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Baby’s Day Out: Hatesec goes to New York

Upon arrival, I slept for 12 hours.

This morning I woke up, took a long shower, and hit the road. I walked a mile through Queens to the Rosedale Station, where I’m sitting now.

On the way I purchased half a chicken, a half pound of Spanish rice, and a bottle of Coke for $9. So much for kicking soda. I am now carrying a quarter chicken and most of the rice around with me.

Yesterday, out of desperate starvation, I bought a $3 hot dog from a cart near Penn Station, where I took this photo:

Ladies: hatesec has arrived.

I turned around from the hot dog vendor and accidentally made eye contact with an old man, from three feet away, who was literally eating meat off a chicken bone from the garbage, and staring intensely at me as he did so, as if I were the one making him do it. There was something simultaneously punk and horrifying about meeting eyes with a man hunched over a trash can for his dinner plate. And that is when I realized I am one stolen debit card away from jockeying for position over the good trash cans around tourist hubs.

So what did I do next? I stuck my fucking debit card into the greasy, diseased, yawning hole that is the MTA ticket box, and bought a ticket to Queens.

Sleep is my home now. Everything else around me is temporary and unfamiliar. It’s exciting and dreadful at the same time. But as long as these uncertain days are punctuated by quality sleep, then everything else is going to be just fine.

Today I am purchasing a monthly MTA card, so I only hear the cash register bang once, instead of repeatedly throughout the day. It’s usually not so much the price that bothers me, but the experience of spending.

Fortunately, I give off that vibe. Yesterday I was approached by a bum on the street who took one look at me and threw out his hand in dismissal. He grunted and, under his breath, muttered, “Forget it.”

I am on my way to Manhattan, for no particular reason.

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Sorry your imminent demise (your carcass will make great food for the homeless) in New York City has upstaged by my recent arrest for talking out of my ass to the mafia, I mean to Vice media.

*downloads & watches ‘orange is the new black’ off of the piratebay at starbuck in CommanderX mode * with my new found freedom and further plots revenge against ReaperSec and Agent Smith ( plus his kids and their little dog too)

“Press Freedom Day” celebrated the same week that Barrett Brown was sent back to prison for giving an interview. USA Constitution is dead.

comon,no moneys, no job, no expectations in gods own cuntry. they sold ya a bogus diploma wich qualifies u for nutin and left u with a life crippling depth. ya mailorder wife left ya cos u is crap. u is ugly as hell. wut more reasons do u need. u is better of dead.

he has a jewed-up his penus, but without the benefits of a hebrew grandma. so santa won’t let him into white mans heaven were i sit and drink milk without farting wile pull on my glorious 4skin. he ate his neighbors dog, he is a socialist (with a more national approach) and raped elmo. haz u ever notist his tiny,tiny americun hands. disgusting chick repellent. since gacy is president good people haz left the country went to börlin and iz popstar! but not the goat people, oh noz, they go to new york for crack and hookers. for shame!

The same folks upset about Anti-Fascist shutting down their hate speech are the same ones telling people to run over Black Lives Matter protesters.

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