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Why "Anonymous" is completely irrelevant

Anonymous refuses all definitions, yet a close look at their actions is all one needs to understand what they are all about. Anonymous is not a group of socially minded and technologically savvy internet users that want to change the world for the better. They are not a group at all. Instead, they are a loose federation of loud mouths and hackers who mostly want to make a buck or achieve the goal of inflating their selfish pride-albeit anonymously. In the most sophisticated achievement to date, Anonymous has managed to cripple and embarrass HBGary, a security firm that insulted Anons everywhere by infiltrating their IRC channel and figuring out the handles of those responsible for deployment of the LOIC. Not only is this attack childish, spiteful, and pointless, but it shows that Anonymous is most willing to use their potential for positive change instead for self-aggrandizing and meaningless pursuits.

As Iran continues to injure and kill protesters as in 2009, Anonymous continues to take down symbolic political targets on the web with their weakest tool, LOIC. The power of a symbol is in the attention it receives from the media and Anonymous has only been truly successful in these kind of attacks on Visa and Mastercard. It is hard to grasp and explain the Anonymous mindset because there are very few things that “Anons” have in common. Firstly, they are all internet users. Secondly, “Anons” choose to remain anonymous, but only in principle. The truth is that “Anons” assume the security of anonymity whether or not it truly applies.

I feel it is a wholly weak and pitiful trait of humankind that we must hide our identities to speak our mind or to take action. I believe anonymous is comprised of weaklings who take action in fear and would not do so if they did not believe they could get away with it anonymously. You are not brothers to protesters in the streets, you are cowards who sit behind computer screens and put your greatest efforts towards selfish pride instead of greater good. Hacktivist is too good of a term for Anons. That implies an ultimate purpose where there is obviously none.

Of all the facets of Anonymous, AnonNews is the most despicable. I’d challenge them to release their financial records but that’s not even necessary. Using PayPal, hated enemy of free speech, the owner takes donations and PayPal gets their dirty little share. Not only that, but they’ve gotten some cash from Military Recruiters. Yet no one seems to care about what amounts to blatant financial exploitation of the Anonymous phenomenon.

Anons are weak and pitiful for not holding AnonNews to account.

Anons are weak and pitiful for attacking HBGary when they could make a change that matters.

Anons are weak and pitiful for remaining anonymous.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us
Photoshopped to highlight what no one seems to pay attention to. See what I'm doing here?

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This article is fuckin bullocks.

Know what the hell you are talkin about, before doing it. Nothing in the “article” is actually correct – quite amuzing actually.

Good day…

Reading that the tone of the article is hostile. Even if you tried to understand the anonymous mindset, that’s not the same as beeing in it.

You got facts wrong.
Questionable relevance.
You make no argument to any point.
The only thing you do is call all anons pussies.
Saying that anonymous is driven by fear.
It’s just a long misinformed rant.

By the Chin of Abele! Stop Trolling!

To attack HBGary with greater force than has been used against any dictatorship or destroyer of free speech is proof that Anonymous has no higher goal or purpose.

I think the fuss is that they have been exposed as noobs. Just like the cause they are trying to protect (wikileaks) is trying to expose information to the public.
This just has so much humor to it that you, unless you have some serious brain defect, have to admire it. At least, I think that is the general consensus and the main reason you are getting so much flak in here.

It’s funny as hell. The sad fact is that it makes Anons feel great when really it amounts to a misappropriation of power. Anonymous could have real impact and sway in world events but resorts to what I see as childish pranks that don’t have a real impact.

And this is why I said you missed the point. This is all they have. Period.
This is the their power and how they use it, childish or not. I can hardly call it missappropriated. This was on their agenda at that very minute. And so they used whatever resource they had.
One wields the sword one can swing. This is what a disorganised group can accomplish, apparently. Maybe, give it time, it will change. Maybe they will get organised (I doubt it, it would defeat their own purpose) and become something like *leaks.
I do think, coming back to the original argument, they are relevant. They are a sign of these times and show us that the people are not putting up with some things, agreed some are in it for the lulz to much and fail to see social or political relevance, regardless or geographical boundaries.
In this cyberspace people are seeking likeminded people are not limited to what political systems are subscribing.
I see your point when it comes to the origin of this, 4chan, but I am talking about the bigger picture.

you’re extrapolating more than looking at a bigger picture. currently, anonymous is relevant to anons and wikileaks but not much else. should some pubic hair begin to grow, the bigger picture may be very different. on the other hand, HBGary is a perfect example of the irrelevant behavior of anonymous.

you mad bro? what do you mean when you say anonymous attacked aaron barr with disproportionate force? have you even considered the fallout had aaron presented his flawed findings to the feds? aaron deserved everything he got and more, just like you he was totally clueless about what he ventured into. we are anonymous

The fact that you consider HBGary to be noobs shows your ignorance. Setting aside Aaron Barr’s hubris, a lack of due dilligence in auditing their CMS, and jussi’s falling for an SE attack, HBGary was staffed with some of the top minds in the infosec community. Greg Hoglund, a noob? You’ve got to be joking…

Stop thinking you can controll everything. Anonymous is legion. Anonymous does what anonymous does. What happens happens. Anonymous is.

I remember back when Anons were in the midst of the the war against scientology – trolls were trolls then to – Anons were powerless faggots who could never go after the big fish of government and corporations. That’s what the trolls said one year ago. Today anonymous is the same powerless faggots

You just don’t get it =)

Hi Kilgore,
Good to see your still butthurt that people didn’t like your retarded writing in anonymous. good to see that once again no one gives a fuck.
it’d be nice to see you do something more productive with your life. also perhaps you should try and grasp some of these concepts before you talk about it. good try faggot.

Kilgore Trout you are an idiot and you are right to make yourself anonymous because you look like a fool.

You are the one who is irrelevant here.

the fact that anyone would ever consider using anonymous to target and destroy an idea is proof of my argument.

You simply don’t understand the whole concept of Anonymous and trolling – My god— actually try to know the stuff you are “writing” about!

I know you have more to offer than that. Are you just having fun or are you serious about a debate? Come on! I am sure you can do better than commenting on those easy targets!

This guy missed the point completely. One has to admit that many followers of this ‘movement’ are indeed in it for the thrills (lulz) and are probably in their teens and, indeed, might not understand completely what they are supporting or oversee the ramifications of their actions.
But the rise of such a movement was inevitable. Give a voice to the people and you will hear it’s opinion, give it a medium like the internet and even more interesting things will happen. I see it as an inevitability that likeminded people would group in the most democratic of ways and coordinate their actions accordingly. No powerstructure, very short (albeit covert) communication lines and participation is completely voluntary. Actions will obviously be proposed and will spawn from such a fruitful primordial soup of individual ideas.

Maybe that is how it started out. But you can’t call Wikileaks a childish prank. Wikileaks is one of those ideas that spawned from this. When information becomes more available, and you can’t deny that is one of the main accomplishments of the coming of age of the internet, dissatisfaction had to have these effects. And yeah, sure, some will be childish while other will be a severe shock to the system.

I can’t edit my reply, so I will just add a comment. I didn’t mean to say Wikileaks spawned from Anonymous. I meant to say it spawned from this pool of opportunities. Meaning they availabilty of information and the tools the internet provide.

I love it when i correct myself before i go to correct myself.

we are Anonymous
we are Legion

all people of the earth deserve freedom
information is the key to that freedom
therefore, the liberation of information is essentially the liberation of humanity
why do you hate freedom, Kilgore Trout?

i find it repugnant that you use that name. do you simply think it sounds cool? did someone else you know use it first? I’m sure Mr. Vonnegut would find everything you spout adds up to a giant granfalloon.


i think you’ve mixed up foma with granfalloon, but whatever. speak for yourself, and not for a dead author. i do not hate anonymous, i just criticize it. i am only voicing my own ideas, why would you hate an idea?

Perhaps 4chan is like a middle school prankster, and Anonymous is like a high school kid who’s trying to do things in the name of good but can’t quite get it right yet. HBGary turned out to be conspiring against Wikileaks and Anonymous but it should be apparent that no entity, not even the US government, poses a real threat to either. I don’t hate Anonymous, I want to love it, I just want people to think about what they’re really doing. If I have to troll a little to make it so, I’m oh so sorry (not).

The posing of a threat or the lack thereof, I doubt, seriously. But this is besides the point.
The point I was trying to make is that all this, Wikileaks, Openleaks, Anon and the likes, are all obvious result of the changes in the media landscape. The media and communication tools falling in the hands of the people. Young people perhaps, but I think most will have the right to vote.
FYI I am certainly not pro Anonymous, I am just watching them with great interest. They are truely a sign of the time.

“HBGary turned out to be conspiring against Wikileaks and Anonymous but it should be apparent that no entity, not even the US government, poses a real threat to either.”

Say that when the party van comes knocking.

you are in factual error.
you present no facts to support your position

Your rant is irrelevant other than it gives people another avenue to speak out.


I said you present no facts TO SUPPORT YOUR POSITION not that your editorial did not contain any facts.

I would suggest that the companies involved, with the full knowledge of the DOJ and Attorney General have engaged in a conspiracy to commit felonies to numerous to mention.

I would also suggest that this tactic seems to be de rigueur within the intelligence field.

for supporting evidence I submit 72K e-mails.
you may find them here

The easiest way to prove to wrong to to suggest that every criminal investigative agency in the U.S and E.U. is spending millions of dollars to find these guys. That is not being irrelevant.

Now I will say this, I don’t agree with releasing the personal e-mails and information of those involved. That was counter productive to the long term.
But, that is Anon and it’s their show. They are serious but they want some LOLZ for the effort.

You have either missed the point, refuse to see the point or can’t see the big picture.

Thank you for your platform for me to voice my opinion.

it’s you who can’t see the big picture. HBGary provided Anons with some lulz, but you really think they were a threat to Anonymous or Wikileaks? they can’t even watch their own rear ends. go pick a real target and unleash the same kind of hell. i’d like to see that.

i hope you realize that Anonymous is no one trick pony. do some research and visit the IRC server; i did for the first time today. what i found was many channels devoted to numerous operations. just today i witnessed the shut down of the Iranian parliament web site in response to the brutal crackdown on protesters in that country.

its not just about wikileaks and HBGary, its about the current sate of the world. if you can’t see that please get off the internet.

get your facts straight. do some investigation. and stop ripping off Kurt Vonnegut, you do your adopted name no justice.

anonymous has little relevance to outsiders, at least in america. in america you are hacker-demons that fox news invokes to get a lot of web traffic and stir up fear. shutting down a web site is a symbolic act and carries very little relevance when it is overshadowed by the stories about the hacking of HBGary, which i think was complete folly. this is an opinion that anons do not believe i have a right to. as the first anon in hundreds if not thousands to recognize my pseudonym, i think you deserve a fair debate. i have visited the irc server (not recently), i have read some of the emails leaked from hbgary, but i wasn’t aware that the iranian parliament had their web site taken down. however, i don’t think any of this validates or invalidates my central argument whatsoever. i need not be aware of every detail of anonymous’ inner mechanisms to criticize. as an outsider, i have a very different point of view that is no less valid or even less informed. my sources are simply more representative of a non-anon. arguments like yours reek of elitism and snobbery, and speak to my core thesis: you aren’t relevant except to yourselves.

You truly are blind. It is people like yourself that give Americans a bad name. Fox news is your source for news? That is just laughable.

Fox News is perhaps the most powerful propaganda outlet in the world. Yes, I do pay attention to them.

Hey guys, part-owner of chronicle.SU here.

If anonymous is a decentralized hacker network, why does it need a central news source?

Back in 2005 when we were all messing with Hal Turner, I truly felt like a part of something equally hurtful, hilarious, meaningful and positive. I believe we were all posting anonymously, thus we were “anonymous.”

What I see in is that it gives the authorities a go-to point. Basically, the website makes the opposition’s job easier and defeats your own purpose. So it’s a choice the users have made between recognition for their service, and the ability to actually perform that service.

The long and short of it is, I see you as a bunch of try-hards, and kind of nerds who missed the bus and then missed the point. So from the standpoint of a journalist and someone who wants to see a positive change in governments, societies and humanity as a whole, you guys lost me.

Good riddance. is nothing. is everything.
It is a hamburger.
It is as important as a million dirty orgasms filling up exile mother.
Sure… they could be clean, but she’s still a whore.

Don’t you have ghosts to bust?

I’ll keep my comments to the most egregious misconception to which you are most intransigently committed: you do not begin to understand the importance of what was revealed through the HBGary hack.

I can appreciate that you’re out to troll, and to get Anons to think about what they’re doing and why, but your failure to grok the significance of the implications makes the entire context of your efforts (f you’ll forgive the term), moot.

You can question the ‘decision’ to ‘allocate resources’ to the initial attack, and paint it as representative of a greater commitment to self preservation and/or juvenile retalliation than the higher moral claims annunciated for operations supporting popular uprisings across the Mahgreb and beyond; but to do so is to betray a fatuous misunderstanding of the way the legion operates.

And to dismiss the findings in the exfiltrated data on the basis of its ease of acquisition is criminally moronic: the emails show that this firm, with impeccable government connections, was consciously exploiting its freedom from the laws restraining government investigators, to work outside the law to collect data on dissident groups, which it then planned to sell back to the government (as well as corporate clients).

Perhaps a full appreciation of the significance of this is only available to those with a solid conceptual grounding in what ‘the rule of law’ is supposed to entail.

Even so, any attempt to dismiss the HBGary episode as something other than ‘change that matters’ proceeds either from painful ignorance or vested interest.

Water Brother: Instead of quietly acting in your own self-interest and using a third party, perhaps WikiLeaks, to responsibly release this information, you have acted in haste. I might have done the same, and I’m not here to dismiss the importance of the findings. I think it is fairly clear that the rule of law is applied with no balance whatsoever and you are overstating the urgency of this matter to an extreme. Yet, it’s ultimately good to bring these things into the light of day. I will be happy to see the legion progress and mature.

Here’s the thing: you either have the rule of law, or you do not.

It is not to be ‘applied’ with or without balance, because that presupposes one set of people doing the ‘applying’ and another having it ‘applied’ to them.

This is the rule of men, and cannot coexist with the rule of law.

As to haste or otherwise – that was one phase of the legion maturing, and it was fucking exhilirating to watch – the development of a platform to release a searchable archive within a week, the unearthing of information so timely it disrupted planned meetings in furthrance of criminal conspiracies – all of this unfolding in realtime, none of it planned in advance or directed from on high.

Have it your way. It is not so incredible and astounding that corporations collude with our government and clandestinely act outside the law. This has been the case in America for over 150 years. The truth is that the fallout in the release of these files will likely hurt Anonymous much more than it will the government. Whoever was responsible for getting a hold of HBGary’s documents is responsible for the manner they have been published. The refusal to use a neutral party for publishing calls their validity into question by a public that is increasingly hostile towards Anonymous. Death threats and searchable archives are not a sign of maturity. The ability to understand consequences is. You have your great victory but i don’t believe you have the slightest clue what it really means to the rest of the world.

If the point that you’re looking to make is that feeble assertions of tampering with emails or of death threats are likely to be taken at face-value by some of the less infovorous citizens out there when made by company presidents, then sure, I guess. You seem to have taken the death-threat thing to the next level, though, and are assuming its truth, which leads me to question either your analytical capacities or your bona fides.

Although I’ve seen you express it many ways, I’m not sure I understand your critique about ‘not releasing through a neutral party’ – you even mentioned at one point using WikiLeaks. I’m trying to work out whether you genuinely believe yourself to have a salient point here, or whether this is just more trolling, but just in case it is the former, let me assure you that you are both mistaken, and probably a little defective.

As for how the world sees it, the story has stopped being about Anon – focus has shifted to Hunton & Williams, BoA & WikiLeaks, in many stories the way the emails came to let does not even get a mention. I’m fine with this, but also recognise that it wouldn’t have gotten to this point had interest and attention not been arrested by the captivating tale of Mr Barr’s fatal hubris.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that attention developed and intensified to the point where it became feasible to talk about an end to 150 years of corporate collusion and corrupt governance? Got any ideas on how to get there from where we are now that don’t involve reliving the past two weeks, or do you confine your expertise to offering redundant advice?

True, not even the least reputable news source has connected these death threats with anonymous. Yet surely they were made anonymously. In all fairness, is this not also the legion?

HBGary has likely exaggerated, or even made up the threats to shift public opinion. What you have decided is pure win also has some major drawbacks. If you were polling, public trust for anonymous is surely at an all-time low.

I understand that anonymous is the resultant action of a collective of connected individuals. The thing is by denying that you are a group, you are creating a false truth that there are no connections. So not exactly a group, but a collective.

Currently, Anonymous is a self-destructive collective that denies the reality of others. My redundant advice is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have many ideas about how this can be done. The first and most important step is to convince enough people that I am right.

“surely they were made”
…is where you lose me… come up with something more than desperate press releases, and maybe it’s open for discussion, but until then, I will dismiss it as self-serving obfuscation and will not be convinced otherwise.

I also flatly reject your assertion that public opinion is at an all-time low – I’m not sure what you’re reading that has led you to this view, but the dominant sentiment in the media has been notably tolerant, while the comments sections have been marked by unabashed cheerleading, with a notable streak of ‘I wasn’t sure about these guys before this, but now… gogogo!!!’.

But you raise an important issue, and one which has been productively discussed from time to time and place to place. That’s another weakness of the swarm; internal communications are unreliable, potent insights are lost in the shuffle rather than integrated into operating parameters. And then, attempts to produce more reliable structures for collecting and discussing messages are slammed as ‘missing the point’ by fucktards who think claiming 2005 makes them internet old-school.

As someone who remembers the internet before the web, I can assure you that seeds of what Anonymous is becoming predate the vast majority of its participants. I’m not looking at rewriting official histories, here, but there was an anonymous underbelly of the internet long before there was a ‘moot’ (whatever the fuck that is).

A lot of the changes I’ve seen in the IRC channels lately (especially since HBGary) have reflected a sensibility that brought me there some months back – this is what a lot of people have been waiting for. Those of us who glimpsed the potential, and were ready to roll way back when, but the pipes were not in place yet, so to speak. And most of us in that position have had this burning sensation in the back of our heads for some years now about what is to come, and how it will be, leading to a persistent chorus of people coming in saying “hey, I love what you did here (and the fact the world is presently paying attention to you), but what you need to do now, is…”. Sound familiar?

I’m not saying you have nothing to contribute; on the contrary, despite initial misgivings, you seem an entirely capable and worthwhile ‘legionnaire’. I do, however, disagree with your assessment that denying a false reality is a tactical error; were I looking to expand I would probably mutter something about a populace needing to be shocked to wakefulness by the administration of a general aesthetic, but would then recognise the uselessness of such utterances and shuffle back to the corner.

You can attempt to make the case that you’re right, but so long as you retain an obsession with consequences and the view from without, you’re unlikely to convince anyone who has witnessed firsthand the evolution of this superorganism: it runs on lulz and has bigger plans than any one of us could conceive, let alone pull off.

The populace is not shocked to wakefulness by facts or even logic. Emotional appeals command politics. They are a tool that is used effectively against Anonymous but not by Anonymous. It is important to retain a steady observation and awareness of the general political state including all news sources. Notice the way that Anonymous is attacked so it can be defended. The image of criminality must be destroyed. With this kind of awareness, Anonymous will be able to go on the offensive in a way that has never been possible. This all begins with Anons looking at outside news sources analytically, recognizing a reality that must be altered. It is not up to me. It’s up to the legion. I am not giving marching orders, nor will I. I am just saying that because this is possible, it should happen sooner than later. It is the next logical conclusion in the evolution of Anonymous and Anons themselves.

Okay, so we do waht everyone else is doing to try to get people to believe differently? This is absolutely absurd…..

WTF Anonnews financial reports? You know that sites been up less than 4 months right? It makes me wonder reading news articles like this… IS this part of a discrediting smear campaign? Also ghosts aren’t real. Sorry.

Anonymous is Anonymous and this is Anonymous we are Anonymous they are Anonymous who is Anonymous we are Anonymous because you are Anonymous only until we are all Anonymous will we all be non-Anonymous only until we are all non-Anonymous will we all be free .


Well, this guy is missing the point. He did not understand the idea.

What is the meaning of “We are all Anonymous”? We are Anonymous when we fight in favour of the freedom of speech. We are Anonymous when we fight in favour of the Human Rights. We are Anonymous when we fight in favour of the Freedom of Information. No matter who you are. No matter where you are. No matter if you are behind a computer or in the streets. We are Anonymous because you share the same ideas about the Freedom and no-violence. We, fighting in favour of those causes, are Anonymous itself. At the beginning is the idea, them the actions and latest, if we act accordingly to those principles, WE ARE ANONYMOUS.

Evidently the format of this board mitigates against the development of in-depth conversations – I’ll be kind enough to chalk that failure up to ‘OldBrutus’ rather than yourself, and add it to the reasons to consider him a fucktard.

Again, your advice is redundant to the extent that you believe it to be revelatory. And again, insistence on altering a reality rather than restating an alternative is to opt for weakness over strength. Not that there isn’t an argument for bending like the reed and all, but all of your ‘advice’ proceeds from an apparently unshakeable belief that you’re the only one who has thought about ‘looking at external news sources analytically’ or shaping the narrative they so habitually distort. And you also assume that it’s not happening.

Let me assure you once again, that you are mistaken and probably a little defective. Really, it’s utterly offensive to be advised of the importance of ‘retain[ing] a steady observation and awareness of the general political state’. So presumptuous; so condescending. Maybe I overestimated your capability.

On that note, I’m not sure precisely how you drew the conclusion that ‘the administration of a general aesthetic’ has anything at all to do with ‘facts or even logic’. Really, you couldn’t have gotten much further from the point.

If you’re going to figure out what’s going on here, you need to loosen a lot of preconceptions – you’re not alone in that regard, this is part of the transcendence of false-reality which is on the cards for all – but you seem interested in being at the vanguard, so need to get with the game quicker than most if you don’t wanna be left wondering what the fuck just happened.

Speaking in such broad generalities is a dangerous thing. I apologize for offending you, and maybe you’re taking my statements the wrong way. I’m agreeing with you on a level that’s not above you in any way, just lateral. I suppose you believe I should not push where I could instead pull? I do not annoy any more than I feel is necessary. I do not take credit for the ideas I am trying to spread or feel like they put me above anybody else. I promise you that I have long been forming actionable ideas and that I will share them with the legion when I feel the time is right. Defective is as defective does, and you can judge my intentions and my beliefs as you want. You’re much closer to the mark than most. If it’s a game to stay on top, well, game on. +1 (or should I say -64) for chronicle.SU

“I suppose you believe I should not push where I could instead pull?”

Impressive insight, but you got it backwards. Instead of focusing on the end (the aufhebung in Hegelian terms, the concrescence per Whitehead, the Omega Point of Teilhard de Chardin et al), focus on the dialectic.

The reason for this is not that it is impossible to achieve a designated end through the manipulation of polarities in the present – the very fact that the term ‘false-flag attack’ has entered the cultural lexicon shows that such approaches are known – the reason is that trying to contain that end conceptually at this point is beyond the capacity of any of us, and any attempt to do so is a diminishment.

I guess what I’m effectively arguing is that the ‘pull’ is being taken care of. What is required are capable individuals in tune with the call to ‘push’ when and where the occasion (not any leader) demands.

This is not to say that ends are beyond discussion, but the tone counts, if for nothing more than revealing conceptual constraints; there is a point at which the only content left is the shadows cast by our own ignorance.

I like to assume when writing on the internet that every reader is smarter and knows more than myself – I find it leads to more productive engagement, and provides a check against the distortions of egotism. I did, however, take the bait on this occasion, and hope that the opportunity to engage in some good-natured indignant pontification has served to get a little more message ‘out there’.

(And maybe schooled a fool or two in the process)

I believe that the time is right for a new kind of action. I’m going to push. There is a point where distortion destroys those who distort. Those who seek to destroy the Legion will be unable to destroy anything but themselves.

Anonymous have no names. But does the “writer” of this stuff say its name ??
Having no name permits us to focus on ideas, or arguments, not persons. Here there are no arguments in this article. I agree with you : YOU’re a coward.

Kilgore, do you really think Anonymous is irrelevant after the HBGary fiasco? I don’t know much about em but I’d hardly call them irrelevant!

You gotta thank anonnews for getting you all this traffic though, no?

Seriously what the fuck is this website and why is it talking about something else’s irrelevance?

also why do you try to associate yourselves with Bill Hicks? the difference in quality between his stand-up and this site is pretty extreme…

It’s probably the numerous ads promoting drugs and paranoia. You know, I really thought by now everyone would have caught on to the game and the joke. I must be a much better troll than I thought (and I think I’m the best on earth)

Bring some reason into this context. Breathe deep, take a look around, realize it is all a joke, and get over it. You don’t have to laugh, but when you act like you’re better than I am, it makes the joke funnier. Reason. Thanks for more lulz off of this piece, they’ve been slowing down lately.

Anonymous is not about gaining glory. An anonymous group is one that doesn’t care about the glory, or the pride, but the goal.

Anonymous is not a group of cowards, they are a group that sheds their individual egos in order to reach their goals. Be that lulz, revenge, or just generally being a group of asshats.

Its almost like you’ve taken a page from WBC, “Shit, page views going down..what to do..INSULT ANONYMOUS! WHOOP!”

I took a page from Anonymous and did it for the lulz. It is so funny how butthurt you fags are, if you want to know the truth. Take a look at context, faggot.

everybody’s a bunch of fags anyways, so what’s the big deal in making deal out of it you fags… world problem solved

Why did anon go after HBGary for apparently collecting names of anons when anondown and the jester have both compiled docs on you and handed them over to the authorities?

Oh noes! Some random guy on the Internet has my IP address! Please hack me Mr Scary Hacker!

Also, your article wasn’t that great: it’s a poorly written, blatant troll. Zero points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

The guy who wrote this is a scrub who fails to live up to the name he pilfered from Vonnegut. Anonymous irrelevant? HAHA, that’s a good one. Keep thinking that.

“Uhhh… Uhhh… They’re just trying to make a buck and uhhh… uhhh… Why attack oppressive firms and regimes when you could be making -real- change? and … uhhh… uhhh… That’s stupid they have to hide der faces!”

Okay, dude. Thanks for the lulz. :D

commenting on something you thought was funny with an insult? isn’t that counterproductive? wouldn’t that be like punching a dick and then licking it afterwards? i wouldn’t know man… cause as you can tell I’m straight forward with my comments. i out and out think your a complete hypocrite… (and are possibly homosexual)

Man, you’re pathetic. You just want your page hacked by Anon so you can get little attention. And, change your name, w…..!

if this is the case… and it hasn’t happened… (so far its been over 3 years) since it has not come down. either that means annon likes the taste of shit or this guy wasn’t trying to do anything. except, maybe, blog…

Anonymous is indeed completely irrelevant. Really, what have they done for anybody? What? You’re going to DDoS a government website? How is that going to help people on the streets?

It’s a completely accurate article, but those it targets are only going to see it as ATTENTION WHORE WANTS ANON TO MAKE HIM FAMOUS HURR DURR. Good effort though, I’m sick of seeing BBC and other people reporting on these fags like it matters.

all i keep reading about is ‘anon could be this’ and ‘anon could be that’

guess what bro, not your personal army

Someone is trying to cash in on Anonymous fame to elevate the level of their shitty blog that no one gives a fuck about.

Oh and all this coming from a guy who is named after a Kurt Vonnegut character because he didn’t want to use his own name. 0/10

better then being posted bye a common name like anonymous or lulz. how meany people can you claim to be? I don’t see that many usernames that read Kilrore Trout. so I should say he isn’t hiding behind anything by posting as him. now if a Kilgore Trout movement started. yes, I would say he is hiding behind a mass of screen names. but at least this way. a GOOD hacker can find him or even the police for that matter.

I don’t think you understand this phenomenon at all.

I mean, not a clue.

I think you keep wanting it to be one group with one goal, one unifying idea, and it’s not. Members come and go at will, they aren’t bound by what you want them to do, they don’t have “leaders” that everyone follows.

I think the closes thing to how you’re confusing them is to think of the old Iron Curtain. It seems like one monolithic entity. You’re seeing them as all satellites of an organized entity overseen by a Khrushchev or a Tito, but if you lifted the corner of the curtain a little, there were very separate groups with very separate goals and motivations all through the Eastern bloc, not one monolithic entity.

It’s the same with Anonymous. You have to turn off your idea of a glorious leader shooing everyone in a single direction. There are multiple groups of multiple people, multiple goals, multiple viewpoints, and NOTHING, NOBODY, NOTHING, at any giving time. There is no meaning. There are only LULZ.

And, right now, they’re doing a better job of keeping us informed than the likes of Fox noise ever has.

The Anonymous concept is a very exciting and intriguing concept for action on a small and large scale.

Want to know how to get Anonymous to go in a direction you want? Find an IRC group, present your idea, see how many people agree with it and decide to join in, for whatever reason they have. If nobody joins in, your idea sucks. Simple.

It’s the ultimate marketplace of ideas, without the corporatist’s fat ass plonked on the media scale skewing things to their side of the issue, like our worthless media so aptly demonstrates.

blah blah blah i am another anon who doesn’t understand context or satire blah blah blah blah blah take myself too seriously cause i’m an anonfag blah blah blah blah.

oh, my, fucking, shyt! will you fucking stop reading so much into anonymous as that fucking anime Durarara! you just keep taking your fandumb for that show and masking it onto that annon movement just to cope with your real life… because you think that by some titular balance of reality that by helping or standing up for this legion you will be helping a “greater good” when in reality your just standing up for a bunch of lazy bastards to pissed at there local authority to even rationalize there actions. and by authority I mean people with major influence I’m not saying there mad at the police like allot of people tend to think when they hear that word. so STAHP IT! you are going no ware! that road literally leads no ware!

hello i think that you may be either blatantly ignorant and reluctant to do real research on the subject you blog about or you are exceedingly stupid, there is also the chance that you are both of those things,if so you are an unfortunate soul

the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.

Sorry, didn’t see any of that, just some kid making 1/2 correlations in an attempt to make..some..point. I think.

If you had wanted to be critical of their paypal usage, that is a fair issue to address. it would have served you better to simply questions these rather than try to write half assed attempt at satire which held none.

You kids are obsessed with definitions and semantics but you’re blind as shit to context. I’m ridiculing you. I’m ridiculing you. I’m ridiculing you. I’m ridiculing you. I’m ridiculing you. I’m ridiculing you. You are being ridiculed. You are being ridiculed. You are being ridiculed.

What “Anonymous” really is… Depends on the individual anon, not every anon is intrested in politics of the world at the same time. This is the new generations public forum. This is how input and information if given and taken from the common collective. This is the semi-hostile but defensive tactics of the new generations because of such injustices as the Patriot act. Btw, every anon knows, you are never truely anonymous anymore due to electronic footprints, which also have ways of being erased sometimes.

you are making up delusional fan based assumptions about a group of fat and desperate old farts and there legion of home-stuck prepubescent nats! stop reading so much into the book and look at the illustrations!

anonymous to seems to be comprised of people with both good and bad intentions. but wouldnt expect that from a large group of anonymous individuals? some of them are doing it to push the revolution, while others are just doing it for the lulz. either way both sides are joining together just do destroy greedy entities. GO ANONYMOUS! dont call them pussies for wearing masks, its a dangerous world, and certainly not worth risking death and harassment from psychopaths

Wow. I can’t belive that you would come after anonymous like that. Do you think that this is a joke? There are so many companies out there doing much worse than anything that anonymous has done. Like in v for vendetta, the only way to make a stand is to stick together to make a greater impact on the world.

V was an awful movie. It was one of those movies that thought it was better then its viewers and is just snobbery itself. Its why no one said “you know what was a deep meaningful movie? … V for vendetta” no one says that because they know it was just a huge waste of talent on a story that has been written a million times. man stands up against authority, stupid people follow him, women gets too involved, man fleas his people to save “his ideals”, Casablanca scene. end of movie… fucking garbage…

so they are weak and powerless.

1. Even after you mention they took down a leading so called “cyber security firm.”, and further exposed wrong doing. They showed they are better hackers than shady government contractors. They didn’t do this for fun, they only did this after HB Gary went after them for fun, to stroke their egos, next point. HB Gary was planning using their services to discredit and attack people for hire to the highest bidder. They exposed everything. Its available online, for free

2. How do you stroke an ego when you don’t even have a name?? Sense make not I’m affraid.

3. I’d say anonymous has helped the middle east more than any government
Enough to earn the praise of egyptian protestors. They helped get the message out on egypt. what have you done?

4. cowardice for posting anonymously?? There is no such thing is a fair fight. Subversive advertising campaigns, “well poisoning”, political smear campaign, false flag attackers. Then we have the PR goons who determine what we think of “bad guy” and “good guy”. How brave are a bunch of corporations who pick on teenagers for fun and profit.

5. Anonymous represents the common joe in a world that increasingly doesn’t care about the common joe.

if the common man wants to be represented they do not destroy there own bank accounts. If the common man wants to be represented they do not take out there “justice” on a video game company. If the common man whats to represent itself it will not tie down its own natural resources and strike fear into its loved ones or create an uproar in its child’s community that sparks riots and hate crimes! annons are nothing but children given power and the first thing they did was fuck shyt up with it.

your satire sucks. it’s not insightful, it’s not funny, and it has nothing to do with eating poor irish babies. BOOO!

“you are cowards who sit behind computer screens and put your greatest efforts towards selfish pride instead of greater good” …please explain how that doesn’t make you a hypocrite.

Qwest shut me down for visiting AnonNews. ’nuff said.

a single act of a single individual is always known as an act of a single person. there is no way to hide when one man steps up. but one man can always hide in a group. even by me posting this without giving my real name I am showing that I’m here and not hiding behind my friends or family. all be it anonymously behind a PC can a PC not be traced? can my screen name not be defined threw this thread? by separating my name from any other distinguishing name I’m not hiding. you see my name you know my name. if you see it any ware else on this thread you know who I am. so all of you dumb fucks saying “your hiding behind a screen also” should just shut the fuck up. you are obviously to young to understand individuality. go play angry birds or something on your Ipads…

“They are not a group at all. Instead, they are a loose federation of loud mouths and hackers who mostly want to make a buck or achieve the goal of inflating their selfish pride-albeit anonymously.”

Don’t we all?

once a bunch of faggots dance around a bunch of signs spouting random shit they are regurgitating from some fat asspie on the internets, WEARING GUY FAWKES MASKS its hard to take that seriously.

March 11, 2012 at 5:20 AM · Reply
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remember anons and brothers, get trusted TRUST NO ONE. dont trust me or anyother hacker if you want to stay anonymous or you WILL end up like lulzsec

Ahahahahaha he was just running his mouth all over twitter tonight. Looks good on that stupid fuck. Hope the terrorist come and get his ass #JhadiMOTHERFUCKER$

AHahahaha that this thread still relevant, and how ironic…lol ge0fag! Renting space ppl’s head since 2006 xD

HA, HA. Yes! V for vendetta was such a horrible movie. Even film buffs knew that. They thought they were being sophisticated by using that image. As if they were deep and meaningful. but in the end they were just as pathetic as that movie was. There was no depth to the story, just foolish petty pride.


one can take the anon metaphor as a copout or a veil of mystery to protect frailty but to do so would be ultimately narrow minded.. were talking about system dynamics here. The nervous system of humanity is the social dialoge of society, what are people talking about. what are the ideas that permeate the subconscious of the majority? It is much easier for the average mind to think of an individual, a severed visage because they are a character in a story and so their emotionality becomes the focus and all meaning is boiled off. But ideas! Ideas are much simpler and more complex, universally applicable, the philosophers subject and medium is the life of his mind in the first place. Anon activism does not aim to change your opinion or to your alliance or your money or any of that trivial dribble.. it’s about provoking open reflective non dogmatic thought process. we just want you to stop being so goddamn lame!! No one will lead the revolution you see, anonymous is a thought organism, an antivirus that empowers the individual regardless of the weight of society on his straining ego.

Who wrote this. It’s comical how he tries to take simple words and make them sound smart. Who the hell says “firstly”… He goes on to say… “I feel it is a wholly weak and pitiful trait of humankind that we must hide our identities to speak our mind or to take action. I believe anonymous is comprised of weaklings who take action in fear and would not do so if they did not believe they could get away with it anonymously” In light of what we know today, this really makes him look like a dumb ass.

hello i’m asking kindly that you take this down, if i do not see change within 3 days i will take action
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.

you are anonymous.
you are trivial,
you are pathetic,
you are irrelevant,
you are gutless,
you’re a bunch of pussies…

…and you make NO difference whatsoever.
to anybody.

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