Ryan Cleary, Anonymous infiltrator, now official leader of Anonymous amid post-Civil-War fugue

All of the sudden, the United States Government is faced with an information problem it didn’t anticipate. The anti-American threat of anonymously submitted documents from WikiLeaks has forced evil politicians to engage weaponized sockpuppets obtained from HBGary in order to create the dual-purpose Anonymous collective.

Anonymous serves both as a honeypot for enterprising young hackers and as a Psy-Op aimed at discrediting any anonymously submitted documents of the foreseeable future. When Anonymous sprung to defend WikiLeaks, the government engaged its sockpuppet army. HBGary was actually a red herring tossed out by the Government and jumped on by a rabid press. The untrustworthy Anonymous was waving a bunch of stolen e-mails that proved exactly the kind of social weaponry America was deploying. The mainstream media ignored this story and Anonymous was put out of mind.

At some point, a character known only as “Ryan Cleary” began to participate in the administration of AnonOps. He played the part of a young, resourceful hacker with the realistic fault of a hot temper. Most Anons believe Ryan infiltrated Anonymous either for a corporate entity, a criminal organization, or the Federal Government.

George Hotz, the famous iPhone and PS3 hacker, drew the sympathy of Anonymous. A relatively tiny group of around one hundred supported DDoSing Sony’s video game servers, so it was done. Bot-nets created and employed by AnonOps administrators shut down PSN for an entire day, with no real need for the LOIC except to implicate criminals. Somebody somewhere allegedly used the cover of this attack to steal the personal data of a hundred million people. The security was suspiciously relaxed, as if it was a trap, as if some power wanted Anonymous to make the wrong move. A calling card appearing to be from Anonymous was supposedly recovered by Sony, who may have hacked themselves just to profit off of endless downtime.

Anonymous has largely abandoned both AnonOps and AnonNews after “Ryan Cleary” went crusading with his bot-net. Official statements by Anonymous have called all hackers to join their movement. Of course, Anonymous has denied all knowledge of the personal data theft from PSN. Meanwhile, “Ryan Cleary” has accessed all the personal data stored on AnonOps, published it, and claimed to be more Anonymous than AnonOps is. The sockpuppet army has widely applauded “Ryan Cleary” and his success, making him the new leader of Anonymous. His unnatural abilities, shadowy motives, and god-like ability to act with complete impunity has helped him ride the wave of discontent to the helm of Anonymous. Who is “Ryan Cleary”? Is he from Sony? Is he a criminal from Eastern Europe? Is he an FBI agent? The sockpuppet army has gone insane with speculation.

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  1. Ryan Cleary sounds like the most sophisticated hacker. I first heard about him when he launched DDOS attacks on 4chan. Fair enough, it’s got porn, memes and random chatter. True, its’ childish content is questionable. But I’ll never forgive him for the harm he has caused to millions. If I see him, he will regret the day he messes with the world.

  2. Ryan is going to be send to his room with no supper and his da is going to whip his fat lard cookie eating ass. Oh and he is ground with no playstation…. :F

  3. “Most Anons believe Ryan infiltrated Anonymous either for a corporate entity, a criminal organization, or the Federal Government.”

    This sounds like a completely plausible fact that should be blindly believed by anyone who reads it and does not require proof whatsoever.

  4. Ryan Cleary has been owned more times than anyone I can think of. His boxes got rooted in 2008 for a DDoS attack, dox dropped when he messed with 4chan, dox dropped again for the AnonOps ordeal.. probably countless others, and now arrested over a DDoS attack on the CIA website.. I have no sympathy for people who never seem to learn their lesson.

    1. I think it’s kind of funny they arrested him after all this and even though he didn’t spearhead the operations. He was just due for it’s all.

  5. Ryan is a talented guy i give him that, but his arrogance to think he can take control of Anon is ridiculous. The stealing of personal data was NOT cool although very well done, But what ever, he dint cover his tracks and pissed off to many ppl who would be on his side otherwise. Ryan Cleary fuck you and have fun in jail!

  6. I would say first, wow! he really are good for doing such, however, what he did was wrong, very wrong! Its stealing, how sad for him, if only he used his talent for good. He might be famous now, but in shame.

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