Hillary Clinton pronounced dead after massive adrenochrome overdose

INTERNET — Fans mourn the loss of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who served as First Lady to the 42nd President and was confirmed to be dead in October, at 73 years old.
At this year’s Comet Pizza 9/11 Anniversary, attended by high ranking Elites in the Democratic Party, an already visibly-ill Hillary Clinton was struck dead after a wild, animal-like devouring of thousands of pineal glands, some harvested from “Indigo Children,” whose glands are much richer in Adrenochrome.
Following a proper military funeral, including a 21-gun salute, Mrs. Clinton’s body was dumped into the Marianas Trench from the deck of the USS Jimmy Carter, a Seawolf Class Fast-Attack Nuclear Submarine.
Cedar Rapids

Although confidential sources were able to pass along news of the event, media blackout and government coverups continue, as Hillary is set to appear in the media for years to come through the extensive apparatus of black ops CGI, AI deepfakes, and plastic surgery impersonationists.

Hillary’s high-profile death quickly overshadowed the death of her daughter, who was “iced” by hitmen sent by Ghislane Maxwell and the estate of Jefferey Epstein.
According to a witness close to the family in the 90s, Clinton Patriarch President Bill Clinton was “well aware” of what was going on with Chelsea and Epstein. In fact he encouraged it and has expressed no regrets, going so far as to fondly recall his wife’s fanciful techniques for devouring the “soul center” of a child’s brain.
“Hillary was always the life of the party. She’d throw those pineal glands up in the air and catch ’em in her mouth, like an ol’ gator,” President Clinton told a shocked group of funeral attendees aboard the USS Jimmy Carter, composed mostly of military officials who kept close watch.
Sheriff Miles Hanks of Kingston Oklahoma, and Chairman of the 3% Oathkeepers, held a press release, issuing an ultimatum to the Federal Government, where he revealed a massive mural, filling the entirety of the Kingston County High School gym.
There he explained how the painting, entitled The Last Supper, featured the cherubic faces of all 10,000 children whose pineal glands were reportedly devoured by Hillary in her final sitting. Miles described unveiling the art as “a burden lifted” after carrying this information for so long, able only to subtly share it among passersby in town, on patrol, or shopping around yard sales.
“What was supposed to be only an ingredient,” Miles said, “became the main course in a sadistic ritual the likes of which haven’t been seen since the ‘good old days’ of Comet Pizza. She buried her face in a bowl of pineal glands – the source of a child’s soul – and had such a time, she whipped her head around back and forth, with her tongue out, in ecstasy. She motorboated them.”
In light of what he has called “heavy knowledge,” Miles said the Adrenochrome harvest in Kingston is over.
I’ve been talking to a lot of Sheriffs on Facebook around the nation,” he said. We’re going to take extraordinary steps to protect the children of our counties and stop this sick practice of the elites.”
Sheriff Hanks paused. He looked at the audience before him and, holding his thumb and forefinger one hair apart, he said, “We’re this close to the storm. Secession across the nation, county by county. If all the patriotic counties and sheriffs reject both the corrupt state and federal governments, there’s nothing they can do.”
Hillary’s part in the Clinton Foundation has been dissolved. Assets and liquidity are going to the restoration of a majestic temple located in the Virgin Islands (U.S.).
No further information is available at This is the news mainstream media doesn’t want you to read.



PYONGYANG — Kim Jong Un was “downed” Saturday, with medics from China rushing to get him back up. Internet Chronicle reporters gained exclusive access to Kim’s private quarters, where he lay in a state of uncertainty.

“He’s somewhere in between alive and dead,” Dr. Troubador, our in-house medical doctor said. “He could pop right back into action at any time, just like Terry Schiavo. With China coming in, I wouldn’t write that possibility off just yet.”

Kim currently looks like this, only on his back now, with eyes closed.
Kim currently looks like this, only on his back now, with eyes closed.

“He might just be doing this whole ‘I’m dead’ thing for the attention,” said one Anonymous Juche party insider, who asked not to be named due to great personal risk to himself, his entire extended family, and their pets. “He’s been hate watching the daily Trump briefings and nearly blew his lid with the comment about sunlight in the body, injecting disinfectant. Kim demanded we shoot him full of ‘Rona that minute.”

Number Stations which were previously dormant for decades are now alive with cryptic messages, often delivered in an original, alert, and hasty fashion not seen since Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack almost 9 years ago.

A team of ten thousand American intelligence agents are intensely monitoring these energetic and upbeat “number stations” embedded in Kim’s palace, including “steamy” emissions from a smart TV and Alexa device “air-gapped” by the Space Force.

According to a Pentagon official close to the Chronicle: “They did it, they pumped the Corona into his blood. It seems like they hit a vein heading for his head, causing what many doctors in North Korea believe might be brain death, and the first known case to medical science of a COVID-19 infection starting in the brain.”

COVID-19, named after the year of its discovery, 2019, is a comparatively ancient disease to inflict on a modern, forward-thinking Supreme Leader like Kim Jong Un, Troubadour noted. “It’s so ironic, when you think about it.”

Will North Korea let Kim rule his country from a permanent vegetative state, or is it time to pull the plug?

It could be the case that Kim can still hear the outpouring of praise and thanks from Juche Party officials around his bedside, according to Anonymous.

During our man-on-the-street interviews in Cuthbert, Ga. a young Korean boy named Min-Jun approached one of our reporters with his hands where we could see them.

“How heartbreaking would it be if it was you in that bed, listening to your sister making plans to test nukes and neutralize “threats” — but they were your old drinking buddies?” asked the boy with an unusually mature perspective. “You probably wouldn’t get it.”

Gerard Boucher of Georgia – where coronavirus does not affect us – told the Chronicle, “It is too soon to tell. I don’t think you oughta pull the plug if there’s a chance Kim’s alive in there. He’s good friends with the president, you know. Great friends. Sad!”

This message is brought to you proudly by Lebal Drocer Pharmaceuticals. Lockdown and chill, with Colloidal CoronaLung TERRORMAX. Put the sunlight INSIDE of the body – It’ll take your breath away!



This FEMA death camp looks abandoned but in fact contains a facility for secretly killing millions of immigrants and processing orphaned babies for maximum economic value.

It was 3:45 a.m. when the first alarms sounded at Camp Liberty, situated just beyond the horizon, where a majestic new border wall is planned for construction. Spotlights flood into the valley, as motion detectors pick up unlikely movement through the brush. The lights catch the bewildered expression of a man, covered in dirt, as he attempts to escape back into Mexico. He is spotted holding a knife, and the muzzle flash of his own gunfire blinds a lone border patrolman who has taken aim at the man from the high tower of Camp Liberty. Before his eyes can readjust, the man is gone.

This is the story of Juan De Martinez, who escaped — not only from a FEMA camp, but also from a vacuum-sealed plastic tub: his PLASTIC FEMA DEATH COFFIN. 
MegaLeaks reports that at least 37 FEMA death camps went online following secret legislation passed in FISA courts.

2019 turns into America’s 1984 as “Big Brother” Donald Trump Powers up FEMA CAMPS over “Humanitarian Crisis” on the border with Mexico.

An extensive wall plan, far more than Trump bargained for, has been put in place and will not only wall off Mexico, but Canada and “extensive” portions of the Atlantic and Pacific borders as well. 
De Martinez’s haunting first echoes of the “New Holocaust”, if true, depict a terrible new low for humanity. “Donald Trump conned us all. And hell, I believed in him more than anyone,” De Martinez said. “Why the hell you think I joined the caravan to begin with? I wanted to see that bitch locked up.”
Border patrol soldiers apprehended De Martinez after a Census agent reported him as an illegal immigrant. “It was almost exactly like the prisons for the separated families where they first kept me, only crowded and with lots of soldiers everywhere. It was an old department store in an abandoned mall with some concertina wire barriers and machine gun nests at the door. Thousands of us in there, arms and legs ziptied, and a few guys with big chainguns at the doors. Low budget as it gets. One day they singled us out, and when they came for me they led me down the hall to a pallet of these corrugated plastic coffins, tazed me, and there’s this air compressor running. The shock of the air leaving the coffin brought my senses to me and I just barely punctured the coffin before passing out. Somehow I survived and I don’t know if I was knocked out for hours or for days, but I was able to escape. I’m sure to have been the only one.”
Juan De Martinez told Internet Chronicle, “I wasn’t targeted for my skin color, but for my belief in some so-called ‘conspiracy theories.’ Is that crazy? I know the establishment is afraid of us, now more than ever because we now know all their secrets in real time, thanks to MegaLeaks.”
Samuel Bradshaw, a 46-year-old carpet specialist on disability, said the ongoing blackout and deep state crackdown on Twitter has made it next to impossible to organize the already limited abilities of the enlightened minds available to the QAnonymous movement. Bradshaw says a full overhaul of the entire system was needed, and Kim Dotcom’s blockchain-enhanced information network is just the tool for bridging the gap between a once-functional Twitter and Facebook-based platform, and the upcoming Pursuance Project set forth by Barrett Brown.
In December, Kim Dotcom released a fully-functioning blockchain-based, end-to-end encrypted digital economy for leaked information called MegaLeaks. According to Dotcom, “MegaLeaks is already fulfilling its promise to feed the secrets of the elites to the public at a rate millions of times faster than any revolutionary movement in history. This informational apocalypse for established power structures is labeled ‘The Shift’ by fellow members of the QArmy. MegaLeaks is the ultimate and final Prophecy.”


De Martinez escaped from a mass-produced plastic FEMA death camp coffin much like this
As De Martinez made his way out of the coffin and to safety, he stumbled through some of the Deep State’s top secret facilities. He wept in horror relating these grim tidings, and withheld many gruesome details, “The youngest children are being kept in factory chicken farms, their life-extending blood harvested on a weekly basis with straps and robotic syringes. Older children are being trained for sex slavery in a vast mega-casino and brothel in Las Vegas, so that the middle class can now aspire to the sick pleasures of the elites on a mass basis. Tuesday, MegaLeaks released the FISA court document in which Donald Trump ordered a small change in law enforcement policy to open the ‘child sex trafficking’ loophole.
In the past, the QArmy has pushed back against all sex trafficking and harvesting of the young for their blood, but surprisingly the movement is now split. However, the vast majority of QAnon’s most vocal proponents are still excited for the “New World Order,” even if it means a “shower of blood.”
“I say trust the plan, man.” Phil Mackleroy of Embargo, Illinois caused a stir on social media, adding, “Hell, I wanted Mexico to pay for one wall and now we’re gonna get four of them, Hell yea, buddy!  And that casino, boy. What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas as they say.”
Mackleroy beamed for the cameras at Fox News, Live on Hannity to address the sensitive issue of baby blood farms, “As long as we don’t kill anyone like those sick abortionists, it’s not all that bad. Sometimes the government has to take babies, and what can it do with them? Take care of them for free, just to drag down the economy a bit? Everyone would be chucking babies over the border if we did that. And as far as I can tell we’re just givin’ them a purpose. All they have to give us is a little blood each week, and it ain’t even hurtin’ em. I’ve seen it on TV, OKAY? They was smiling and laughing when that robot sucked just a few tablespoons of their blood. Hell, their life sounds a LOT better than my job. I can’t even afford any of their blood since they cut off my benefits.”
But Mackleroy’s tweets weren’t the only ones popping off. Q Spiritualist Master Dorothy “Peace” Blongbottom tweeted, “THE SHIFT IS HERE!” garnering over 10,000 retweets in one hour. “I always believed the shift was coming,” said Blongbottom, “This is going to be a bit scary, but we have to go through it. Once it’s over with everything will be okay again. To get back to the real Great America we had to trigger another holocaust, another world war. Soon it will be over and we will be back in the 50’s, and everything will be Great again.”
Leroy Stimpson, 34 of Grand Rapids North Dakota, disavowed Trump, tweeting, “I QUIT THE CROOKED #QARMY.” Stimpson told reporters, “I thought it was When We Go One We Go All. Apparently some people among us are SATANISTS and PEDOPHILES. Anyway I always knew the stuff about the sex trafficking that we talked about on the QArmy so damn much was a little overboard, a little suspicious. I feel like we maybe meme’d Trump into power but we also dun’ created a monster like some evil monkey’s paw, granting aspects of our wishes that we don’t really think about too often. Well now that he’s legalized child sex, by God I’m finally off that sick, sick Trump Train. All these people who are still #QArmy, who blocked MAGAFACE, fuck you. There, I said it. First Trump took our bump stocks, then he took our babies – saying it had drugs in its system – and now he’s took our information. Well, buddy, we fuckin’ took it back. Kim’s got us covered. I am interested in some of them stemcells, though.


It is now 5AM and Juan De Martinez is clear of Camp Liberty and its unspeakable horrors. “It sounded like a Motorcycle, man. I swear. But it was just like in the videos, those cheetah robots. It was on me man, and it had me pinned by my throat. But Praise Jesus or Julian Assange or someone because it glitched out or something. It did a weird little dance and let me go. I was free, finally free and outside of the United States. In retrospect, you know that thing that strikes me most? It’s the cheapness of it all. Clearly they just want to save a little money, or something. And then they spend all that money on killer robots like that to try to hide it from us. And it doesn’t even work. The Shift is here, people. And I am living proof.”