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INTERNET – Lebal Drocer, Inc. is proud to announce a new milestone in clickbait perfection: Last week’s death hoax, Rob Ford Dead At 46, netted a record 4 million pageviews overnight as the world flocked to confirm the truth about former Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

“We were slammin spikes . . .

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ‘alive and well’ at 46

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TORONTO – The infamous former mayor of Toronto, accused of stealing public money to fuel his own crack cocaine addiction, was pronounced ‘alive and healthy’ Sunday by Jeremy Lions, the Ford family doctor, who added, “But I don’t see what the big deal is. Why, did something happen?”

Mayor Rob Ford alive . . .

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dead at 46

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford died at age 46.

TORONTO – Rob Ford, the former Toronto mayor, died over the weekend after a long battle with “just having an awesome, good time.”

The infamous Toronto mayor actually died painfully from cancer. Ford was a human being whose pain led him to . . .

Rob Ford Porn Video Surfaces

Rob Ford was seen fucking women on the Internet.

INTERNET — Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack on Tuesday, but a sex tape featuring Ford was released shortly following his tearful apology. Mayor Ford quickly issued a second tearful apology after deleting the first, leading some to compare Mayor Ford’s . . .