Dog the Bounty Hunter to pursue Snowden Bounty

Dog the Bounty Hunter was recently arrested by Mexican authorities for illegally bounty hunting outside of US territory.
Dog the Bounty Hunter is on the hunt yet again, but this time he’s after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

HAWAII — Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, announced plans to enter Russia illegally in order to capture fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden. Dog, in an impromptu press conference held outside Da Kine bail bonds, said, “Sometimes you gotta bend the rules to save America, and if I can catch this traitor Snowden and bring him back to God’s side, then it’ll be worth the risk of a lifetime of hard labor in a Siberian gulag.”

The reward for the capture and return of Edward Snowden has been set at one billion US dollars, prompting many bounty hunters to take the risk of capturing a fugitive who is protected by the Russian KGB. Dog was recently arrested and released by Mexican authorities for illegally bounty hunting outside of US territory.

When asked if he had a message for Snowden, Dog became agitated and began to rant, “Every Dog has its day, but Snowden, your days are numbered. Me and Beth are gonna catch you and bring ya to justice, the American way. If you’re listenin’ slick Eddy, the Dog’s comin’ for ya. You can run, but you can’t hide brah. The Dog has picked up your trail.”

Dog and his buxom wife Beth were reportedly spotted boarding a jet for Hong Kong, where the couple intends to search Snowden’s hotel rooms for evidence.

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poor agent billy,
this is all thatz left of ur pathetic, bearded, neohippy dreams? u R a pr-clown for the global concentration camp.
as long as we’re talking about satireerkennung. satire only woiks in one direction, and thats UP^. C the difference between ur bs and satire?

He should let this one go. He isn’t an outlaw Dwayne the ones that put a bounty on him are. Traitors Snowden is a Hero..

D’wayne, you thought getting beat up by local boys was bad? Those russians are going to take pictures of you roasting on a spit. They will literally eat you alive. Stick to faking pidgin on tv “brah”. You are a clown (He really does wear elevator clown shoes), and you should just stick to chasing ice heads on Oahu. Russians ain’t no joke “brah”. Snowden is a REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT. Now I know what side you are really on dwayne, hope you have a crew of body guards around you if you come across me you hair sprayed mullet having midget.

Did he really get beat up by local boys ? woo hoo !!! would have liked to have seen that, while you were at it, your girlfriends should have whipped the pasty face beths ass. He’s a wannabe, running around with a can of pepper spray. I think the Russians may carry more heavy artillery. C ya !!!

im sure that will improve foreign relations… thanks jerk. go after the guy trying to expose crimes committed by the people who labeled him a criminal…

Leave this one alone, not only are you on the wrong side of “justice” in this case, but you also don’t realize what they will do to you if you get caught, I wouldn’t want to be you when they do catch you let’s just leave it at that!

It’s about time this idiot gets what he deserves. Go for it act like the Dog you are. Snowden is an American Hero. You on the other hand are a dog.

How dare you go after a man that has put himself in danger to save his country from tyrants. I have lost any shred of respect i had for you. I might not trust russians but in this case ill be rooting for them. Any man or woman willing to sacrifice everything to let the people know of our governments wrongdoings deserves a medal of honor. You sir deserve to get caught by the KGB and if they let you live i hope they sentence you to black dolphin. Not only are you on the wrong side, but your putting this already unstable nation at risk of war. Therefore i declare you a traitor to your country and will not pray for your safe return nor your return at all. Sincerely, scott rogers.

Give the devil my regards.

this isnt a real news site. it is all made up news. Dog isnt going after snowden. hell they posted under obits that Amanda Bynes was dead at 27.

and who the hell is paying this billion dollar bounty? Oh that’s right the American Tax payer. Who the hell does this moron president think he is wasting the American people money like that. Oh that’s right he thinks he is a King, damn what a waste of our time we should just quit paying taxes till he is removed along with Brain-dead Bidion.

this news site is a sitar it isnt real. it is all made up news. do some research & see if you find anything on a real news site.

Good! Here’s hoping that the Dog, who repeatedly refused requests to bring Luis Posada Carriles to justice, is made an example of: it gets cold in Siberia, verrrrrry cold…;-)

you know i used to like this motherfucker.. but since he has no clue what true patriotism is i hope he gets fucking killed over there Putin do us a huge favor please my friend..

Please be careful. I am a Hughes fan. I think God has blessed your family so much. America is a wonderful God fearing county worth fighting for. Where mercy is shown, mercy is given. Just give them helll Dog style!

Russia , Putin , and the KGB are a far cry from the Mexican Federali’s.. You are way outta your league !! Upside when they nail your ass in Russia will be the end of your show !!

He’s! as bad as the political whores running this country – no integrity, does anything for money and attention smh. He’s a DB, and this proves it!

Yea Snowden you better watch out for that can of mace! Dumb ass dog face wont get a life. I hope you do try it you white trash!

Really people? Really?!?!?! If you are that gullible I think you should check out “The Onion” website for you media source.

Fuckin people are hilarious. They’re getting so pissed , they can’t even type a decent threat?
“Dog fucking you asshole kgb fuck is going to in your ass…”!
It’s like a whole bunch of “Yoda’s” have swarmed this comment section. Lmao, like hundreds of trailer park comment clowns have declared war on this cat….
One more thing, I always love when people become experts on national security, daily news, law enforcement, and politicians at the slightest poke.
Fuck me people, go fucking change your child’s diaper, finish gassing off your meth project, and get the fuck outta here. Lmao, mental midgets, I guess this is what happens when you’re family tree doesn’t fork.
God help us all.
“Come to Wichita” “come to happy trails mobile home Wonderland” “come to Compton nukka” “we no like you perro, estoy en Mexico” “Jesus esta en Tijuana”……Oh and the best one. “Come to the Southside of Quebec, we’ll faak you up aye’…”

Dog, I hope they take your dumb A** out! You are a traitor to the United States! Anyone who sides with those who walk all over our constitutional rights, deserve nothing but the gallows per our constitution because you are a traitor guilty of tyranny, oppression and infringement upon every American’s freedoms and RIGHTS! You are the reason why America has fallen! Russia– If “DOG” enters your territory, PLEASE do as you will with him and treat him like a DOG to say the least!

if this is true ,I have lost all respect for Dog if he does this .. I will never watch his show again not that i am a regular viewer but if i see it on I will change the channel immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
personally disgusted by this… Snowden is a hero not a criminal.
in our future he will be put on the same pedestal as George Washington and Martin Luther King.. our children’s children will learn about his heroism in school…. he is just one step to the American people taking back their country.

Another typical retard yank shooting his mouth off .. Best staying in your completely insular closed off little country and play with the other retards .. Big bad world out there that would be more likely to play around with you like a cat plays with a spider .. STUPID YANK!!

ANGRY??!! lol .. the ridiculousness of a fat yank with an ugly fat big titted retard bitch of a wife leaving a holiday island that is protected from the outside world from an over the top huge military machine with the backing of every other first world countries military might and tries to walk into a country such as Russia with a view to remove someone under the protection of the Russian government is so utterly ridiculous it’s laughable.. more alike a 2 year old having their first visit into the lions den ..

this isnt a real news site people. Can you find anything on this site on nbc or cnn or fox or any real newspaper sites?

I used to respect you Dogg! But that ends now you traitor. I guess the doggie treats are just too good to pass up bacon bacon bacon you bastard!!

this isnt a real news site it is all made up. look up anything on this site & see if you get anything on a real news site that says the same thing.

You morons are all really this gullible? This article is fake, ahahaha. Fuck sakes, quit taking everything at face value and try looking into shit for once.

Dog you need the ratings blip and the $$$ so here we are… Why don’t you go after the Real Criminals here in the U.S. like obomba,clinton,kerry,mcCain,holder,jarrett etc.etc.etc. Go dog Go…

this isnt a real news site. this stuff is all made up. google any of it & see if you get a legimate news site that says the same thing.

this is a blatant lie and an attempt by this site to discredit Dog and Christianity. There is NO other information available Anywhere else on this but here.

you people are morons if you think this is a legitimate news site with real news. look some of this stuff up & see if any of it is real. has any of it been on nbs or cnn or fox?

Ironically you have mentioned the biggest manipulators of public news as “real”? You are just as big of an idiot as the people you are calling idiots. “When you point your finger at someone remember there are threepenny pointing back at YOU!

hoàw can there be a billion dollar bounty for someone who has not been accused, let alone sentenced ?

you morons will believe anything won’t ya.

this is so stupid have you ever just thought for one moment that this was not meant to get out so of coarse you wont see it on ANYTHING else you people are wasting your time doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapman, you are a fuckin’ idiot. You’ll never get near him. Is it really worth the rest of your life to risk this? And who put the bounty on him? Why, you favorite traitor & mine President OButtpirate. Damn Dog, I never in a million years’ would have taken you for a liberal douche bag puke. Very sad indeed.

You can’t fix stupid… But you can find it & make a TV show out of it… Now we have Shelby and Tickle too to compete with the ‘Dog’ – Right up there with Honey Boo Boo – only in America!

yes the best way to remain hidden in russia is to anounce on tv that you going to be going into russia. Really man use some brain cells. Plus You wont catch the snowman, theres too much snow XD

Bullox indeed this is a phony artical if it is infact legitamate then indeed dog the bounty hunter needs this publicity and onky appeaks to the sheep that watch his show

I REALLY hope.. him & his wifey gets caught & placed for a “lifetime of hard labor in a Siberian gulag.” They both deserve it.. They are scum!

yeah why dont you tell everyone about your colorado exsperience since you have cashed bad checks all over this state beth you guys are no more criminal then the ones you hunt faggs

I hope the dog makes it back out alive. above and beyond what anyone thinks
he does do good. the world is a little bit safer out on the streets because of Dog.

not a good idea. Obama has already made relations with Russia worse. We don’t need our citizens to make it even worse than it is.

I respected him before I saw this, he isn’t saving shit Edward Snowden is a hero. Anyone that says otherwise is a dumb sheep. “Herp derp dogs gunna save ‘murica yeehaw.” Idiots…

Sad old Murican twat. Fat tired and old (the Chuck Norris position went a long time ago “Dog”). Hope he goes to Russia and is never seen or heard of again.

You got to admit. It’s so funny and daft I would like to see him try it. Obv dwayne has never got lost in an airport. Just ask Tom hanks.

Billion dollar reward, huh? BOY those libtards really know how to waste the money I worked so shard to EARN, don’t they? A billion dollars is nothing to a libtard as long as someone else worked for it. F U tards.

I just love how fatass loudmouth conservative morons like you always go around acting like you’re the only people who actually have jobs in this country. Meanwhile, you seem to forget that the majority of Red States are net federal tax recipients while the majority of Blue States are net federal tax donors. And, since you seem deeply stupid, I’ll break down what that means for you: Liberals overwhelmingly subsidize the lifestyles of conservatives in this country. You’re welcome, dumbass. Now run along back to the kiddie table while the grownups talk, you sad little scrub.

Dog and his fatass degenerate wife are no better than the people they are supposedly putting away. I cannot stand these fucking degenerate pukes and hopefully they go over to Russia and get hunted down themselves and put in a nice deep hole somewhere. Edward Snowden did the American people a favor by exposing the bullshit that the NSA and other government agencies are doing to the American people, so hopefully he stays over there and he’s able to tell more of what he knows.

all the people saying that this is ridiculous or that it is nonsense its not because when it is something that you believe is true or wrong or right all that matters is your opinion so it is best to be quiet

Putin will have that fat fool put down like a “dog” before he gets out of Shermetyevo airport.

Russia doesn’t screw around with grandstanding nitwits.

really? good luck getting into a communist country. remember what happened to dog in mexico? this will be much worse. smart move announcing your intentions .

Just like a horrible virus, the internet population seems to be developing a resistance to sarcasm and irony.

how can you call him a traitor??? he is a true American patriot! no one cares about you anymore dog, just go away before you never leave Russia… ever.

“Sometimes you gotta bend the rules to save America, and if I can catch this traitor Snowden and bring him back to God’s side, then it’ll be worth the risk of a lifetime of hard labor in a Siberian gulag.”…..said no one ever publicly before attempting to enter a Country illegally. What an idiot.

I dont see where snowden is such a fuckin hero when he runs his mouth to russians about what america is doing like a snitch get him dog!!! Leland can get his ass and tim chappman,aka youngblood. I think what they do is good they treat people good,give them chances and when you mess with the dog you get bit!!! Be safe dog and crew and remember NO ICE IN PARIDICE!!!

do you even know the story? He didnt tell Russia anything, he told the American people and then the government made him a fugitive. Read more bro.

Dog the bounty hunter is a fucking old bitch. i’d half slap that old fuck. i hope you get caught you hair extension wearing faggot. family full of in-breads.

Snowden is a hero, and deserves protection from our corrupt and unjust government. Dog, i hope they catch u and ur hag of a wife and beat u bloody and put u in Siberia camps for life, hopefully a short life too

What a douche bag. This isn’t about protecting America. This is about a billion dollar bounty. Be honest Dog. It’s about bringing back the dollars, not bringing him back to God. Snowden, at great risk and loss of everything, let American citizens know for sure what we had already supected. That our government was violating the Constitution, and can not be trusted to lead without oversight anymore. Snowden is the patriot. Dog is the traitor here, and he won’t make any friends this way. Overrated, bloated, pompass and delusional ass hole.

Dog has got to be smoking that ice shit again. Ed Snowden is not a traitor and did not commit treason. Example: An American That aids or gives information to an enemy of the US is a traitor and has committed treason. Ed Snowden gave information to the American people. That is not treason it is called being honest. I wish we had more people like him to let us know that the REAL CRIMINALS All in DC are committing crimes against us. Dog knows this but his motivation is MONEY. He and whomever put out the reward are the traitors. Keep a list of these people who hate our country and what it stands for. When the time comes they will be the first ones to be put in chains . List: nObama and his administration, Dog Chapman , All Demonuts and Repooplicans ,Jane Fonda ,Al Sharpton ,Jesse Jackson etc. Those named and many more are the first to go.

The KGB know exactly what to do with white trash like Dog! What a loser!
Snowden is an American hero unlike this publicity seeking Dog the white trash Bounty Hunter.

Better take more than a paintball gun….the KGB have real guns. There not going give you a pat on the back, say hello bra, or any of that show theatrics, they are gonna shoot your ass dead, and your wife, sons and who ever else is with you. Surely this is about publicity and not reality…oh yeah, bring a warm jacket, you will need it right up until the time they shoot your ass.

I think any country keeping a wanted person Should be find. DOG should be allowed to go in and get any fugitive out of any Country. That is why Fugitive go to any Country to hind. It should be a law that no one can hind hind one. Lets work together and get these fugitive where they should be

I’m sorry Judy but you need to stop drinking the bong water and put down the reefer. However reading your post did help the cause to let Snowden go because only a crackhead would want to drag him back after what he did.

Go Snowden, all the man did was let Americas no that Our own stinkin Government is spying on us, US people. Gov is pissed cause they got caught. Keeping America Safe by Spying on us, please.

Ya right….he is being put up to this. Sadly, I’d be willing to bet they were not given a choice but to ‘follow orders’.

Snowden is a patriot who stood up for the American people and told the what are commie ass government is doing to us,which is against our constitution!!!!! All you fool-aid drinkers can eat shit and get out of my country,cause y’all are the reason we are in the shape we are in!!!

Haha anybody attempting to capture our hero Snowden will find themselves dead by the Russians, so tough luck Mr hardcore xD, i hope you already accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour already before you venture out in Russia

Dog interferes with the CIA/KGB/MOSSAD drug trade. He must be allowed to go to Russia, where he will become fair game.

Dog should go to Russia and be detained with the only condition of release being that Beth must be gangbanged by FSB and MOSSAD agents with pics and vids. Need fap material.

So where is this 10 Million Dollar bounty coming from??? I searched and searched and can not find any offer of a bounty. Seems like Dog Fart is risking his life for nothing

Well Snowden is a hero for exposing this corrupt government to the people and telling them the truth! obama ought to be impeached! I cant wait until one of the states succeed!

Dog you and that Wife of yours needs to sit down and have another bowl of Alpo you Dick with ears ! What a Moron, but you got your 15 sec of Fame AGAIN !

sounds to me he is a Obama lover, cause if you ask me snowman did the right thing for america just saying DOG…Your tv ratings might go down hill if you do this brah lol…

what a fucking tool.
This mullet wearing faggot, and his fat ass wife should be hanged.
this ass fuck is a traitor in more ways than one.

Seriously…? This reads like an Onion article.. How are you guys fooled by this. Almost every sentence screams spoof.

Давай братишка, ждём

Really Duane? You want to go get a man that should be held as a Patriot in the Nation I served to protect against what this government is doing against the People….I thought you letting those 2 women talk shit about your old partner was despicable….you forgot who got you to where you are now…Pathetic


HOAX. Do some research before running your mouths you brian-dead sheeple. There’s no bounty, theres no video of him saying this and there’s nothing in any form of reliable media. Just this bullshit story some fuckwad made up for a laugh being spread around third rate blogs. Good job feeding the troll.

I hope some Ruskie pops a cap in dogs brain bucket…Snowden is a HERO<, he's got Obama putting brown streaks in his Fruit of the Looms, leave him alone!!!!

господа иностранцы перед тем как приехать в россию выучите историю! не почитайте а именно выучите! начните с александра невского! кого только у нас не было! тевтонцы татары немцы французы британцы и даже американцы(шенкурская операция) и даже коммунисты были у власти! и где они и что с ними стало! этого кренделя за токие дениги здесь любой гопник на перо посадит не говоря о более серьезных дядечках! приезжай встречу тебя и лично сделаю столько дырок сколько звезд на американском флаге!

Не думайте что тут одни дураки. Этот дог просто пиарится никак в Россию не поедет да ему и визу просто не дадут так как у него судимость есть.

With a bounty of a billion dollars on his head, I think even Boba Fett would travel from his galaxy far, far away to get Snowden.

dog the bounty hunter is a prize knob hope the kgb rams his ass full of empty vodka bottles and plays baseball on his bullshit patriotic ass.

the only thig missing frome this “news” story is the ever present you tube video of ric astley’s “never gonna give you up” !

Snowden is a revolutionary hero….who wants Obama and the government spying on them? if its not a big deal why do they want too data mine in private?

The program is not new. It was perfectly acceptable to all before Obama became President. You liked it when it stopped terrorist attacks. Even Hannity said it was necessary back then. Snowden is a traitor. Loose lips sink ships.

You really this stupid?

The program was created and started before 9/11, Boston and most other terrorist attacks. Which of these has it stopped? Funny that it took some people on the internet to track down those Boston guys, when the NSA had no clue.

True, it’s not new. But does that magically make it moral? No.
True, Snowden is a traitor. To the government that is, but not to the people.
The government betrayed the people, which is what Snowdens loose lips told us.

What’s wrong with you dogs***……this guys a HERO…keep ur nose on the vatos tryin to cross the rio…..this one is outta ur league!!!

Hope you fail miserably….and get exposed to show you as the punka** twat that you REALLY are!!! Stick to the failed ticket payers…and jaywalkers jr…..

They spend our money to catch our National Hero, Maybe after he dies we will have a National Snowden day to remember the modern Patriots of our Day !

an illuminati puppet piece of crap….”bring him back to God’s side “???…wtf
run, snowden,run…!!!…he’ll bring you back to hell..!!!…he’s gone to far.. he’s the destroyer of freedom…he’s gathering what ‘they’ think of as renegade
souls…!!!!….get out of Russia anyway…of course they let you stay, you
know what Putin wants to know…!!!..GET OUT NOW…if not, be careful what you eat and drink…and i pray you stay healthy and will not need ‘medical care’…
i hope they don’t use these gay atrocities against you just to apprehend you.. it’s unacceptable what is happening there…you’re not in a good position!!!
follow the truth cuz the truth never loses…!!!..all the power to you…!!!thx

Man, this is crap… “fugitive who is protected by the Russian KGB” For any of you that believe this crap, KGB do not exist for 22 years already. And yeah, you may thought of FSB…

Personaly i am asyamed of the way people express their opinions on FB.. I dont see ONE of you willing to do thee things Dog and his family have done. They have more money than probably any of you, Ive personaly known people Dog has pulled off the streets. Back when i too was acting stupid. Most of these people push Meth and other VERY BAD AND DANGEROUS DRUGS into small town America. For every one of you who do drugs sell drugs amnufacture drugs. ROT IN YOUR OWN FILTH!!!!! Ive been clean over ten years and know the desruction of drugs on lives. Let Dog and his family be. You al just sound petty, insecure, and HIGH

Somehow I doubt Dog has arrested any Cartel members ever. Being an ex-junkie yourself, you’re telling those like what you were to rot. So you wouldn’t give those a chance like you were given? Hypocrite much? Suck down some Jack and cry into the bottle.

Yes Dog, because it is “American” for the NSA to spy on people! Is all that money motivation “God’s side”? Every Dog DOES have it’s day!! RUN Snowden RUN!!!

Oh please let this not be a hoax. If it weren’t I would be so happy. Not because I want to see him capture Snowden, which I don’t, but because if he is arrogant enough to do something like this, and having been caught by the “Mexican” authorities for bounty hunting outside of the US illegally, I have no idea how he can think that doing so in Russia, pitting himself against the KGB, is a good idea. Oh Dog, please do this, please. I want so badly to see you in the Gulag.

looks like Duane Chapman is confused, if he wants to protect the citizens of the USA he should protect Snowden instead of hunting him.

Dog the criminal & his wife should really rethink his options. Russia might be very upset with if you break there laws. Hopefully you will rethink this and stay in Hawaii with your family. I would think your family needs you more then snowden. Snowden did nothing wrong but tell the American people what are president was doing. Spying on us we don’t won’t!

Honestly I hope Dog gets killed. These dumb american cops have no idea how things work in other countries he’s a moron they are not gonna care who he is they will kill him. LIKE HELLO IDIOT

The person that mad that first comment, Val, really needs to learn how to spell. Testament to the american education system.

Ok, there is one issue with everyones logic here. Granted he makes dumb decisions, but $1,000,000,000.00 will do that to you.

It is illegal for him to enter Russia due to the fact that he has been convicted of felony murder!!! So he will be locked up and either charged or deported upon arrival!!!!!!

There is no more KGB in Russia. Dog will be caught and put in a Russian prison if he tries to do this.
No one should think they are individually able to get by Russians easily.
I don’t think the Hong Kong Police are going to give him much help either. They have been all over those rooms and anything left there is already gone. If not in their posession than in other’s.
I hope that they are not taking their film crew. That would be stupid.
Oh, That pic on this article is a mug shot and it looks like it is from his Mexican arrest.

Dog needs to leave Snowden alone. All he did was show americans what our own government is doing to there citizens as well as exposed many things the government was doing that we as americans should know about. Snowden is not a traitor, he should be given a medal for his bravery to the American people.

Dog and Beth — I just lost every ounce of respect I have had for you over the years. Did you start drinking the koolaid? I hope they throw YOU in Russian prison. You are now a traitor in my book.

I used to like you Dog. But you’re lost. America are the bad guys in this scenario. You’ve chosen the wrong team.

hey there dog you are craze to go into anther country to get a wanted person that is way out of your leg to into rusha that the law is so far not the ways that you know they are where you live and ones that you have ben to okay so besafe okay and get back to where you live and back to your family safe okay god be with you and who ever you take with you okay
from billy and ann burke we are fans of your show hope that you will stay on t.v. for a long time to come and we also like the cmt show as well

Your show was a toss up for me but if it is still on I will never watch it again, and you are after the man, you should be going after some people in Washington. And for your information you will not get far on your travels……….the greedy never win………………….

People this is not real, it is a hoax. You can find it on or whatever it is called. However I would like to see this because he would be fucked.

There is only one person who knows how to get around and handle the KGB and if your name isn’t Snake, it isn’t you.

Even if he does get close to Russia to sneak in, how will these two stupid red necks get around check into a hotel or communicate with anyone. Sure some people speak English but do they? Brha!

I sent an email to Dog about this…and this is my email and his reply…
Re: Contact Us: Snowden bounty‏

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Completely False

On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 11:12 AM, KAREN HENLEY wrote:

I came across this article saying that you were going to bounty hunt Snowden….is this true? I can’t find the answers anywhere else.

Sender Email: [email protected]
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From IP Address:
Sent: 8/11/2013 10:12:04 AM

Thank you for contacting us.


Just look at the picture of this box-head idiot. Look like a ridiculous attempt to be in the public eye. I hope he get’s thrown in a russian prison.

He gets thrown in a Russian prison, he will get to find out what a bitch is. He won’t last long in Russia, no scripting bullshit is gonna save him there. The cops aren’t gonna come to his rescue when shit gets to tough for his pussy paintball guns.

What A Fucking Joke Keep Capturing Crack Heads In Hawaii. Start Capturing These Lying Politicians And The President’s Not Someone Who Gave Us The Truth About What Our Government Is Doing To Us.

If this goof is looking for “traitors” to throw in jail perhaps a trip to washington would be in order, I hear there are a few out that way. But I would kind of like to see the Puppy Bounty Hunter try to do his thing in Russia because they do things a bit different over there.

hey dog your days are counted..!!!! is it a crime to tell the truth ??? i wish you luck if you survives in russia… aloha …

ah, dog….bring snowden back to God’s side? who’s God here? you? obama? fuck god…doesn’t exist fool…you are just out for the DO RE ME! ME!! ME!!! shouldn’t hunt people that are truth seekers!!! these people are ABOVE you DOG!

Snowden is no criminal. Eric Holder, Barrack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosia, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton (the list goes on) all deserve to tried for treason and other crimes more the Snowden ever will. But anyone who speaks out against the current administration will end up just like Snowden eventually. Thats ok Id rather be hated for what I believe then be liked for being a fake. Dog and his wife get on my last nerve anyhow especially when he calls everyone brah…or however you spell what he is saying. He sounds like an idiot. His wife acts like a b*tch. I hope Snowden remains in the Soviet Union and the US never gets him back to try him in their fake trial. I guarantee he would die of a mysterious death like so many others seem to be these days who are connected to Obummer

Are you stupid? You’re what’s wrong with politics. You have this hatred towards the Dems, when you’re BOTH wrong. It’s all a game. DEMS/REPUBS/LIBERALS, where’s the part called “human?” We segregate ourselves by these classes created by the government and forget to look in front of us to make real changes. Spread some more ignorance. Ignore the real issues and let the government win. Dumb ass.

“There is only one person who knows how to get around and handle the KGB and if your name isn’t Snake, it isn’t you.”

Or is it “Bond, James Bond”

Satire is nice and all, but this article just told the non-english snarking world there’s a billion dollar bounty on Snowden, which there is not but may as well be if you’re going to write crap like this. Way to go dick heads.

You didn’t bother to mention the free house, car, and no-questions-asked U.S. greencard,for whoever puts your own heads on a stake.


Really? Dog, Edward is a HERO!! Why don’t you go after Holder and Spanky. They are the real criminals right here in the Good ‘ol USA!! your a man of the LAW. So why i the hell would you do something ILLEGAL??????????? You make no sense.

Dog is doing a goodthing. Time to find that filthy traitor Snowden. This Snowden clown is bad news that he had to of killed someone he worked with. Snowden you better not keep on hiding. When Snowden meets the Dog lets hope Snowden gets a black eye and screaming and yelling in the cold Pacific Ocean.

This is only happening to boost his ratings on his lame ass tv show. He’ll never find snowden in Russia.

This could be fun to watch this train wreck, if “Dog” gets put in prison for stepping in their country and not playing by their rules in some fashion. End this with Russia claiming justice for “dogs” deeds in their country.

You are all idiots, this is a complete fabrication, you can contact dog himself to verify. The only people making America look bad are you god damn morons for believing this for even a second.

The white house LIARS are just angry they got caught in their spying is the only reason they are wanting him dead. I hope someone alerts the authorities in Russia and throws his rear in prison for several years. That might just show him how tough he IS NOT!

This is to the SNOWDEN TRAITOR! YOU are the traitor along with the white house LIARS! Snowden is a hero to the American people, which tells me YOU are no American!

i hope those kgb women beat the liveing shit out of them and film it and send it to cnn and put their ass in prison over there

Does people not have anything better to do than bash other people and feed into gossip. If I am not mistake that mug shot of DTBH was taken years ago when he captured Andrew Luster in Mexico. Dog saved man women from that demented and twisted SOB. I’m sure Lusters victim wad glad Dog caught him so they can get the justice they needed as well as start their healing process.
Thx DTBH team for helping get danger off our streets.

Really, “Dawg”? How retarded can you get? Snowden is trying to open the eyes of people who blindly follow retarded president and his senate or whatever the fuck there is in USA. But yeah, hopefully Dog “the bad-ass” will get caught in Russia. Freedom to people and may greater power watch over Snowden.

Really ?? You Americans are ignorant fucks …No wonder your country gets attacked, Canadians are more respected. I’m disgusted in how your talking about that man and his wife when they have taken hard criminal off the streets. give your heads a shake.

Oh are Americans ignorant fucks?…. ARE WE? Really mr. canadian. What have you given the world? Last time i checked America gave cars, planes, helicopters, tv, hollywood, radio, phones, cell phones, the stock market, computers, the internet, oh and not to mention electricity. Thanks for Justin Bieber. your a faggot aye.

…Cars were invented in europe, the first working helicopter in france. What Mr. Canadian is saying is that Dog has done some good work, and I agree…Even though I don’t view Snowden as a wrongdoer. However, Mr. Canadian, not all Americans are “ignorant fucks” and that generalization shows your own incompetence. There are idiots in every country. And the United States has been attacked very few times in its history, fewer than almost any other country. I do disagree with our government sticking their nose in every war around the world, but I don’t think our country is completely gone to shit yet. We’ve had a pretty good legacy up until recent years, which is mostly due to poor leadership. Every country has poor leadership at times.

America has given NOTHING to the world .. everything is and has been invented in Europe .. Scotland gave the world the most ie. TELEPHONE,TELEVISION,PENICILLIN and a million times more .. cars came from Germany , Helicopters are from France , internet from England , cell phone from Germany.. America only has money taken from a an idea from a Scotsman named Adam Smith … The only thing “MURICA” has are plenty of retards like “Dog the bounty hunter” pmsl

Melanie, you probably should read into everything people from other countries are saying without doing a little research on your own. Look at my post above.

Oh and not to mention I’m willing to be a million dollars you know the name of my president and to show how retarded you are, your following a story about an american bounty hunter… Ask anyone else in the world your leaders name. (<- see that i dont even know what its called) and lets take an educated guess as to how many canadian news stories i posted on lately. AND IM AMERICANS ARE IGNORANT AHAHAHAHA

This makes perfect sense. The whole world is consumed with Americans, and things they do and what happens in our country. Straight from the mouths of several english people I have met while overseas. “Most people know the name of your president over the name of our prime minister”

People are consumed with either complimenting us or hating on us. Either way they’re all talking about us. The most exciting thing to happen to England in the last 10 years is the birth of a prince, oh which has no power. I’m not trying to put down traditions here, I’m all for it. But that had to happen for another countries to become the focus of world news.

do you even read over what you write? is english your first language or are you that stupid…and you even ended with hahahaha!
the laughs on you.

Your greatest invention “the light bulb” wasn’t even invented by you, he bought the patent Henrey Woodward (Canadian) invented it

this entire conversation is just annoying me, dog is going to try to catch a US traitor, may god help him, its his decision and who knows what will happen. he is trying to help america and cash in a giant government check, if you had the resources to do the same would you? most likely yes.


I hate these stupid fake patriots who think Snowden is a traitor. It’s unAmerican to be so up the governments ass. If our founding fathers had the same mentality as this Dog and a few of you, we’d still be a British colony!

I agree, these people are what is wrong with our country today. They are not thinkers, they are not educated, they simply spew ignorant thoughts and make Americans as a whole seem ignorant.

All I have to say is that Snowden has done a lot of good by blowing the whistle on the CIA, now we all know that our privacy and FREEDOM, has been compromised. And thank God the USA is no longer a British colony, we have enough problems in Britain as it is. . .

Anyone who didn’t know this before then is an ostrich living with their head in the sand. All government does it and quite frankly, world corporations let it happen. Don’ blame America for wanting information, blame them for misusing it. Which in all honestly none of you can truly prove that it is being misused. Everything has corruption, work on your own will keep working on us.

Use a different posting name and don’t steal mine please, your confusing things. -The Real American

and dog pland to enter russia illegally? he doesnt look like he has the brains to evacuate his bowels!

How dumb can you be I guess gettibg killed is something dog is looking for that place is not like the us you cant snatch and grab there you have to cross many check points there is no way you will ever capture soneone who is protected by the KGB you cant even have a gun how do you think your goibg to bet by with that. And the biggest dumb ass move you could have ever made was let your left hand know what your right hand is doing now that it us public record that you are going I bet a dollar to a donut they are all arned up and ready to send you to your grave. How dumb can one person be it must be that mullet on your head messing with good choices good luck might want to pay for your funeral befire you go and beth go turn yourself in for the warrants in colorado what a bunch retards

i must say he is pretty dumb. I hope the KGB beat him senseless for me. Snowden is no traitor he is a liberator. Good for you snowden, shame on you “dog”

In this case, Dog is not interested in patriotism, saving America (as he says), God’s side or anything else but the dollar he worships. He would sell America, God, his soul, family, kids and anyone else he could find for a big payday.

Stop listening to this endless garbage of information, they are programming you to just sit there and not do anything to better your country! Dog does anything for money!I hope the Russians keep them….

American, you really need to get your facts straight before you spout off all the things America “gave” the world.

The first working helicopter was French, and the first designer of the helicopter was Da Vinci.

The internet, was invented by an Englishman, and he truly did “give” it to the world.

Manyvother innacuracies you used have been highlighted. But no your country did not invent computers or tvs either. Yes you gave the world Hollywood, a place in your country well done.

Hey there Mr. Intelligent I did not say “invented”, or by any means attempt at implying that these specific inventions were invented by Americans. These items were either created or expertly improved to a point where they could be mass produced to benefit the world. Case in point mass production was created Henry Ford, not the inventor of the car, but rather a pioneer who had more vision and ability than other of your shitty countries. Thus, the world having cars.

Now let me go ahead and destroy your points…
Have you ever seen a picture of the first working french helicopter… I thinkkk somebodyy may have stolen an idea or two from a few of our friends over here in the states. Those wright brothers really had something going for them didn’t they.

About the internet, it seems that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about because our military and universities were the creators of the internet as we know it. Last time I checked even though the caveman invented the wheel they don’t take credit for inventing the car. (Someone earlier mentioned the creator of the tcp/ip protocol was not created by an American). We set up the basis for the internet and pioneered it’s use, the same way I explained originally. The freedom of my country allows that to happen and the exact reason it didn’t happen in your country more importantly why you feel the need to defend yourself and focus primarily on the first creator of a primitive idea.

And actually once again you are wrong about tvs. You should go google an American man named philo farnsworth.

Oh and what a surprise, wrong again about the computer. If you are referring to the earliest room sized computers that could only do basic math equations then sure Americans didn’t invent those, but now machines that did simple math equations have been around for thousands of years. The first true “computer” – something that computes, were invented a very very long time ago. What Americans did do and what I ONCE AGAIN implied in my first post is that we gave them to the world. And I’d bet you wrote your response to me on a personal computer, your welcome.

p.s. to the guy below who thinks that a german invented the cell phone, Try again.. Go look up John Francis Mitchell.
Oh and I bet your all looking up these names right now… on wikipedia. Whoops there go us stupid Americans and our silly ways again.

The first working plane was built by Gustav Weißkopf- a german (confirmed by ” Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft”).
Bloodgroups found by an austrian, typewriter invented by an english and there are more examples. Oh, and without the german engineers you asked to work for you after WW2 you would have never made such a big progress in developing rockets and jetplanes.

Yeah Dog will act like he’s a big hero just like hi did when he went to catch that Andrew Luster clown. Then when things go sideways and he ends up in some Russian prison they will hold a special 1 hour episode of Beth crying her eyes out by the pool screaming “I cant live without big daddy!”. Then she will appeal to all the news reporters she thinks are her friends to do a story on how unfairly poor old dog has been treated and how he should be released immediately! I truly hope that if he does enter Russia illegally that they hold him in a filthy Russian prison for the rest of his life! He thinks he is above the law and he needs to be shown that he is not! He is actually worse off than Snowden as far as the bad things he has done in his life!

Yeah F^#K America! I am so sick of how self centered the Americans have become! They are truly one of the stupidest countries in the world! Look at all the gun violence in the country and they are too stupid to realize that its because of their slack gun laws that all this BS is happening! Then they are so reliant on oil that they have to invade other countries and STEAL all their resources! I would be so embarrassed to be an American! America needs to take a long hard look at the way that they do things!

This guy does not represent America, he is a fool.

The majority of us ‘Americans’ go misrepresented by swine like him due to the media posting or showing stories of this nature.

Please do not point your finger at every American based on the actions of the fools in media. If you fall for this facade of lies and propaganda then you are truly just as ‘stupid or more so than those you point your finger at.

I see where you’re coming from, and there are too many people who represent that stereotype, but I don’t know a single person who condones the war. That’s a pretty accurate stereotype for people in political power and the wealthy (money is power), but the rest of us are working class, and working class people have no power. Do you think we don’t see these things, and wish we could change them? I have witnessed our system fail time and again and it is shameful, but I would never say I was embarrassed to be an American. I feel like I’m pretty lucky, I don’t wake up every morning fearing for my life, I’m not in imminent danger of being kidnapped by drug cartel and being beheaded. Count your blessings and direct your anger towards countries where that is a reality, because I think that is considerably more sickening.

I’m sorry but I fail to understand how the fact that his wife is “buxom” is relevant information to this article.

Damn, America! You are born of atrocities and don`t even see it! The true Americans are the people who lived there 1000 years ago :D small minded selfish idiots that you are :D

Glad everyone is hatin on america, cause honestly we just the dons of all you weaklings, i will move out of america when im older, but America is a powerhouse and if you really wanna bring us down work on your motherfucking selves.

It is pure hoax. Guy simply can’t survive in Russia on its own. If he break russian law they just throw him im prison for the kidnapping. It is 8 years mandatory. they may let him go after 4 for good behaivior. That is it.

This is super funny! Oh Dog, has your lesson in Mexico taught you nothing? Russians are hardcore, if he really does end up entering Russia. This will be the last we see and hear of Dog. It’s funny how ego takes over.
It’s obvious a lot of people in the usa rely on second hand information. Snowden totally made a sacrifice so ppl could be more aware of their privacy and freedom! We need more snowden types! We all need to educate ourselves and ask hard questions and put ego aside. We need to help each other in creating a better world!!!

And when DTBH comes home in a box, that’s a wrap on that. Snowden is no traitor. It’s never a wrong time to do the right thing, he’s learning and so are we. My problem is how many other people are going to confuse this with one who tattle-tale’s on trivial things or a rat out for revenge, greed or notoriety.

Actually the world wide web as in the internet was created in Switzerland, by and Englishman Tim Berners-Lee at a company called CERN (the people who run the nuclear collider) and it was originally used it as a connective database system

be a waste of time, even if he still there. would cost dog more money to watch him. he be broke before he seen him!

us-dollare in europe is trash its useless

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read the article knuckleheads, a billion dollar that would be a clue huh. no wonder people get conned everyday.

Kilgoar: “God sees everything” must be kind of uncomfortable when your in bed banging away…maybe he closes his eyes

Lmao you wannabee actor with your staged show….get out under your rock your living under the government is the enemy not snowden dumb mut

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