FBI call intercepted by #Antisec Anonymous

[audio:http://www.chronicle.su/call.mp3|titles=FBI call intercepted by Anonymous]

Anonymous released a recording of what is said to be an international conference call purportedly taking place between several FBI agents. During the call, the men discuss cases against Jake Davis (Topiary)¬†and Ryan Cleary, who appeared in court January 27. The voices claimed to have a “USAF” report on Cleary’s harddrive over 300 pages long, “not including notes on his file.”

Additionally, they discussed @TehWongz whose complicity the federal agents agree is favorable, and appears to have pissed off Sabu.

Finally, the men discuss the upcoming arrests of other Anonymous actors such as Kayla and T Flow, using pointed language like, “Do you have a charge against him yet?”

The audio file was confirmed authentic by the FBI. But that does not necessarily mean the audio was not recorded and leaked by them, through anonymous channels. It sounds like a great propaganda fear piece designed by skiddies, for skiddies.

Topiary will enter his plea May 11th.

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  • spookuficer

    I came, fake or no fake xD

  • you need to change the name of your site to the onion.

  • I had heard about this, damn, Ryan is a total assburger than never seems to go away….

  • love you guys hope you know that? or I wouldnt be in here every day on my rounds. i know you got thick skin. you mist out on Eddie Murphy’s death, your slipping. you need 2 put the paint cans down from time to time.
    I used your links
    Link to the audio file: http://t.co/MxquYyv9
    Link to relevant pastebin: http://pastebin.com/8G4jLha8 grat work

    p.s. To the UK, Free Topiary before he enters his plea on May 11th.or frank mason will kiss you

      • I would but as you can see by what? 50 or so words I wrote here, my writing skills are not so good.
        I would need a team of prof readers, editors and a group of attorneys so chronicle.su dont have 100 lawsuits for each article I wrote.
        I dont think chronicle.su can flip that bill.
        DM me on twitter if your want that, I’ll give you my e-mail or phone number.
        good work here, great article

  • anoN

    -Bruce Helman, supervisor of the FBI’s computer hacking squad in the agency’s New York office.

  • These FBI cops are just a bunch of sheeps. The do what they have been told to do because they are afraid of loosing their sad jobs.

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  • Anonymous

    The representation of anonymous by every media outlet OTHER than internet is so blatantly biased, it’s surprising to veteran cynics. It seems like a lot of people are focused on the hacktivist side of anonymous while completely forgetting the activist. A lot of kids will tell you most things anonymous delves in are done so with good intentions, and certainly there’s an argument for that, although from the media you’ll get the impression anonymous is filled with muckrakers and felons.
    An unbiased perspective sheds a much different light on this super group. A distaste for the abuse of power, corruption, greed, and constant attempts to sway our opinions is a common feeling for them. Yes, some choose to display their dislike in ways big brother says are bad, but the truth is an estimated 17% of anons are activist with no criminal record, 3% are journalist, and a mere 2% are hackers. The absent 78% is accounted for by trolls and confused V for Vendetta fans.

    • @kilgoar

      What’s that? You just tasted a heavy dose of TRUTH dealt out by Chronicle.SU, rather than that blue shit that’s loaded with strychnine.

      • Anonymous

        Not entirely, sir, for you see, my daily doses of truth became routine long before I ventured into the murky internet swamp that is chronicle.su. From my time spent wading around in kiddie pools from myspace and facebook to youtube I gathered there was a large, yet somehow mostly unknown, attempt at constant misinformation. In fact, my earliest recognitions of this travesty were as a boy in Sunday school.

        I see that you do seem to “deal” truth here, but it’s delivered with a firm backhand across the face of anyone who doesn’t know how to decipher that which they read. I have no problem with this, because with that you get to see first hand the differences in logical thought process and that of someone who (for example) watches fox news for information.

    • Being a Ex-convict my self aka felon. I can say this.
      We are Ex-convicts, At around 7.5 million, We are truly legion, We never are forgiven, We never forget, You can always expect more of us, better get use to us, your courts are always full sending cons in and letting cons out. Our numbers grow every bay.
      Next time your in a crowded sport stadium, throw a rock in the air over the people of 1000’s, odds are 35% you’ll hit a felon.

    • S.A.C. Spookufier

      Is that you sABU?!?

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