Free pizza festival in Zucotti Park

#Occupywallstreet, the ongoing outdoor pizza party in Zucotti Park, has finally received the attention of the world. Over the weekend, 80 protesters were arrested for crimes against capitalism. Many videos, shot in the “Blair Witch” style, are circulating the internet as proof of alleged police brutality. These shaky images and hysterical screams are interspersed with vitriolic political hate speech directed at the council of corporate banking greedsters who are pulling all the strings of world power from smoke filled rooms.

Please send us vegan pizza.

The group of young Marxists showed up to Wall Street just over a week ago, finding the entire street barricaded. Naturally, the protesters took a walk to the nearest park, set up camp, and began begging for pizza from the internet. Because the internet loves Marxism and handouts, the flow of free pizza has been continuous – at times overwhelming. Yet ever so over-priveleged, the activists have grown tired with just pizza, asking the internet for free cameras and extra batteries – even going so far as demanding vegan pizza. While the Marxists do not have a unified set of principles and demands, they do have an insatiable taste for free toys and pizza.

The internet’s supporting role has been extremely embarrassing for the activists. Repeated claims of media blackouts and other censorship are laughably false, but these are the kind of ideas that are repeated ad nauseum to assure everyone that the protesters are indeed being oppressed. Remarkably, Anonymous has not hacked into any police officer’s personal e-mail accounts yet. Zucotti Park is far from America’s Tahrir Square, but I really wish I was there for the free pizza and excitement.




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