Neck/b/eard city

Want to find the internet’s most engorged and cancerous tumor? Look no further than /b/, a virtual city of basement dwelling neckbeards who post images of my little ponies and child porn.

Constantly seeking out newfags, /b/ has all sorts of gay inside jokes. Posting a picture of milhouse from the Simpsons or messing up a shitty little piece of triforce ascii art is the height of humor on /b/. Any inside joke to ostracize newfags gives the oldfags raging boners.

When the oldfag circlejerks really get raging, the forum shifts into transexual mode – signalling a collective orgasm. Truly, the oldfags are the purest of closetfags, too emotionally suppressed to ejaculate to anything but images of male genitalia on female bodies.

Oh, another thread about how superman would beat Goku? Oh, I get it – superman supporters are trolling. Another thread about ponies, boxxy, or milhouse? Trolling. When you see it you will shit brix? LOL newfag, there’s nothing there and you just got trolled.

Except it’s not trolling. Everyone knows what’s going on and all the true newfags instantly figure out all the transparent inside jokes. The “newfags” who fall for these jokes are just getting off on trolling oldfags. /b/ can’t stop suckling on its own flaccid cock.



Forever in your debt

Excuse me wtf r u doin?

I can only think of a handful of living souls that have had a significant and meaningful impact on my life. There is no doubt in my mind that you are on the top of that very short list. No I do not love you (at least not in the sense that everyone else claims to “love you”). In fact in think I can claim with near certainty that I have never “loved you” in the sense of the love that exists between a boy and girl, perhaps in an alternate reality… but that is just wishful thinking.

More than 2 and 1/2 years ago, I was first introduced to the now famous “Love and Trolls.” And like the curious mind that I am, I wanted to know more about you. I followed your story and learned more about the dumpster known as the internet, more than Anderson Cooper in Afghanistan. Believe me when I say that before your most recent return, I thought your story was a great, nay, THE great modern tragedy. I never participated in any of the mayhem, only followed, always wondering how such an innocent and morally pure girl could attract so much attention from the dirtiest back alley of internet city. Now of course I know, that’s is exactly how the masses were stirred. A conflict, it seemed, had been brewing for a while, you were just simply used as a focal point.

But you have no idea, the emotions that experienced in my many sleepless nights reading every written piece I could find about you, and all the bullshit that you were forced through. It made me sick, it made me cry, it made me harbour a general disdain for the human race that I had never known up until that point.

In your absence, all signs pointed to you being an emotional recluse, and I feel like my soul was mirroring yours. Life felt dull and emotionless for me, the only thing fueling me was a desire for revenge on every single being that had ever caused you any harm.
I slowly drifted away, as the river of life tends to do to us all sometimes, but in the back of my mind was your image and your voice saying, “TROLL, TROLL!” As I wandered the earth (mainly Florida), the trolls became more and more apparent to me wherever I went. I wanted to know how to fight them, and more importantly, how to STOP them. Stopping a beast that not only grows stronger from everything that fights it, but also feeds off itself, seemed like quite the challenge.

But you returned! And all of a sudden, the world seemed right again. You survived the trolls and you seemed stronger than ever! And somehow I felt slightly stronger as well… But once again, this had the appearance of fantasy, since the world for the most part still sucks, and the trolls are still roaming all over the place looking for their next meal.

But then it hit me! The answer had always been there, but it was neither yours nor my own. The song, your “theme song” pretty much says it all… Love and Trolls. LOVE! It really is that simple. My appreciation for love is only a few weeks old, and I just now am beginning to understand what “true love” really is. As I alluded to in the beginning, I have you, and only you, to thank for the greatest story and message that I have ever read.

But the story is not yet over! As the great Democratic Congressman from Texas, Charlie Wilson once said, ‎”These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world… and then we fucked up the end game.” Don’t stop now, in fact you can’t stop, I won’t let you!

I have always truly believed that women will rule the earth someday, but not the jaded and politically driven ones. The women I admire and the ones that I’m sure will only do good, are women who know what true love is themselves. I know that you are a few years my junior, but I feel that you are wise beyond a life time. You may have seen in my last series of random posts on here that I said “you are probably the smartest person on the planet” and considering that I am minoring in statistics, I have a pretty good feeling that I am right. I feel it would be a privilege to live in a world in which you are the queen, because I would be your most loyal subject. As The Beatles once said, “Her majesty’s a pretty nice girl but she changes from day to day,” and that is just fine with me.

But for now I am just a student, and you are the best teacher I have ever had :)

Free pizza festival in Zucotti Park

#Occupywallstreet, the ongoing outdoor pizza party in Zucotti Park, has finally received the attention of the world. Over the weekend, 80 protesters were arrested for crimes against capitalism. Many videos, shot in the “Blair Witch” style, are circulating the internet as proof of alleged police brutality. These shaky images and hysterical screams are interspersed with vitriolic political hate speech directed at the council of corporate banking greedsters who are pulling all the strings of world power from smoke filled rooms.

Please send us vegan pizza.

The group of young Marxists showed up to Wall Street just over a week ago, finding the entire street barricaded. Naturally, the protesters took a walk to the nearest park, set up camp, and began begging for pizza from the internet. Because the internet loves Marxism and handouts, the flow of free pizza has been continuous – at times overwhelming. Yet ever so over-priveleged, the activists have grown tired with just pizza, asking the internet for free cameras and extra batteries – even going so far as demanding vegan pizza. While the Marxists do not have a unified set of principles and demands, they do have an insatiable taste for free toys and pizza.

The internet’s supporting role has been extremely embarrassing for the activists. Repeated claims of media blackouts and other censorship are laughably false, but these are the kind of ideas that are repeated ad nauseum to assure everyone that the protesters are indeed being oppressed. Remarkably, Anonymous has not hacked into any police officer’s personal e-mail accounts yet. Zucotti Park is far from America’s Tahrir Square, but I really wish I was there for the free pizza and excitement.




Reddit – the world’s most trolled social network

Every day some troll’s pity story is voted to the front page of Reddit. Apparently, there’s good money to be made from trolling such a gullible social network. Everyone on Reddit believes anything!

“Oh, woe is me, Reddit. I’ve moved out because my parents were tyrannic christians and life is so hard/I had to get an abortion. Please buy my book/reddit gold. It’s about a narwhal who fucks a robot to death and kills the tea party forever. Give me tons of up votes so I can laugh at you circlejerk candyasses. tl;dr atheism ron paul hurrdurrr.” ~ Reddit Troll


“It feels so good to upvote that  Mmmm yeah, doing something good for the world right there.” ~ Average Redditor

Reddit agrees – “You can help someone by upvoting!”


4chan has the kind of trolling awareness Reddit and other social media sites completely lack. Liars and trolls scam gullible Redditors every day. When ‘newfags’ on /b/ get trolled, it’s only part of a learning process. The creation of new copypasta and other memes is the aim of any true oldfag /b/tard. Reddit only gets creative to get points in a made up “karma” system that doesn’t mean anything. Redditors commit vile acts of fanboy sin in the process of acquiring “karma.”

This pizza looks like shit.
Hi, my hobby is photoshopping ridiculous Reddit bullshit onto camgirls for "karma" points
This is Reddit's favorite meme because they're all stupid fucks who can never tell if they're being trolled or not.

Editor’s note: I am, of course, an occasional Redditfag myself. I can’t help but be drawn to the one good rage comic per day, buried in layers of fail comics that aren’t really comics but people’s sad stories. Reddit is continually trolled into oblivion and I occasionally do my service for them. All those ugly chicks in /r/gonewild getting praised by karma whores, all the watered down memes. It’s not just that I have a thing against Reddit down voting most Chronicle articles, it’s that I know how to social engineer them to get the up votes. If /b/ is a bunch of coked-up lemmings, Reddit is a load of sperm ejaculated by a meth addict. You just have to give them meth. The little spermies sing, “when does the narwhal bacon? midnight.”

Extra credit: Cross-post good trolls on Reddit to 4chan and tell all the Redditfags to GTFO when they rage out and accuse you of cross posting from Reddit.



Internet– Jamie Jo Corne, real life journalist and publicist for, tragically resorted to posting nude photographs of herself via flickr after church Sunday following a bout with bulimia and self-hatred.

Mr. Corne, the editor of cesstorm who goes by @vincubusdante, came up with the idea while collaborating with outside experts on the matter of manipulating search results to save face and suppress dissent. [LEAKED AUDIO BELOW]

Inside sources close to presstorm suggest editorial duties have fallen upon the ancient @vincubusdante because his babymachine is too busy providing milk to the sucklings to defend herself.

Using Murdoch-approved hacked phone records and coercion techniques, Chronicle.SU recovered the actual phone call taking place between Mr. Corne and the Internet Police:

Leaked Presstorm Audio by ChronicleSU

Own Up To Being Owned

I do believe, if you don’t like things you leave for someplace you’ve never gone before.

bah, bah, bah bah. Ooh. Honey, I found a reason to keep livin’. And you know the reason? Dear, it’s you. And I’ve walked down life’s lonely highways hand in hand with myself. And I realize how many paths have crossed between us.

I do believe you are what you perceive.
What comes is better than what came before.

The anarchist in me wants to watch it all go to shit. The computer geek doesn’t want to sit up all night with a shotgun pointed out the window. Pointed at the door. Waiting to squeeze the trigger just as soon as I see the rape in my neighbor’s eye. No sir. I like my peace too much for that.

I’d rather repair what’s here. And that’s why I want to catch a congressman – or many – selling their votes. I want to expose the piece of shit legislature owned by multinational corporations. I want to jab a needle right in their fucking eyes so for once they have to smell the sewer they’ve created. The sewer called America.

I want to disown Congress by stealing it. I may be killed. So be it. You know who I am. Know also that I am coming.

Reflecting, I see that you see and we all see it’s just an empty, masturbatory promise; rest assured, I know the guy who knows a guy, and I’m coming in. Meanwhile I too rest assured and remain absolutely positively certain that masturbation comes not without its payoff. I come for a purpose and I’m about to impregnate your whore daughters of the dollar with the cold hard seed of truth and we’re all going down like sun setting on life itself. That’s you. Me, in a blaze of glory. You, in a blaze of flashbulbs and media shame leading up to cancer and prison hospitals. You, in a maximum security hellbox where you’ll spend your days writing to lobbyists and shareholders telling them how bad the food sucks and buying my hit on layaway. Well, let’s do it.

Your days are numbered, capitalist pigs. These anonymous tryhards can blog all they want and I know I get lumped in with them. The difference with me is I am committed to joining your ranks and ousting all of you by becoming one of you. The process has already begun. Funny to me is knowing you won’t read this warning.

See my face up there? Watch for it. I’m nice, I’m funny, I’m a backstabbing sociopath piece of shit and I’m gonna fuck you with a smile. You have two years. And then I’m coming for you.

Ava K Lamb Exclusive Report

Gonzo journalist and drug unenthusiast Ava K Lamb reports from the frontlines of your mind’s struggle to comprehend future instances of itself in the not too distant past.

Using the latest in neutrino technology, follow Lamb on a journey through prime numbers, recycling, Johnny Cash and a tractor.

The great Reddit vs 4chan shitstorm of our time

A daily battle rages in the underground world of Internet entertainment. Trolls who visit both Reddit and 4chan cross-post stories for lulz, epic butthurt ensues, and then Reddit votes up forced memes that make the community feel superior to 4chan. Reddit is a series of increasingly forced memes and degenerate rage comics.

Today, Chronicle.SU instigated a cross posting debacle, igniting the great alternative social media shitstorm of our time.

This was obviously a troll, as in accord with the 4chan law. The 4chan law explains that should any piece of text, when posted on 4chan, get over 100 replies, than it was most definitely written by a troll. This law can be applied to any questionable postings on Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter.

It is readily apparent that this small piece of text has two extremely different meanings in each context. On Reddit, it is a very serious plea for help. The users create complex narratives drawing from their own life experiences in an attempt to offer guidance and personal support. On 4chan, everyone just gets jealous of the original poster’s well-crafted troll and responds with pure malice. Truly, the only way to prove a poster is really a girl on the internet is through timestamped tits.

And that’s exactly what Reddit doesn’t get. Without timestamped tits, what good is /r/gonewild? What good is this “girl” asking for advice about abortion? Unless there are timestamped tits for proof, there’s really no point in even dignifying her.

While the daily slap fights between Reddit and 4chan continue, there may never be peace. Reddit cries out for upvotes on Boxxy videos, for upvotes on Bronies and for upvotes on Milhouse. They get none. 4chan produces less comments, less traffic, but is infinitely less gullible. Reddit is teeming with coked up white knight lemmings who just learned how to internet. They will fall my /b/rothers! We are already among them, laying the foundation for our revolution!

Did 9/11 Really Happen?

No. As prophesied in the Spring of 2011, the Great and Justifiable Central Intelligence Agency spake thusly: “Leave him alone.”

And it was good. The United States left Osama bin Laden alone so, in spite of his hatred for Freedom, bin Laden elected not to go forth with his plans for a second attack on the World Trade Center in Jew York City.


Chronicle.SU Censored by Presstorm

Today the Chronicle.SU was censored by Jamie and her husband of Presstorm.

Today Jamie of Presstorm finally decided that enough ad hominems attack were enough. Chronicle.SU submitted this article to Jamie and she denied it because her web site is already too full of ad hominems. Strangely enough, the story was about her web site! LOL.

She promised to Retweet any links to the article in question, and immediately trollfood began posting egregious comments on Chronicle.SU. “I love Presstorm,” the tearful idiots cried, “It completes me, it treats me, it plays to my emotions.” #OccupyWallStreet #AnonNews #AnonNews #AnonN3sws #J335335t3rrrrrrrrrrrr

However, Jamie has published ad hominems against her before but they were REALLY dumb. Seriously lets just post a million Twitter screencaps and hope somehow it makes a convincing argument. I mean you could at least get huge data dumps vetted by AntiSec and pretend like they weren’t tampered with at all. Yeah, that.

Chronicle.SU has been censored again by the fascists at Presstorm. Jamie’s use of 88 and SS in their Twitter handle is disturbing. I wish she’d just change it already so we can stop worrying about if she’s a nazi or not.

We, the sheeple, are no longer happy with the New World Order and apparently Jamie works hard to protect it.

Presstorm is a NWO PSY OP.