSYCHOPATHS Mueller III, Alexander and McConnell  and their whole families will become “my voices” for the rest of their lives  and work towards real freedom and democracy in our GREAT CHRISTIAN NATION  america.  AmerGovtCriminalsExposer  AmerGovtPsychopathsExposer  AmerGovtVampiresExposer  (I posted with these names in the past on usenet)  END QUOTE.

Action Taken:Documented and submitted to USSS (in addition to standard distribution list) for possible exploitation.


Per definition racial profiling: Is the assumption of criminality among ethnic groups: the alleged policy of some police to attribute criminal intentions to members of some ethnic groups and to stop and question them in disproportionate numbers without probable cause. (Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.)  As you read, by definition the implied words are directed as the action to police ethnic groups. We have to understand that the definition itself leave most, if not all professions, out of the question. If we read closely the above definition it’s very specific who it’s responsible for the action to police, it even mentions policy, attribution of criminal intent, it even goes beyond by mentioning, the stop and questioning in disproportionate numbers. However the most crucial subject in this definition is that it’s all done without probable cause.If we asked this question: Who actually committees racial profile? Well we need to read and understand correctly, according to the Encarta World English Dictionary the North American Edition. The only professional who committees this disdainful act will be us, the police. If we take all government branches into consideration it’s the executive branch of government, the one that makes sure all laws of the United States are obeyed. The question should be who actually police all federal and state laws in this country? I guess at this point it’s when responsibilities are delegated. But in essence placing all law enforcement agencies under their wing of the executive branch, we can say, they could be responsible for all acts of racial profiling. Lets be real the executive branch can not be responsible for this, how can they be responsible for this non-sense of racial profiling.  Well it’s not the executive branch it’s a combination of federal and state government and this will include us the police. The federal part of this problem and part of the executive branch will include the federal law enforcement agencies as ICE CBP, USBP who around the country they play an important part of the executive branch.
During the years as a Law Enforcement Officer I believed there is nothing wrong with criminal profile, but can we enforce laws without racial profiling? Well we can, we do this all the time, by profiling crime not race. We as police using the system of selective crimes and their enforcement, we can we targeted specific crimes. From speed enforcement, DUI enforcement, gang enforcement. This can include other crimes the ones done by specific groups as organize crime, gambling etc.  Taking in consideration the complexity of most laws, and the elements to be found in each crime, we must select very carefully. Being selective as a police officer you must take in consideration several factors before and after the crime occurred, but again we must leave race aside. During my years of service as an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer I have been trained to recognized and avoid the act of racial profiling. Even so I came to the conclusion that I always had this ability, the ability to identify when the situation was derived from racial profile. The fact that I am a Mexican of Hispanic descent, I personally have being the target and or victim of this loathsome act. Over the years I had witness the several types, from the innocent comment about your race or background. To include my ability to communicate there is been times you know the comments were made without effort or disdain, but sometimes you knew they were obscure and manipulated. These kinds of comments are the worse the one that leaves you under, behind or even out with no chance at all specially, the ones that come directly from the standard of ethnicity, Regardless of my opinion this controversial topic today has different critics and several opinions. We have to make something clear, all races can be victims of racial profiling not only Hispanics, Asians, Middle Eastern, African Americans, Caucasians, etc. Racial profiling it’s a factual and crude reality and it happens around the world every day. Be that as it, we need to recognize and understand that the united States of America as leaders of civility in the world. We must fight to avoid the tag of racism, all agencies and professionals in the branch of law enforcement must follow the proper training. By doing this we can learn how to elude racial profiling as a type of enforcement.


Ryan Cleary V&

Ryan Cleary is well known for the attack against AnonOps IRC servers which prompted Barrett Brown’s departure from anonymous. Ryan Cleary quickly associated himself with LulzSec in the aftermath of the AnonOps IRC battle. According to Lulz Security’s Twitter account, Cleary is not a member of LulzSec. Still, the most absurd headlines today all read something like “LulzSec Mastermind Caught!”

“Ryan Cleary is not part of LulzSec; we house one of our many legitimate chatrooms on his IRC server, but that’s it.” @LulzSec

Operation #AntiSec has gained a legion of followers ready to hack government web sites and go to jail. Ryan Cleary’s arrest has not generated the usual response in the hacker community, which regards V& as a horrible failure. The willingness to go to prison is one of the hallmarks of civil disobedience. Could it be that the winds of real Civil Disobedience are what power the LulzBoat? Are hackers reading their Thoreau?