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Pro-Ignorance and Anti-Intellectualism in Western Societies

The pro-ignorance movement in this country is impressive, you have to admit.

We are among a population that champions their ignorance and “choice” not to keep up with the news.

“My country takes care of me. I don’t need no news, because we’re the greatest nation in the world and that’s all I need to know.”

We’re a population that considers the simplification of far-reaching concepts into four-word sentences a smart thing to do.

You can’t explain that.

Freedom isn’t free.

“We are anonymous,” and that mantra.

It’s an impressive movement that took off fast after 9/11 when the media decided you are either with us or against us and the lemmings followed. They followed so far that you can tell by certain behaviors in certain people that your attempted intellectual dialog is regarded as elitist snobbery.

It’s an emerging worldview that means so much to the Western Way of Life, it would take four wars and visible corporate slavery before the peons question it, but only so far as the demands of a workday permit.

And now that the FOX News pro-White House rhetoric is consuming its own diarrhea, mutations of political conviction have spawned what’s known as the American Tea Party – or, the next Neo-Con movement.

It’s so far-right that not even right-wingers are able to pick up on the nightmarish socioeconomic endgame in which we are all the pawns – fighting and dying for unseen corporate overlords – for the kings and queens of the third-world human plantation.


“I knowed they’d git ye!”

-Papaw, regarding my egregious online activity


Picking cotton for sale to the white man is the old version of buying cell phones, Gap t-shirts and Christmas lights from your local retail chain.

Your standard Christmas lights are manufactured by Chinese slaves who were caught practicing non-state-sanctioned Christianity and thrown into labor camps.

That’s capitalism. Go where the money is.

“What happened to the freedom to make money?”

The top 1% controlling 80% of the world’s wealth, that’s what! [You silly goose!]

Okay seriously, though. Some freedoms still exist! Like the freedom to serve our corporate masters – just like the Chinese apartments where rent costs match exactly the wages paid out by the companies that own the living quarters – except in America we get to drive our big gas-guzzling carshackles from our holding cells to the sweatshop – where vacations, health insurance and sick-days are all but deteriorated. Modern day freedom is disguised as mobile slavery.

“My pawn goes here, your pawn there. They will fight perpetually – building a wall. They can’t move past the deadlock. See? The old system never changes. Send out your bishops to die, so we look vulnerable; so the peons can identify with us; so they continue to fight; continue to waste.”

They game viciously. Applied statistics and Keynesian economics the only rules. Greed, and contempt, the parallel forces at work.

“What’s your score? Mine’s higher.”

Genocide, religious war and rape are the disease. Greed is the pathogen. Humanity is the host. Now we are a stinking rotten corpse and in its shuddering death throes croaks, “America number 1. U-S-A! I’ll die for freedom.”

The anti-intellectualism movement is the next phase in turning the populus against itself. Without the verbal skills necessary for true democracy, there can be no public discourse, no prolonged organization and no impetus for action against our slave-driving leaders or the government bodies that enable them.




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“Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia”. Meanwhile, non USAians may want to start stockpiling popcorn nao – teh 2012 presidential election promises lulz on an epic scale.

NO it’s not, if your thinking 9/11 remember two things… 1) George bush and Osama bin laden were best friends they even have pictures of the chilling at bush’s house. Not to mention that the government knew that 9/11 would happen one month before it even took place. The united states is so fucked up but the people in it don’t believe it because from the time we are born they are brainwashed into thinking the united states can do no evil and we are the superior country bullshit. If that’s the case then tell me why is it the united states can spend billions of dollars on war or to help another country, but can’t spend a dollar to help those starving in their own country.

i like how your site is full of counter-culture cliches and satire. anonymous is a joke. sony is joking. bush did coke. gore won in 2000, no thanks to jeb bush GOVERNOR of florida. i wonder why they werent counted? the republicans vs democrats is a joke. wtf is wrong with our government, and moreover whats wrong with the people that are content with the way our country is owned and operated. add psn
Notasniper-_- when this shit blows over. oh and fuck youtube

Love the 1984 reference. One of the best (and most disturbing) books I have ever read. Your article speaks the truth.

douchy fagg ass licking queef eating cunt fuck. mmmmMMMMMMMMmmmmm potty mouth, my lips taste like candy mmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm @anonymous (no not the group), you are the leader of anti-intellectualism, you and george bush just suck each other’s elbows while thinking of ways to propagate your stupidity. omg idea! read a book instead of a troll site. may i suggest you start slow, something like, see spot run

I was at the brink of an acid frenzy once and needed something to calm my spirits until my roommate could come back to the dorm.

I picked 1984 up off the floor and read the first five pages in terror.

Reading it that day, twisted on LSD in high-alert, it was not like the first time reading it. Something about it…I was there, in that staircase with Winston. Big Brother was watching me.

My life was changed forever.

“Without the verbal skills necessary for true democracy, there can be no public discourse, no prolonged organization and no impetus for action […]”

Very well said.

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