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The sham that is is a parasite to the Anonymous, designed to discredit anyone who calls themself an Anon.

Anons everywhere, please take back your voice. AnonNews is running ads for Papa Johns Pizza. I wonder if they’re getting free pizzas delivered to their house. Is supporting corporate interests what you stand for? I have spoken with the creator of AnonNews about his web site and in the light of his actions he is a complete hypocrite.

It’s my personal opinion that the greatest majority of so-called “press releases” misrepresent Anons and destroy the image of Anonymous in a way that is reflected by the media. I feel that this is in fact more relevant than any press release so far, so I attempted to post it to AnonNews, being assured of the openness by the creator himself. This was a lie. Your holy freedom of speech is so sacred until someone speaks criticism. Who determined that my criticism is not relevant? I’m guessing it was the same person who I was critical of.

The truth is that I was CENSORED by – a sham web site that stands only for Papa John’s Pizza and the ideas of its moderators.

If Anonymous is a “hyperconsciousness” it lacks the ability to properly communicate, even as it takes down major web sites at the drop of a hat. I will repeat my appeal to AnonNews to at LEAST add the up/down vote system to press releases as it already does to outside news articles. This is only the first step to giving Anonymous a sophisticated voice that recognizes what a press release actually is: The most relevant information presented with the most accessible possible language. Threatening images that highlight every other word in red or rambling manifestos that quote Gene Simmons will not win Anonymous a place in history.

If you disagree, I am begging you to reassess the material currently on AnonNews. Pay special attention to the tone and the wording. Look at the complex vocabulary and ideas, the usage of terms that only Anons can use. Think about how this must look to someone who does not understand. Anonymous horrifies where it should inspire liberty. You’re far too busy trying to tell people they’re so wrong about you instead of seeing what is wrong with yourself and correcting it.

The civil disobedience that forms the body of Anonymous is remarkable. The reason why Anonymous has been maligned and attacked by media outlets is the fault of Anons and their refusal to communicate on the same level with nonAnons. Present yourself better, Anons, you are not criminals but THE new kind of protesters! Anonymous will be important to the history of the world if, and only if, Anons can better present their points of view.

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“I have spoken with the creator of AnonNews about his web site and in the light of his actions he is a complete hypocrite.”
That is sure interesting because I can’t recall ever talking to you. In fact, I haven’t even received an e-mail from you, despite the moderators instructing you to do that, as far as I know. I was not there when you were in the IRC channel, and I am really wondering when you would have talked to the “creator”, or who you think that “creator” would be.

“AnonNews is running ads for Papa Johns Pizza.”
Ever heard of external ad networks?

“The truth is that I was CENSORED by – a sham web site that stands only for Papa John’s Pizza and the ideas of its moderators.”
Seeing as a moderator *apparently* rejected your submission, and you have not taken any initiative to contact me through e-mail (while the e-mail address is clearly mentioned on the homepage), I wouldn’t call it censoring. If a submission doesn’t conform to the guidelines (which do not in any restrict the content of a a submission) it is rejected, simple as that. If you don’t agree, contact moderators or administrators. If a moderator behaves like an ass, e-mail the administrator instead of screaming “OH OH I AM BEING CENSORED!” immediately. In fact, I don’t even know WHAT submission you sent that was rejected, seeing as submissions are anonymous and you have not contacted me in any way.

“I will repeat my appeal to AnonNews to at LEAST add the up/down vote system to press releases as it already does to outside news articles.”
If you would have read the response I placed under your manifesto (which was accepted as it conformed to the guidelines, by the way), you would by now know WHY there is no voting mechanism for press releases. In case you can’t find it yourself:

Next time just send an e-mail instead of screaming everywhere that your rights are being violated. Saves you some effort, saves me cleaning up a mess that was made without reason.

I just got the logs of when you were on IRC.
I think it’s been quite clearly explained to you, and I don’t feel the moderators have acted unreasonably. Additionally, it’s interesting how whenever something critical doesn’t get approved (for reasons like a non-proper format) the poster immediately starts shouting “CENSORSHIP”, yet when something positive doesn’t get approved for the same reasons, it stays quiet. Quite a few things are being rejected on AnonNews because they don’t have the correct format, and a lot of it is not critical.

15[21:04] * ktrout (-removed-) has joined #anonnews
[21:05] hey everybody
[21:05] i wrote a piece that was critical of anonNews and they didn’t post it
[21:05] i think they’re a bunch of hypocrites.
15[21:06] * disSrsBizNao is now known as fuckStick
[21:06] hm?
[21:06] what was it?
[21:06] that explains it
[21:06] and as what did you submit it?
[21:06] Hyperconsciousness?
[21:06] was the title.
[21:07] uhm i meant what did you originally submit and in what section?
15[21:07] * AnonGuest58234 is now known as ToMz
[21:07] press release?
[21:07] do you have that somewhere so i can read it?
[21:08] put it in a pastebin or something
[21:08] yeah i got it somewhere still
[21:08] yeah i posted it there.
[21:08] hold on
[21:08] k
[21:09] I also put a release in just now, just so you guys know, don’t need to hurry

though – but before midnight would be good, or the date gets wrong :-)
[21:09] AWW3: will take care in a minute
[21:10] approved
[21:10] thanks alex !
[21:10] ;-)
[21:12] ktrout: thx, sec
[21:12] uh
[21:12] quite simple
[21:12] that is no press release
[21:13] DUSY?
[21:13] okay, call it a manifesto then
[21:13] no that’s not a manifesto
[21:13] there are quite a few posted and i didn’t see any differentiation between them
[21:13] it’s your opinion
[21:13] it’S an essay basically
[21:13] a manifesto is an opinion
[21:13] well, that’s my clear view on this.. if others see it differntly here?
[21:14] That is no Manifesto.
15[21:14] * Spoonzy (-removed-) Quit (Quit: In a coma)
[21:14] It’s a comment, an opinion.
[21:14] problem with it
[21:14] which is fine if you get it posted in the media
[21:14] and submit as news article
[21:14] is that you write first person about yourself and your opinion of anonymous
[21:14] it will be accepted
[21:14] that’s different from writing ‘as’ anonymous about who are what you are
[21:14] $really
[21:15] my personal opinion…
[21:15] your problem with it is that it is critical of anonNews
[21:15] ktrout: it is simply in the wrong section
[21:15] it’S an article
[21:15] no, i don’t care about anonnews
[21:15] it’s a collumn
[21:15] yea
[21:15] that was the word
[21:15] column
[21:15] tho :)
[21:15] a redactional opinion you publish on a blog, in a paper etc
[21:15] you’re using semantics to block me point of view from being posted on your web

[21:16] but it’s not a press release from anonymous really
[21:16] a manifesto is a personal statement of opinion, and that’s what it is.
[21:16] no, in fact
[21:16] i wrote something similar
[21:16] and i put it in my magazine
[21:16] ktrout: has nothing to do with censorship. we would APPROVE it if it was submitted

as external news
[21:16] not on anonnews, cuz i thought tgat would be inappropriate
[21:16] exactly
[21:16] it’s by far the most appropriate place for it to be posted.
[21:17] what are you on about?
[21:17] it is a manifesto because i want to call it that.
[21:17] if you publish it somewhere else and then add it to external news it will be on

anonnews i guess…
[21:17] no, it is not. if you do not see why, you will need to do some research on what

different kind of journalistic work there is
[21:17] and the terminology
[21:17] but it’s not an Anonymous press release, call it what you want
[21:17] and i’m not affiliated with anonnews in any way i swear!
[21:18] anyway, that’S my take on it — wait for joepie, you can discuss it with him. But

I am positive he will tell you more or less exactly the same
[21:18] nessuno834: ?
[21:18] what’s your take on this?
[21:18] i understand what a press release is, and the largest majority of “press

releases” are not even that.
[21:18] i have talked to joeppie, i know what he will say.
[21:18] he, just my opinion, I didn’t say it matters or anything ;-)
[21:18] I dont know what is this
[21:19] as i said before, i don’t have anything to do with anonnews, i just tend to

discuss stuff with people anywhere ;-)
[21:19] nessuno834: was submitted as PR and rejected
[21:19] ktrout: AWW3 is just a normal user/visitor here… nessuno834 however is also a

mod, like me.
[21:20] thats not PR
[21:20] yeah, thanks for pointing that out…
[21:20] ..
[21:20] its not news
[21:20] :)
[21:20] both of you :-)
[21:20] oh it’s news
[21:20] if it was published in the media as a column
[21:20] i’d approve it
[21:20] could be external news
[21:20] yeah but its not
[21:20] yup
[21:20] yah that’s why it was disapproved, i guess
[21:21] or am pretty sure
[21:21] i have my own web site, and i could publish it as a column at any point. i am

just irritated that other opinions are approved.
[21:21] no need to guess here
[21:21] if it was published it could be described as a media column
[21:21] I’m willing to publish it in my magazine and then it becomes external news?
[21:21] yeah
[21:21] not bad though
[21:21] AWW3: yes
[21:21] if it comes from a proper news/media source
[21:21] i have no intention of not posting this — criticism is WELCOME
[21:21] its being rejected on what it is not based on what it says
[21:21] but it simply doesnt belong in the PR section
[21:22] It’s a small internet-magazine, don’t know if it qualifies honestly…
[21:22] but it’s out there :-)
[21:22] link AWW3?
[21:22] well, no personal blogs
[21:22] no, it’s a magzine for literature and critical cultural theory
[21:22] manifestos are published, and they are by and large nothing but opinions, albeit

[21:22] it’s dutch normally though…
[21:22] mrhhr
[21:22] that IS a bit thin
[21:23] but it’s in the way they speak
[21:23] ktrout: try indymedia
[21:23] You start with ‘I think this about Anonymous’
[21:23] while they start’ w<e are anonymous, we do this and this'
[21:23] that’s the difference.
[21:23] alex, i know :-( :-)
[21:23] criticism is unwelcome and will be censored.
[21:23] We approve on two criteria Format and Relevance
[21:24] Format ie is it an article a press release an external site
[21:24] man, the fact there is at least three people discussing this with you
[21:24] means they are open to criticism here
[21:24] they could just ban you or something
[21:24] then post my manifesto.
[21:24] Relevance just look for the word anonymous good or bad
[21:24] i know jesus. your wrong ktrout. get over it.
[21:25] ktrout Im sorry but in that format it doesnt fulfil both criteria, as alex

said get it published and it will be approved
[21:25] its not a manifesto its an opinion column
[21:25] if the format is the only problem i will change the wording.
[21:25] indymedia is really a good idea to publish it
[21:25] yeah AWW3
[21:25] but i was gonna have something to eat, so see you guys!
[21:25] what wording will make it a manifesto?
[21:26] must i remove all self-reference?
[21:26] think a call to arms
[21:26] that’s what it is.
15[21:26] * viscido (-removed-) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:26] you should speak as a non-phisical netity – we , anonymous, think or feel or do..’

[21:26] entity that is
[21:27] i am only distancing myself from anonymous in this piece so i can better

[21:27] and now i really go eat or i’ll faint i think :-)
[21:27] but youy can’t distance yourself from anonymous and talk as anonymous in the same

[21:27] obviously
[21:28] but sorry, really gotta eat
[21:28] Then it is not a manifesto and can never be a manifesto. It does not “decree”

anything it is criticism, which comes from opinion, which is subjective perception.
[21:28] put it on indymedia please
[21:28] and add it in external source
[21:28] or don’t, i have to eat :-)
[21:29] i mean external news on anonnews
[21:29] :-)
[21:29] see ya ;-)
[21:29] seeya AWW3
[21:29] speaking “as anonymous” is really more damaging than speaking as myself. the call

to arms is one for better forms of expression, it should be obvious. if you don’t see that, you

really are more twisted and confused than i even imagined.
[21:29] ktrout: really, we will publish it as-is but this needs to be external news. might actually publish it
[21:30] gbye
[21:30] ask them
[21:30] try it.
[21:30] later AWW3
[21:30] there is nothing wrong with the format, it is a proper manifesto, it should have

been published without this argument. the relevancy and format are not at issue.
[21:31] this is the last time, i will respond to this: it is not a proper manifesto as 4

people tried to explain to you and another one who has apparently agreed as he as disapproved it

before. So drop this subject, it will get you nowhere.
[21:32] if you would like external news to publish i have it.
[21:32] ktrout i am the person who rejected that “manifest”
[21:32] i rejected it because it does not meet the criteria
[21:32] …
[21:32] it’s not a proiper manifestn at all though
[21:32] b ecause you’re just stating your opinion on things.
[21:32] if you want to upload it to an external site, and link in via there as an

EXTERNAL news source then I would accept that.
[21:32] ktrout: that is a personal blog.
[21:33] but you can submit it as external news, nontheless. it will be visible. but i

guess it will be removed at some point cause it violents the guidelines.
[21:33] it is not a blog.
[21:33] you people do not even know what a manifesto or a press release even is.
[21:33] well.. submit. i will not decide otherwise
[21:34] he can still submit it if he wants
[21:34] it’s still related
[21:34] no one is trying to sensor you ktrout, it’s just that you didn’t submit it to

the proper area, as it was not a manifest
[21:34] i will neither approve nor delete — i leave that to other mods.
[21:34] who are you to decide that my opinion is not a manifesto. they are synonyms!
[21:34] ktrout: submit as external news. will be there.
[21:34] you are using semantics to censor.
[21:34] …
[21:34] drop that shit.
[21:34] no, we’re not.
[21:34] i told you before.
[21:35] and now my sack of troll feed is empty, i’m out.
[21:35] jeez.
[21:35] anyone who disagrees is a troll.
[21:35] i’m sorry
15[21:36] * mr[a] (-removed-) has joined #anonnews
[21:36] !vop add mr[a]
15[21:37] * Chuck sets mode: +v mr[a]
[21:37] sup
[21:37] yoyo
[21:37] hey mr[a]
[21:38] so is this opTunisia going good?
[21:38] I’ve been away for the past like 3 or 4 days.
[21:38] excellent
[21:38] did you reed al-jazeera?
[21:38] Yes it went from me and some guy going oh this aint good to full blown op in 3

[21:39] yeah just did earlier today
[21:39] i request that you publish material outlining the proper format for a manifesto

or press release so that people will know i was not censored out of hand.
[21:39] stfu.
[21:39] loding patience.
[21:39] losing*
[21:41] alex chill out
[21:41] how can you deny publishing my material based on a format type that should be

readily available but isn’t?
[21:41] nessuno834: ktrout has been going on forever
[21:41] remember that article a few days ago that i showed you?
[21:41] the one submited as a press release?
15[21:41] * ktrout was kicked by nessuno834 (CENSORSHIP LOLOL)
[21:42] thank you :P
15[21:42] * alex sets mode: +b ktrout!*@*

Nowhere in the world is it written that a manifesto must be written in second-person plural.

Kilgore, humans aren’t the greatest at inflection; you shouldn’t suppose an organization such as Anon to be much better.

I think people would be much more convinced if you approached it their way though.

Title: AnonNews policies considered harmful
Contents: It has come to the attention of Anonymous that … (insert rhetoric here) …

We are … (cite Book of Anon scripture here, legion etc)

Oh, hey, interesting, someone else trying to “uncover” my personal details by doing a Google search? Mhmm, good luck.

Other than that, it seems you just censored a comment I posted (the second one with an actual log of what happened on IRC), amirite?

You were censored automatically by a spam filter. I gladly approve that comment. Where are these logs published at, not just here, right? is pretty cool,
you critizism on the other hand is rather idiotic.

also this website is on the “paranormal” side of reality it seems

Please just get over yourself, you are not writing anything close to being on par with these. Also, a manifesto is a statement of beliefs, a positive statement, (We believe in this + this + this +…). While your statement is just a criticism of anonnews (Anonnews should do this except for – this – this – this – …). There is a difference.

In all fairness to our writer, the manifesto he wrote is not seen here. In fact, I have never seen it, but what I do know is the proprietor of did in fact turn it down because it was “not a manifesto” and maybe it wasn’t, but not for the reasons stated by the proprietor.

tl;dr lurk moar

Of course the current modern media and pretty much anybody would want to go against anons everywhere, we are the next to take power of the world, I can’t blame you for not wanting to let go out of greed or whatever it may be. Anon is not a news organization, simply a public forum abiding laws that do not conflict with the common good, not the personal gain. One can be an anon, and like the jester, seperate one self and take action. Yes communication can always be inproved but give time, you’ll be surprised what happens next.

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