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American Pickers stars “come out of the closet”


HOLLYWOOD-Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, stars of the History Channel’s American Pickers television show, have raised eyebrows in the past with their a-little-too-close relationship and outright disdain for stunning co-star Danielle Colby Cushman. On Monday, the pair “came out of the closet,” in the hopes that fans would understand their choice of sexuality.

Mostly, the Pickers have not been disappointed. Fans have started a campaign on Twitter under the hashtag #SupportPickers, and many members of the LBGQT activist movement have issued statements of support.

Of course they're gay.

Cushman, who is often taunted and belittled by the Pickers despite her staggering beauty and quick wit, said “I knew it all along, but never said anything because of their miserably fragile egos. I guess they’re stronger than I thought!”

Fritz, the submissive “bear” and megapowerbottom of the couple, has mostly “retreated into his oil can collection,” as rumors of a negative and unsupportive family have spread widely across the Internet. Wolfe, however, seems upbeat and optimistic, just like he always does on TV. Wolfe said, “We’re going to keep on picking, but if you hear a little more lisp when we’re trying to haggle with gays, you’ll know that we aren’t actually just pandering for better prices.”

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Hey just a question why is it that any one that doesn’t believe in being gay and doesn’t like the lifestyle just about every gay person I have ever met said it’s because we are secretly gay that’s very offensive to straight people and really makes me angry you choose to be gay and I choose to be straight and using a rainbow for your symbol God made that for a beautiful thing not for the life some people have chosen to live

I love you! I’ve been saying that my whole life! Fags always fuk w straight men,saying they’re in the closet,and it’s nothing but trying to make their insecure selves,feel better about the whacked out choice they made! I love how they’re like black folks,n always trying to draw attention to themselves! WTF?

What difference does it make i still enjoywatching the show .I have learn alot from watching the show.My name is ruben,I’m a retired contractor now I buy& sell stuff. May God bless both of yous.

They should b ashamed of themselves, but not because they like to blow eachother while driving. They fuck people lft n rt! They know these people just want their15 min of fame,n alot of them don’t seem too bright,to begin! They’re from Iowa,which means they know how alot of these people think,n they race to take advantage!!! Peter puffer’s,…lol! Oh,n daneille,…if u like it? I mean you’re a sharp,intelligent woman,…i wish you didn’t think ur body was a billboard! You surround urself w same,n it’s a good thing,i guess

Hey anonymous, i luv u 4 showing me im nt completely fkn nutz! I’m w ya,every step of the way! Everything u said,is spot on! Even worse,is when u have a black male,that’s light in the loafers,puertoricans! WOW!!!

Do you know how ignorant you sound I can tell you don’t have to much education and you sit at home talk about gays Hispanic people blacks So if not mistaken sounds like your head is shaved and your upset that hitler never won the war I guess on judgement day you will look at god and tell him how wrong he is for letting all those different types of people live in the world and it’s not your fault that you have so much hate and all the bad things you have done because I would bet you have and I bet you would smack a young kid across the face like nothing but you would tell god it’s his fault not yours right but just think how when your old how people are going to treat you in the nursing home while you lay there every day by yourself waiting to meet god so you can tell him what you think good luck with that

First off…i’de ride danielle till hell freezes over! As for you i think you’re a carpet munching bull dyke lesbian so shut the fuck up! Frank looks like a short,fat cum guzzler! Mike is definitely queer as a three dollar bill! I’ll bet they take turns as “top”!!

So let’s see you are telling everyone off using all your low vocabulary but let’s think about this you talk about how they suck and swallow and other stuff you know so much about but you don’t miss a episode and I bet you wouldn’t go on social media and put your picture with your real name and say stuff like this but even though I don’t know you I would bet you love committing on sites like this and rant and talk a lot of shit but so people don’t know it’s you and you hate a black person for what reason oh because they are not white same with Hispanic people and you are so offended by a gay person but not a lesbian and you have degrees and study’s you have done showing all gay people just woke up one day and said oh I am going to be gay now you’re really a very ignorant person with nothing but hate inside but no balls to say stuff like that out in the public but I know you can’t help for be ignorant inbred hateful person good luck trying to be happy in life.

I am straight male but ignorant people like you always say god does this or that or he hates gays have you spoken to god one on one I don’t think so and when it’s your time for judgement and he tells you you were wrong to hate someone for being gay and they don’t just say oh I want to be gay no they are born that way doctors will tell you and I don’t think god will be very happy with you I mean you hate people just because they are gay that is so wrong and if I was a betting person and I did study psychology and I have never met you I would bet you are a republican very out spoken on things you have never study and no prove but you have so much hate inside but will go to church on Sunday and that makes all you do ok but would you stand up in your church and honestly tell them of the things you say on here and other post you have done no and if anyone disagrees with you well they are such an asshole and your never going to talk to them again and oh how much you hate me because I have never met you or talk to you but figured you out so easily but all the people you think agree with you but you have never talked to them or say stuff like that while you are talking to them because most of them would not care for you and your beliefs your just a hateful nasty person with a lot of issues of your own.

Annonimous? The only ones that hide under that umbrella ate cowards, snitches and those with a bag of skeletons in their closet.
I declare..

I hope you are not the person I’m thinking of. You are not perfect, all sin is the same thing.. If you are a christian you should have told them that GOD loves them all and they are welcome to join a church to learn.. If you think you are perfect. You are wrong . I’m not condone ing this I’m try ing to get the point across.

I would not attempt to question anyone about their beliefs. But when you are looking to help people whom you judged have sinned, no need to go any further than your church. Church is rampant with Sins in the name of God, Jesus, church, organized religion. How many wars have been fought, the innocent killed, spouses killed, vows ignored, etc etc all while making sure they show their Church or religious face in the name of organized religion. Wake up and open your mind and learn a little. It’s easy for you to pick on a person who is open and honest their sexuality and present yourself as having the answer in your judgement of him. Why don’t you take up your battle with targets that aren’t publicizing themselves. What is behind the curtain is far worse than some homosexual guy who publicizes his preference.

Careful that satan those no bite your tongue….Religions do not cause the killings . Only the minds of wild people blinded by greed …

Dj, one last comment. If you found out your pastor was screwing several women in your church, would you personally confront him? I bet not. Of course if he mentioned it on a forum like this, you would.

What bible did you. Not read?! Man shall not lay with Man! Wtf? Seriously,it’s inyour face everywhere! In n out, electrical cords,n outlets-male and female ends! Starting to get it,fruitcake?

This was in the book of the Leviticus. In those days male prostitution was the law of the land. So go figure.

The Christ left two commandments…
LOVE THY GOD YOUR LORD with all your heart, mind and soul…
And your neighbor as you love yourself.
These two covers The 10 Commandments and 613 laws, in the old Testament.
Who is my neighbor?
The Human Race…..

Ppl like most of u guys on here are so fucking ignorant and most likely gay ur self. I’m straight but I support any one who’s is just trying to be happy. Get over yourself and ur miserable boring life’s. Let ppl be what and who they wanna be without judgment. I’ll tell u what those ppl that u call fags can prob kick your ass haha lmfao

It seems like you no a lot about the Bible and quotes from it I believe there’s a few you might have missed for your own interest like casting the first stone or about throwing stones in a glass house or not judge unless thee be judge and if you won’t I can give you a lot more that shows you are the wrong one but I don’t need to but I am sure on your judgement day you will debate it with your maker and tell him he is wrong and you might want to read the original bible the Old Testament a lot got changed to to go with the church’s believes and mans so they don’t fill bad when they do things like your doing but one day you will tell your maker what you believe is right and you are not going to listen to him well try and enjoy your hateful fulfilled life.

I have been a huge fan of the show American Pickers for years, oftentimes going on binges for hours (sometimes into the wee hours) enjoying this show. I love the banter between the guys and have never questioned their sexuality;what business is it of mine, and who cares? Good for you Mike and Frank for coming out. I wish you much happiness. I am an openly, proud gay man. I have been the target of the homophobic right wing, but for the most part I have been accepted and supported for who I am. I have never hid my sexuality, and for me, this has been the best way to live my life. To each his own. I was surprised and disappointed that you guys “despise ” Danniel. It’s not apparent on the show. Please pray that you can accept and love her no matter what your differences are. KEEP ON PICKING. I’ll be watching.


Well I think instead of you wasting your time hating every one you don’t agree with or because they are not as miserable as you are I think you would have a whole lot more fun if you went to night school and learn how to spell some of the words right that you are wanting to say and maybe build your vocabulary some because you only know a few words that are not profanity and the I keep hoping while I am reading your words, I am like please let him spell his next curse word have right so I can piece it together to know what you are saying and look then you could go on so many other sites and just cuss every one out and know you spelled your words right and that you learned a few more good job guy think about it

U do know your a fucking idiot right. It’s narrow minded fucks like u that makes this an ugly place to live. Fucks like u need to fall off the face of this world. Peace out u dumb straight fucker. Oh FYI, most the haters are haters cause there actually gay.

Hi this is Mike Wolfe from American pickers , I can’t come pick your honey hole , were really just gags in a van and the show is fake

Happy that is…you are in the closet. Those that hate want. If you know what I mean. You must be s hick. I declare…

They should b ashamed of themselves, but not because they like to blow eachother while driving. They fuck people lft n rt! They know these people just want their15 min of fame,n alot of them don’t seem too bright,to begin! They’re from Iowa,which means they know how alot of these people think,n they race to take advantage!!! Peter puffer’s,…lol! Oh,n daneille,…if u like it? I mean you’re a sharp,intelligent woman,…i wish you didn’t think ur body was a billboard! You surround urself w same,n it’s a good thing,i guess


WOW, Lee….. how did you ever find time from your Brain Surgeon studies to come up with such a brilliant response…….. In case you havent crawled out from under your rock lately, people are different and could very possibly share different sexual prefferences other than your simple little brain can fathom…….. Get a life and keep your jdgement and fould language to yourself. If the show offends you……change channels you MORON……..!!!!!

Lol ! Im just here for the entertainment…Oh & by way Danielle is hot so throttle back buddy Or maybe stay in gour prim & propper whatever it is HA HA !!! You should listen too Ceres Haggin sniwlake generation !!!! Seriously lighten up !!!

Awwww angry little boy is afraid of gay people. No wonder the US stomped the shit out of your ancestors so effortlessly ??

i knew mike an frank were homos ,,, with a woman who looks like Danny d working so close to those guys a straight men would would put her on a plate an eat her with some biscusits

And I am so sure you go out every night and say that to all the women and they can’t believe they have never ran into you before and they are beating on your door all day and into the night I mean dam now I know what to say to women right but now let’s be honest most women laugh at you or in your face and when you finally do con one it’s some scanke that know one would want to be seen with or so fat that your in her fat roll but she doesn’t want to tell you and hurt your feelings and let you know that your tiny pecker isn’t in yet because you’re crying

The show sucks! I always thought there was more going on in that van..little pudgy lard ass frank was sucking mikes cock going down the highways!!Are you taking turns being “top” or is Frank getting fucked exclusively? Does he squeal or grunt??? BORH MIKE AND FRANK ARE ASSHOLES ANYWAT! tHE BEST PART OF THE SHOW IS DANIELLE…Make a porn version with her!!

I love how losers like you come up with such name as super cock Vick does that mean Vick likes cock and I would bet any amount of money you have never had a hot woman and what you think of as hot that you have had most guys would not look at but I’ve noticed for the most part guys like you when you do show your self your chubby and women walk by you like your not even there and you have very few friends that’s why you come on sites and give yourself names like that because your such a looser people lie to you and say their busy or what ever because they don’t want to be around you and women laugh at you


Them pecker pickers came and picked my garage the big powerbottem bear kept hinting at if I would drop a load in a few oil cans hed up the price so I did him one better and me Mike and my neighbor gave him a circle jerk and frosted him and the two oilzum cans he overpaid for

Powerbottem frankie fritz here , anyone reading this needs to know I’m stuck in the closet today with Mike ramming me full of hot man gravy and I’m filling up my oil cans with every reach around

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THIS ARTICLE IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT! Shame on the author for outright lies! These 2 men are not gay! Mike Wolfe is dating a FEMALE MODEL by the way. What a raggedy piece of trash this website is. U can’t even call this journalism. True journalism is dead…just like this website.

I think that the show is very entertaining and i have always wondered if they were gay…but it doesn’t matter the show is really good…just keep on keeping on

I have a wonderful son and his partner whom I adore. They are kind, caring and good to their mothers. Mike and Frank are polite, respectful and honest. A lot better than the Pawn Shop bunch! I have watched American Pickers and always admired their integrity, humor and goodness.
Happy they are on and always like their “pickings.”

San Diego

10 out of 10 for the observation. -10 for the omissions. They are funny,honest, successful, entertaining, likeable, brave. ………
Shall I go on???

Straight like a bobby pin, I bet you dream at been Ms Unisex. Little pickle up the whistle…

Homosexual is a sin and being a homosexual and participating in homosexual acts is a’ for sure thing of Hell bound. May you all repent of your sins for excepting this sin that is sweeping this land and destroying the moral fibers of what our founding fathers, established and sacrificed. They established christianity and a covenant with our heavenly father our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, if you call yourself a Christian and you are excepting this into your life and your country you may want to think about who do you serve the creator or the creature.
May God have mercy on your soul’s and on this country

U have to go to school,usually! I don’t think it bothers them. I don’t think they know,or care about punctuation! They can’t even speak english,it’s ebonix! Help!!!

Listen we are not idiots. Do you think about rite and wrong. Is it OK for someone to take from you or hurt you or your family. Do you Love anyone. Love is only through God. And that’s good . So I hope you change your mind . send me an email any time you are interested please, maybe we can talk more. I only tripped accross this site, looking for stuff for my house and shop.. If you have been abused there is help for you too..

So Sry for you if you feel your choice is so right by trash talking Christian people then maybe really rethink your own life style God gives us choices we all sin every day why is it that gay people get so pissed? Because they know what they are doing is really sick

Hey dumdass, GOD created us this way. I did not choose this lifestyle. I was born this way rather u 2ant to believe or not. Your the haters and your the one that will burn in hell.DUMB STRAIGHT FUCKER

God doesn’t make mistakes being gay lesbio transgrender is a choice God gives us choices we make our own lives

I thought ‘being tolerant and forgiving to others’ was a big thing in Christianity.
Show your tolerance, show how good natured god fearing folk can be. I thought God was an all-welcoming and all-loving kinda god.
Or is that just for straight white folks?

If they’re gay. Let them be gay. I couldn’t give a rats ass if they’re gay. They make an interesting, inoffensive tv show that’s successful.

What business is it of yours what they do in their private life.

In private you might beat your wife, or be a secret alcoholic. You might be a good christian, but that doesn’t automatically make a good person. We all have skeletons in the closet.

Who the hell are you to judge? What kind of christian does that make you – casting the first stone, eh?

Luckily for everyone there’s no such thing as God. No heaven or hell either and sin is a man-made construct. People can live their lives just how they want to and as long as they aren’t hurting anyone it’s no ones business but theirs. So enjoy your lives everyone. Just try to not be shitty to others.

Because all who go to church or preach are all innocent. Go watch the movie SPOTLIGHT and see what a lot of these religious degenerates do to innocent children and the numerous sinners who are wolves in sheeps clothing but think they are holier than thou just because they attend church and preach the loudest. I would say a lot of these bible thumpers such as yourself are the real problem because supposedly God loves all of his children despite how they choose to live their lives. People like you make this world a disgusting place to live in nowadays. Why don’t you go on a witchhunt and go burn somebody at the stake you archaic ignorant jackass. And if you are going to talk so much garbage then put your name behind your words you coward.

Did Christ the Lord chastize with such vile rhetoric.
The Roman Centurion came and ask The Lord if he could cure his “Pais” The lord said , ” Let’s go to your house to cure your “pais”. The Centurion responded. ” sufficient be your word and he will be healed. TheLord said, ” I have never seen such faith in all Judea, Go your servant id healed” the Centurion left with gladness in his heart.
To you, chastizer of hell. I have use the word Pais as it is in the original Greek Text. Pais it is not a servant but a youngster that serves his older master in more than one way. In return love, nurturing and teachingd in all subjects pertaining math., sciences, literature. Please go an educate yourself. And instead of been such a blasfemous thing, become a good member of the society you live in.

I think are maker is going to have a lot to say to someone like you using his name and the Bible when you pick and choose what you want out of the Bible you don’t remember it says that your not to judge because your not god and what it says about all the foul hate you have and not to cast the first stone and I bet you will find out all what you are doing and all of your hate you will have to pay for it you really need to read it because you will find out your going to have to repent for a whole lot that you think your right about

Yeah it is a good show. Mike is married. And got a girl so how is be gay..I don’t think so.. I don’t know about

Who cares if they are or not. Shows great and educational and the guys are funny. Would love to take a roll in the hay Danielle! :-)

This is ridiculous! There is no indication to ME that they’re any more than friends! Certainly not gay men! Leave them alone. If you want someone to be gay, go do it yourself! For you above who think it’s so great, there are your counterparts out here who believe it’s not okay, is, in fact, evil. Why? The Bible says so! Ever try reading it? Maybe you should.

Bible?!!! Don’t make me laugh you idiot. The Bible tells us that Adam and Eve were the first people on earth. It also states that they had only sons. It also states these sons had kids…. with who if there was only one woman???? Is it incest? Or did Adam and Eve have any girls??? Oh wait wouldn’t that still be incest. The Bible hahaha biggest book of Bullshit and Chinese whispers. And where did they find 12 guys in the middle east with guys called David,Peter,Paul,Matthew,Luke, John???? Not very traditional MIDDLE EASTERN names are they.

I like the show and it don’t matter if they are gay they have a right to be happy . I’m on my forth marriage my self . And I’m not happy yet . Keep up the good work

This has GOT to be true. It is on the Internet.
Hey Frank, hey Mike. Still got the shirt and the mug you sent me thru Arch. Digest years ago…I wear both of them every day.

P.S. to Smart Woman below: I hope you don’t have any kids, because THE BIBLE says in Deuteronomy if they sass you, you have to take them downtown and have them stoned to death.
Long live Mike and Frank and LGBTQ

I knew these guy were gay all along. They probably do each other in back o the truck. I would never watch this show with these two fruitcake. Without them the show would be great, they just ruin it.

I am so hooked on the show and enjoy the banter and personalities of everyone on the show!!!! Can’t wait for the new season to start and could care less if they are or are not gay. Just wish they were nicer to Danielle.

just discovered the show on netflix, could tell by the back breaker episode on season 1 but wasn’t sure, googled it and came here. meh. good show.

I knew they were faggots because they look like they want to fuck each others mouths everytime they look at each other I for one won’t stand for this from this day forward I will be sitting outside their shop holding a sign that reads “FUCKING FAGGOTS” they will read it and go home and blow each other and probably order a donkey show in their gay living rooms and try to partake in the wonderment that is a donkey show

Wow, if ever there was a closet gay man screaming out loud to be fucked in the mouth, as you so desperately put it, its this guy.

Dude, just come out, you’ll feel better.

Then you can go down to your local truck stop, put some lippy and a wig on and just go for it with a couple of rough old boys in the glory hole out back, just like you’ve so obviously been fantasising about.

Hah. Deluded.

As a heterosexual, gun-owning, whiskey-drinking, patriotic and God-fearing man…all I have to say, is who gives a shit? For all you bible thumping retards and assholes, Twinks dont choose to be gay. Its genetic and part of the natural variation in the human condition. Do not get me wrong – I am no advocate for homosexuals. I am not for gay marriage. Personally I find them disgusting. None the less, its not a moral issue.

I am sick of hearing about gay stuff – it just is not important. I dont run around telling everyone “hey, I like to fuck women!” I dont want to hear people telling me that they get off shoving thier dicks up each others assholes. Its just gross and irrelevant.

I love this show and wish them the best. Ill still tune in for every episode. If it is true lets just hope they find happiness and peace down the roads they travel. The show hasnt changed. We just got a peek behind the door, thats all.

So heres the deal,
one day I was hangin around in my antique shop and in walks mike n frank. At first I was amazed at the fact they were there. Then they handed me that piece of paper they hand everyone on the show about what they are looking for as pickers. The thing that you dont see watching the show is what is actually written on that paper. it says this….”Hello we are Frank and Mike, we are looking for odd items that you may have for sale 1.A two foot long black dildo 2.someone with huge hands to fist us 3.someone to pick my dick 4.other cocksmoochers to join us in our fagavan 5.directions to a gay bar. I found it odd and could only offer them each a punch in the mouth. ………………………………this is just a joke so dont get all emotional and queer on me. I know these dudes are not gay,I know them from real life.Lies and jealousy are part of this shit society we live in. Those guys are now rich n famous and they are cool as icecream. fuck all you jealous bitches

Not that it matters, but they’re not gay. There is an NY Times article where Mike is interviewed and talks about his 17 year long relationship with his girlfriend. So this is BS.

Both Mike and Frank have girl friends. Mike has dated his girl friend for years. Frank has a steady girl friend too. They have known each other since the 8th grade in Junior High School and ARE NOT GAY. Please stop these rumors.

No, they are not gay because they both have girlfriends. You guys are just jealous on how famous they are and that thier TV show gets like 5 million views per week so I’f you dont know them personally, don’t say anthing

Who cares what Mike and Frank are the FACT is this show and these guys are cool my only disapointment is that I dont have a barn or garage full of stuff to sell these guys. So all you negative people get a life!!

I have a life but it’s not a gay life I don’t know if these guys are gay but shame on them and shame on all of you guys and girls who are excepting this sinful Act

Maybe it’s the other way around guys….1. That article link that was posted is from early last year where as this is new….2 if you fallow them on twitter u will find out that it is true that they’re gay….maybe you homophobes out there are just upset that you’ve been watching and enjoying some gays…or you just refuse to believe that anyone you think as manly or cool can be gay….grow up and get over yourselves.


In response to in breeding …….. Talk about being a closed mind dickhead! By trying to stereotype Ky people as you do shows the typical liberal bastard you are. You get offended by someone’s response and yet you attack another group of people. Being from KY I dont care if they are gay. They are great on the show. You are the one who needs a 2by 4 shoved up your ass!! Maybe that will open your mind up since you seem to b sitting on it. But to be more clear……. Go fuck yourself.

Frank likes Mike’s pearl necklaces. Mike like Frank’s dirty sanchez and cleveland steamers. They starred in “two guys one cup.”

those who believe that being gay is a choice and god damns people to he’ll for it, obviously don’t realize that they themselves are going to hell. One day I was thinking, hmm, why would god damn someone to hell, when he made it so that they love the same sex? People say, “oh, they have to avoid that temptation.” O.K. So, your basically saying your tempted to be gay and but you have to avoid it. personally think it’s gross to be gay, bu people like it, so whatever, good for them. I’m not going to ruin my day over knowing gay people are out there. I partially believe that te bible is filled with corruptions and lies, and I’m open for ideas on he whole “god” subject…. But why is it that god would give all these powers to people and visions and shit…. Why not now? And I’m pretty sure god has his own secrets and other shit that he just didn’t feel like writing in the bible, if there was a true one.

Point being you don’t know shit, I don’t know shit, nobody knows shit about what they think thy know, so why go around being an ignorant asshole to people for no reason? Seriously, what makes you “god” and gives you the power to say what’s wrong and right? If they’re gay so what? But the Internet is open to everybody to do whatever they want, form fake articles for people to read, so it may be fake. NOBODY TRUELY FUCKING KNOWS.

Listen you are putting down southern people! Really appreciate your mentality that’s what the world is turned to. America was built on GOD . that is a great privilege to uphold. You have to read the book The Bible, study and understand. . I’m not judging you nor is any one else, gay, adultery, drunks, lieing, cheating, etc. All are sins. Realize that all have sinned against some one. Just realize that you can get to heaven if you believe in God. Try reading a little bit of the Bible. Give it a chance. I promise you that you can see so much more for your life.

I made love to Frank after we met behind the bowling alley. Tossing his dingle-berry salad was the single most inspiring moment in my life.

Never before have I ejaculated that much. In fact, I was able to top off one of his antique oil cans with my load he squeegeed out of his beard.

many of you are disgusting and this is why I hate people. it’s a stupid tv show and you all drool over it like you won the lotto. you wear a shirt everyday just because it came from those two geeks? you have issues. how can you not be judgemental these days when everyone thinks just because someone is on tv they are better then everyone else. it’s a stupid show- it requires zero talent. Nike laughs like a gay with a pole up his ass. these networks will put anything on tv now because they know idiots like you will watch it. so people that want good shows can’t find them anymore. I want real stuff like Criminal Minds, even Seinfeld although that’s now old and played out, but great when new, that was good stuff, took incredible talent to produce. this pickers shit is as lame as it gets. you people would watch a show about paint drying

are you serious? you’ve never heard something boring compared to watching paint dry? you must be kidding. nevermind.

The ignorance of some people just disgusts me… if you are homophobic then you obviously have some issues with being secure in your own sexuality! It is a great show in my opinion. Their sexuality doesn’t matter! It’s not a reality show about their relationship now is it!? If you don’t like them or the show don’t watch it and don’t read news about it! And above all keep your ignorant discriminating comments to yourself… must be bored people!!!

They arent gay if you go to the new york times website right below this piece of shit website it givseca biography of mike wolf in wich it says he lives with his girlfriend in an apartment and frank has a wife this is fucking retarded and the guys up there bashing gays fuck you the only reason people like you ate alive is because murder is illegal so stfu

You shouldn’t believe everything you read.

Mike and Frank poked and proded on me like a worn out pair of Chinese fingercuffs. Anecdotal evidence you might say but they bored me out like an old 383.

all of u shut the fuck up u all gay because you all sit fighting in a article thats fake as fuck haha i know the person who made this fake article grow up hahaha noobs u all just jelly bc u cant get yo daddy or ya momma or ya sister or brother to fuck u grow up act ur ages not ur nose size

i didn’t say that to add validation to your pathetic story. i was just saying i thought, still think they are gay. your words had no influence

Ur momma, you must be the most stupid person in the world your spelling, your grammar, and above all your just plane ignorance, before you bash anyone I advise you go back to elementary school and try to attempt to learn at least a third of what a typical 12 year old knows

Don’t hate on guys that you have watched regularly for the last 2 years. I knew i wasn’t the only Gay Guy Bus Driver.

The American Pickers are NOT gay. For instance, today Frank was into the local hardware store where i work with his WIFE.

Oh yes, honey! They are gay as hell. I want to get in the middle of them and get gouged and gored, until my butthole bleeds.

The bearded butterball drops doodee logs in his pants until his butt is smeared with brownButter. This disgusting act gets the couples love van reeking and gets “slim Whitman” a major hard-on.

I heard rumors about them getting nude sitting on the toilet, facing each other and takin a dump while making out and giving full mouth kisses to one another.

That hairy faced hefty boy so enjoys drinking the HOT Man-Aise from “String-Beans” tasty weiner.

you must be one of KILGOAR’S socks, you talk as sick as he does. I can’t stop looking at little girls on youtube. I’m a sick fucker and un-block john thiessen who is one of six people who post on here LOL you win again I’m a fucking perv

(¦-}> RiG Veda loves you, and so do I <{-¦)
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John THiessen

If u dont like it don’t watch it. It’s a great show n I watch it religiously. The only morons I see r the ones bashing these to guys. Misery loves company. Get a life

God bless ya, Frank & Mike! And especially Danielle! Your show is THE GREATEST on the tv tube, and,…it’s educational, too. I’m REALLY getting in to antiques, and finding out what’s hot and what’s not.
Keep up the good work……ALL of you.

Peace and Love,


All the antique dildos are in their private collection. That fatboy takes it up his Fat Ass!!

Just more faggots and their vile disgusting behavior. Homos are mentally ill and should be locked away. AIDS mother fuckers.

This story should be embarassing to the writer as it is total fabrication. Apparently, accurate reporting isn’t an important factor in his writing. Unfortunately, your readers actually would appreciate stories with some truth in them otherwise, it is a waste their time. There are many things to report that don’t need to be made up, try it sometime, you’ll feel better about yourself.

I hope some of those commenting above don’t represent a cross-section of real Americans. If so, then we’re in big trouble. Bill & PenisBreath need to look within at why they hate people they don’t know. In my life’s experience, the ones who hate homosexuals the most many times turn out to be homosexuals themselves. A wiser man knows that when you focus on hate, you only steal a little of your own happiness. It’s ironic because those being hated often don’t care that you hate them, while it’s eating you up from the inside, and you don’t even know it. Call it hidden justice – kind of a boomerang effect. Maybe it’s God’s plan. Lovers are happy – haters are miserable.

Bless you rev, can I confess my gay sins to you late one night ? Followed by a “special” blessing in the confessional afterwards? (Many huggies and kissies till then)!

Is it possible that there’s a new SEO algorithm that directs morons to this site when they do a search? It’s hard to believe that there are so many ignorant & low-class comments combined in one place. 1.) Mike is not gay unless he invented his girlfriend of 20 years. She’s named in this article – 2.) If he were a homo, who would care except for small-mided fuckwads who want to stick their nose (or small penis) into someone else’s business? If only there was an IQ test you had to pass before posting a comment. Almost all of you are fucking morons. I must be almost as stupid for reading your bullshit (although a couple of the really rude comments were funny). All of you fag haters are probably circus-freak ugly, chipped-tooth, greasy-haired, fat-assed sweathogs. I doubt anyone, male or female, would want to have sex with you so go ahead and say what you want about those who are successful at life.

Justin, that was spoken like the true faggot that you are. Ever had any dick that tasted better than your daddys?

hey justin when did trsh picking become “your lifes work” and how the hell does that make them “sucessful” ? because they are to stupid or lazy or just freakin greedy to do anything that contributes to society? LIKE YOU? jackoff

These two buttPirates love spending time on the road and spending the night in seedy hotels. That skinny one tells the portly one “Hey fatty, bend it over cuz Ima gonna booger ya butt!”

The show might be fake but their gayLove for one another is not. Never have I seen to men so much in love. From what I understand the chubby boy is a great bottom and always ready to please his lover, in back of the truck or where ever. “Slim”, at least once per day, will fill his chubbyBoys plump ass with Hot ManGravy.

I hear they have a secret stash of hot sexy manLove videos and sexy shower scenes. Stay tuned to this sexy male homo couple and maybe we will get to see the kiss or see Slim pull out of chubbyBoys ass, only to release torrents of brown gravy.

I love AmercianAssPickers and now that they have come out of the closet I love them even more. Being on my knees and sucking those “hogs” would be divine!

What the fuck is your problem? Seriously, you’re gay for me. I know that you REALLY like me for making fun of the American Pickers, I get it. But PLEASE. Stop. Now.

All this American Pickers talk about “Honey Holes” is getting me all hard. I wanna see the slim one plow fattys sweet molASSes hole. I also notice slim loves to put his arm about fatty!! How HOT is that!

Only a repressed homosexual would go to the same American Pickers Gay article on a daily basis to make these kinds of comments.

Why is it that every fags fallback defense is to say anyone who hates them is a closeted fag or something along those lines? Face it you faggots can have all the human rights you want, doesn’t affect me, but to expect the rest of to change our minds ain’t cutting it. Being a fag is not natural. Nature has males and females for one reason, to be with each other and procreate. Notice I didn’t say God here. Faggots are a freak of nature, a mistake. You may be here, we may need to live with you but you have no right to demand we like it. We’re free to think what we want about you pillow biters!

I enjoy the scenes where these two butthole Surfers enter some dark, dank, smelly barn. Its so tittilating to think that at anytime the skinny boy may pull down fattys underpants and rumble his asshole until its raw and fatty is crying.

I want to go “picking” with them and run a train until jism is spewing into my mouth and anusHole!!

Nah man! The american pickers aint poofters.. I seen a show where mike buys a naked woman water bottle.. No faggot assed mofo would buy that, thats straight up hetero shit right there.. They both suck satans cock anyway

To all you faggot haters out there——-I hope you catch your son with an antique cock in his mouth…maybe Grandpas. So the guys not only like to pick with each other, they also like to dick with each other. Poor heterosexual America. Still having problems dealing with reality. And this is a reality show. As a matter of fact, all there is are reality shows. Figures. Wake up, Americans ! Hate Sucks and so do you. Remember you can be or do anything you want. It’s a free country. This is an American speaking. Take your close-minded self and go back to Nazi, Germany you racist filth.

Hey Fuzzy Buzzy, you may be queer…you may be here…it may be reality, but there’s all sorts of reality out there that people disagree with, don’t like or flat out hate and are entitled and free to do so. I would say aversion, hatred, disgust, etc. for gays is a reality that YOU need to deal with too ya poo packer! You’re free to tamp turd and we’re all free to think fags are warped and mistakes of nature. Just keep your hands off of boys under 18 buddy!

Mik woof.. bet he woofs down on fatboys little pecker.. what a bunch of stupid fudgepackers.. look at this frankie an antique dog turd.. will u take $500 and a hot carl.. sure.. i bet i can get a million dollars and 3 dirty sanchezs… awesome

I am a hetero but somehow have amazing gaydar. I have known that these two are gay from the very first segment of a show that I was bored and/or drunk enough to actually try to watch. I think the show is one of the most boring ever. However, I have caught myself watching this show at some weird hour drunk as fuck. It does have its moments. I think that Danielle chick is BANGING. She is the best part of the show. I would tear that poosie up!!! BTW: Danielle, get at me.

If those two are gay, let them be gay. It happens. Gay happens. Get the fuck over it. But, they really shouldn’t be so lovey-dovey touchy-feely on the show. I am not a homophobe but I do get sick of TV these days. Way too much up-in-your-face gayness on almost every network. It gets old.. really.

Go! American Buttpickers! Go!

Take if from someone who knows. These boys are getting in the back of that truck for some hot AssPlowing…absolutely.

Now now faggot its not ower fault u doggie style fat frankie and uses got found out uses are the most dummest fuckers i have ever seen fucking rip everyones stuff fuck u u fairys

I think both gayAssPickers are extremely cute. I want to see them fucking one anothers hairy buttholes.

The fat guy Franky is the bitch. The two of them in the woods with Mike plowing Frankie’s ass is like the scene in Deliverance with Ned Beatty! “C;mon frankie git yo ass up in them woods and scaweeeeeal, squeeeeeal, weeeee weeeeee piggy!”

To all the sorry pathetic people that have to say crap about gay people, are nerds man ,I’m a straight guy and what people do is there business.The shows awesome , Danielle is a sweetheart:) You guys need a body guard? Look me up , I’m from Oregon City ,Oregon and have Facebook .Guys keep up the good work! Dustin

Great show, guys. And thanks for having the guts to come out of the closet and endure the stupid comments from bigots like those above.

I totally agree!! I love the show and if they are gay so what!! You don’tsee the straight stars standing their saying, oooh, I’m straight! That’s because it has absolutely no bearing on the show! Keep up the good work guys and I share your passion for collecting and ignore the narrow minded gits comments because we can’t hold their stupidity against them.

They both are cute but I like that chubby boy. Would love to pull down his underpants and plunder his ass for a few “gold nuggets.”

Personally, I love the show but think the name should be changed to “American Peckers” or “American PeckerHeads”.

You know “Frankie”, as he is referred to by his male lover, enjoys a fudgepacking gangbang while stringbean is filling the tub with pee for their later on, LoversBath.

You all are a bunch of morons. Do you believe everything you read? Someone wrote it or it was on tv, it must be true. idiots!! Some 14 yearold punk who didnt have anything better to do made all you homophobes look retarded as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiots!!!!!!!!!!

this is a fake article,look at other search results,one of them says Mike has been with his girlfriend for 17 years

Mike and frank are gay I guess
nothing more nothing less
the gayest guys I ever knew.

Frank really likes the pain
When Mike rams him with his cain
Strait up his flabby butt.

Pa said there was no mistake
and knew his son wasnt strait
cuz dads wanker was on his mind.

i em straight and dont care what people do behind closed doors because the only way its my bussiness is if i was into joining in .

now all you fregin homofobic wannabees pull your cocks out of your ass and come out your self because if yous want to judge then maybe yous should try it hell a blow job is a blow job as long as there no beard sorry frankie .

now i em sick of homofobic hatered i see it all the time hell i know this guy is totaly against gays he hates them but then again he lives on the streets in toronto but then hes to is gay for pay .

ignorance is a lack of knowage educate your self s and get the fuck over it hate crimes are a form of bullying i hate bullys and i usaly try to kill them

another defender of the fag.why are you so hell bent on defending faggots we all know your a faggot go fuck yourself ! homosexuality is a filthy nasty pathetic way of life thats why most queers attempt suicide,but i must say i hate no one not even faggots

Frankies ass has been reamed out so much that his lover, Mike, must tie a 2 x 4 around his ass to keep from falling in.

danielle a stunning beauty ? What planet are you from ? Ftom her gross tatoos to her fat ass , she is a total dog . Arf Arf

Disgusting and utterly appalling content below. The comments deeply sadden me and leave a bad taste in my mouth ,not dis-similiar to the bad taste mike leaves in frankies mouth.
Please be respectful of people’s choices . I agree with Fred – one up the bum no harm done
Frank likes his oil cans but notice how he looks at them to make sure the hole is not too small so he can’t put his penis in
Mike likes frank to practice on the cans so mike gets the best experience

I would have never guessed this in a million years. I was shocked but I don’t care. They are great guys and this will knot affect me watching their show.
Love you guys, well not in a homosexual way lol

Keep Picking

I personally don’t believe they are gay. Danielle is bi. I think the two guys have experimented with gay men in the past to gain money to get where they are. I definitely wouldn’t leave any girl under the age of 18 alone with either one of them. I think they are closet coke heads, all of them. They have reached a point in their life where they try not to abuse substances and they no longer have to kiss gay men’s asses, they are out to get as rich as possible and become celebrities. I don’t blame them. The reason why everyone is so upset is they are making their dreams come true and you are jealous.

Interesting! I have my doubts about this rumor. What Mike and Frank do for a living is totally cool,and entertaining on T.V. Danielle alone is worth watching the show. What Mike and Frank do behind closed doors with each others fannies is none of my concern,nor should it be yours.

Frankie loves a good assRumbling. When Mike pulls out Frankie spews hotBrown buttGravy all in Mikes face.

I thought Frankie was little feminie, but couldnt pick they were both bent. There choice but it doesnt take away there passion for antiques or the show. What they do in there own personal life is not my business, i dont support it, but i like there show.

i think that a nice bear hug and ass thhummpin is funn don’t knock it till u try it roadhead is awsome brown ass gravy is good on pork and beans

Frankie makes me horny
When he bends over I want to pull it out and park it between his buns
One in the rear does not make me queer



Youre demented , were not gay i cant beleive what im seeing here im calling my lawyer
sincerely mike wolfe

those american picklers stopped by my olde barn one day , i also run a bed & breakfast they decided to stay the night , we had other guests that night , they all seemed to leave in a hurry that night the next morning i had realised the only thing they picked was the squash in my garden they brought it to there room and shoved it up each others asses all night the beastly man moans were so loud it woke up the neighbors and they live a half mile away

there was shit spray all over the walls and my bloodhound had been violated

lucky for us the tv network picked up the bill for the damages

I love when Mike pounds my “honey-hole”. Hell Im so loose that wearing adult diapers is now a way of life.


Ya…they always talking about the honey-hole, rumage around the basement, backdoor bobby, eating tossed salad, penis buffet, dick-delicious, dirk diggler and brown trouser snakes. That last one I think they are refering to nibblin on nigger dicks.

Cmon guys with the disrepectful comments, gay or straight you shouldn’t think of them any different. They make a damn good tv show to watch and I have nothing against the fact that they are gay. If your really going to stop watching their tv show just cause they are gay then go ahead but all your doing is just being a complete dumbass because many of the products that you most likely use in your house supports gay’s. For example Levi’s jeans,coca cola soda, and much more such as clorox. And to keep on going many stores support it too such as Costco, Starbucks, and Microsoft. So if your going to stop watching American Pickers just because they are gay, then you mine as well stop using all of those products you more then likely have that do indeed support gay marriage.

I like how all you hypocrites are defending these two cock smoochers. If these two want to pound each others asses then they should go for it but dont sit there and comment that it shouldnt matter if theyre gay or that you dont care. Youre a big ass hypocrite saying it doesnt matter or you dont care either way because you got here the same way the rest of us did by googling american pickers gay or frank fritz gay or whatever so if it truly did not matter as you claim you wouldnt have been looking this shit up to begin with.

the show is a scam , they contiually pass up items in the back ground that are way better than what they end up with, plus the get some items for way below current market values, it’s all put on for the story lines. as far as they being gay, not surprising, antique dealers are mostly gay, but they aren’t really happy.

These guys are not gay. This trashy internet rag wouldn’t be worth wiping my ass with if it was made of paper. what a load of crap. A little fact checking will reveal what a piece of shit this site is. Fuck you.

I am Nikes girlfriend and just letting you know I am only around to keep the gay issues off them. If you cannot tell they are gay and have to search to find this..ha ha

Tell Mike I will POP [IN FOR A LONG DISCUSSION] but please clean frankies [TROPHY COLLECTION]. He looks like a guy with a big [HUMMEL COLLECTION ] and frankie looks like he probably has [AN AFFINITY FOR ANTIQUE CARE].

I am Mike Wolfe annd I am Frank Fritz and we are the American Packers! You know what the worse thoing about this show is that they are are so fucking cheap, especailly Frankie Stankie. Frank will try as hard as he can to get another 5.00 bucks off and item and then they will show later they value the item at 3 or 4 times what they paid for it. Yes Frank, you are a cheap bitch and its a good thing the show is fake or else you would really be knocking on hells gate after all the people you would have ripped off and bitched about not being able to rip them off more! Bitch!

You all love making dramatic stories up about people you don’t know. Neither of the guys are gay. I’ve known them nearly all my life. No point in the truth since the truth isn’t part of your “fun” Their lives are much more interesting when morons start making up stuff. Get a life, you are acting like a bunch of middle schoolers that just heard a the word “dick” for the first time. wow.

just pulling your leg , i personally know the there really gay they just like to keep it far in the closet with thier antiques so the history chanel doesnt pull the plug !! turns out the chanel is owned by devout christians

if you get mike and frankie cum drunk thell pull out their antique dildo collection and let you clean their shit off with your tounge

I watch u guy and love all your shows. Could careless if u guys are gay. Guys this is 2012 if america needs get over the gay thing. Gays been around since BC. Love u guys keep picking.

First off this show should be called ” How to screw someone over” Secondly, They then have “balls enough” (well, at least one of them does) to brag how they screwed someone over, espically the older people, then brag about it!!!! ( I bought this for two dollars and I know I can get three hundred easily) ass faces!!!!

Well I’m glad it seems you’ve been reading your Barthes, but the quality of your comments remains IN THE GUTTER.

I pounded Frank’s ass, and Mike got mad because I shot a load to soon and didn’t pull out. What was nasty as hell, is when Mike started to fuck him right after I blew my load in him and got sloppy seconds! Frank needs to tighten up a bit though, it was kinda loose.

Gosh did not know there were so many sick people that even watch tv, figure they are out doing their thing, they are so wrong about Mike & Frank, at least they are out there working.

I’m going to do something about the pointless homophobia taking place from one user. You aren’t doing yourself any favors using multiple IPs. If this causes you to develop a new, more subversive – even undetectable – form of homophobia, then I will consider that a success, if this is what it comes to.

But I have to ask, because now I’m talking about it, now I’m addressing it, now I’ll ask: why, dude? Why are you so committed to the American Pickers homosexuality storyline?

That is some funny fucking shit the best warp minded fucking queer stories I’ve heard in a long time I love you Danny write me

Great show, Glad your out there doing it, Finally one show on tv I like to watch and it’s not about a race to win money. All I think when i see those kind of shows are get a job and you would not have to compete to win cash lol. Love you guys glad your out and proud.

モンクレー ダウンの今年の秋冬のファッションショーの中で、モデルさんはすごく素晴らしい動作をしました。今度の男性のファッションショーで。自然と犬との合作をよく併せて、すごく活用できる場面を演出してくれました。それで、Moncler Gamme Bleuらしい魅力を表してくれました。イギリスらしいチェック柄とレッドとグリーンをよく合わせて、見事にモンクレールらしい魅力を人に与えました。Moncler Mokaも今年も相変わらずに人に流行っていました。独特なデザインで、防寒性にも優れています。私は見るとすぐすきになります。

people please……. these guys are rakin in the cash,drivin around the country and gettin paid from the tv show and doin something they love…….pickin. all you sad sad lil wankers with your stupid ignorant comments need to relax. i mean these guys dont come down to your place of employment and tell you how to deep fry chicken do they? danny you sweet sexy thang, i would give a weeks pay just to hold you gorgeous.anytime your australia come knock on my door and ill show ya around town

I am fairly certain that this article is fake. I have read a article dated August 24th, 2012 from the NY Times that Frank and Mike are NOT gay. If they were gay, the NY Time would report it.

these two faggots need shot they tried to fuck big hoss ansd chumlee up he ass , me and th old man loved watching

This information is false-Mike actually in engaged to a gal in Nashville, and has a child born in early 2012. Dannielle has referenced either a child or children in the past.

Most reality shows are somewhat staged. However some of the items picked are indeed for sale in Mike’s Nashville, TN store.

This information is false. Mike has a fiancee in Nashville and has a child born in early 2012.

Most reality shows are somewhat staged. However, some of the items picked are for sale in Mike’s store in downtown Nashville, TN.

I dont give a fuck either way, Pickers is an awesome show. Love seeing – learning about American industrial revolution, folk art and old American pop-culture etc. Dannie D is cool as fuck and I’d totally do her. Some nice burlesque and roller derby pics of Dannie on the net. Google you bitches……Google!

I don’t believe Mike and frank are gay and even if it were true it ‘s their business. They both. Have great personalities. And it’s a great show to watch and the things they find are very interesting. It’s one of the best shows on Tv ! Leave them alone !

Rofl…i literally just typed into Google “are the american pickers gay?” -I’ve always had impeccable gaydar, and something, even though these guys don’t sound or seem gay, just didnt sit right….firstly, neither are married. I also noticed an uncomfortable silence or akwardness on the show whenever someone mentions relationships….the final naol in the coffin was today when I saw an episode where they were in New Orleans or somewhere, and the fortune teller tells Frank “youll always drive the person you re in relationship crazy”….frank and mike share a knowing glance and frank responds with “what about a business partner?” They always allude to each other whenever something of the sort comes up…

I think its great. It helps to break the gay stereotype in the media, and allows these guys to be themselves for once. I just hope the old codgers whos houses they pick dont catch wind….many seem to be the type who would disown their own kids if they were gay.

And my gaydar is tingling, pulsating and throbbing at your post, Chris. Yes, Im gonna say it…YOU, Chris, ARE GAY!!

Show me your taint!!

True fans have known this all along and don’t care. Thr guys bring us the magic of finding and telling the history of the items! I love antiques and am always fascinated about the stories attached to them. Not to mention the wonderful people they pick from. Keep up the good work guys. Your show is great and your personal lives are nobody’s business. I hope your show is around for many years to come!

omg,so funny that my mom asked me tonight about this, and it never even crossed my mind. WHO CARES?? I said i would google it just to see and am shocked actually. I love the show, love them all, and still dont care about any of their personal lives. Grow up to those who do.

I knew those two were faggots when I first saw the show….couple of fags, driving around, sucking cock in that van and then haggling old people out of their stuff.

Zebber you are reason why the world has so much hate. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself. Didn’t your parents raise you “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”.

Good for you Pickers!!!!!

Frank is an extremely queer homosexual.
He likes to rub motor oil on his fat nudity
and play with antique toys, while Mike
spanks him with a bicycle seat.. in a van
down by the river..

Yes, we are gay. Why do yo think Mike has a bad back? He threw it out while giving me a good ass
blasting. I like to bundle his balls.

I don’t really care for queers and had just as soon not be around them,But as long as Danielle stays on the show I,ll watch it for ever.

I’m proud of them for being courageous enough to be themselves. I love antiques and I love this show. I will enjoy it even more now because I see two people who love each other- and who in their right mind dislikes love???

It would be faux pas to give someone a hard time for their race, especially in a public forum. I don’t understand how it’s still acceptable to ostracize someone based on their sexual orientation. It’s ludicrous. It’s a choice to be straight just as much as it is a choice to be gay. Sure, you get to choose your sexual partners but you don’t get to choose who you find attractive. Everyone can relate to that.

You go boys!

I too am proud. I would love to ride around in their van and watch as they pull over, get in the back of the van and Mike pummels the hell out of Frankies hindquarters. Blasting Franks loss bowels full of hot ManChowder…mmm yummy!

And all this matters to who….their Life’s, and if their HAPPY, I’m in total support for them. To me Love is Love, Happiness is just that…. Please People do Not Judge…My wife and I just Love these guys and their show….Just Stop the BS Please People…..

Was watching American AssPickers today and Francis made the statement “Double team me, I love to be double teamed”.

I love them both but they are gay and will bust hell wide open after the worms are finished.

Love the show and the guys are awesome, as is Danielle…. some of these ridiculous comments are just laughable in this day and age….

I am stoked for the dudes! Pickers is my favourite show on History. I wish that society will stop makeing issues about personal prefs. I am glad they are happy. Forget about the negative and be cool-in-the-shade! Cheers from South Africa.

That’s really a revolting comment. But if that WAS true, it’s obviously where YOU crawled out of.

How so? The stuff is sitting there, of no use to anybody. These guys come around offer a decent price, the item is then taken out of it’s “prison” in the hopes of being enjoyed by someone else. Besides, they have expenses, (fuel, lodging, maintenance on the van, salaries etc), which figures into how much they can offer.

Your grammar is exceptional guys. Go to freaking school! Seriously the internet pisses me off so I compiled a shortlist of your mistakes in hope you’ll go learn something.
People isn’t spelt ‘pepole’,
be isn’t ‘b’,
I’ll isn’t I,ll
Tea bag isn’t T bag
Pawn isn’t paw
& The worlds funniest misspelled sentence is from ‘NICOLE’ with-
”Don’t b so childesh their sexuality doesnt change the fact that i like their show n think they r smmart”
Laughs out loud. See what I did there? I must be so smmart

Im happy for them and glad they finally acknowledged what we already knew. Mike is hot and Frank is so cute. I bet their buttholes are very tasty and would love to find out.


Just got the November issue of Thunder Press and it has a story on Mike and his show. It says by the time this article hits the stands he will have married his fiancée, Jodi Faeth. They have dated for 18 years and celebrated the birth of their first child, a girl, in January. So what’s the deal? Which story is true? Is he gay, bi or neither?

From what I understand this “girlfriend”, Jodi has a 7.5 inch penis swinging between “her” legs and this adopted kid is a bastard.

Yay/they’re gay/get over it. Whoopee—good for them. I’m all for gay marriage so I could care less if they’re a couple–it’s actually kinda’ sweet.

Having said THAT…. I’m glad they could come out finally, but Frank is STILL a dick. I like Mike, but it’s nauseating to watch Frank rip people off and be proud about it. I’ve heard that Mike is a really nice guy, but that Frank is a total asshole and won’t sign autographs for fans when they’re shooting episodes. Mike, on the other hand, is friendly and will hang out with the fans. Frank is a bag of dicks and even thought the show is staged, they still rip people off who have NO idea what their stuff is worth.

Mostly they pick elderly people who don’t even want to sell their shit in the first place, and then Frank offers them some ridiculously low price for something he KNOWS is worth about 15 times more. Yeah, they have to make a profit, but not THAT much of a profit. I know that the producers are the ones who pay these unsuspecting people, but even THEY rip these people off. I’ve read where they won’t pick your place to visit unless they can screw you over for what they want from you. Someone else I read about said that after going through a HUGE screening process, this guy’s grandfather or something WOULDN’T give them the item for what they wanted it for, i.e. a SHITLOAD less than what it’s worth, so they wouldn’t have him on the show and picked someone else who was more clueless as to what their stuff was REALLY worth. That’s basically who these dickwads prey on—people who are clueless about the value of stuff or are willing to let them rip them off. Again, yeah, NO one is putting a gun to these people’s heads, but a LOT of these people have no desire to sell stuff in the first place til this show comes along and wants to buy shit from them; most of the time they unfortunately talk them into selling their stuff for pennies when it’s worth a shitload more than that.I just WISH people would stop being so stupid and just say “NO!” to these idiots, but unfortunately, the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute” is entirely too true when it comes to this show.

I think the show is great. Mike usually pays a fair price. Frank haggles. I really love the show and could care less what their sexual preference is. They are both guys. And Danielle is great too. But she works to hard. I would love to start picking myself. Since my husband lost his job, I may need to start selling some of my antiques. I just need to have them appraised first. I do trash pick on trash night. Sometimes I find stuff I could use and sometimes I find nothing.
The guys you have to watch out for are the Pawn Stars in Las Vegas. They are a rip off. They have a method to the madness. They ask the person first what they want for their antique and then cut that number in half. Thats just wrong. And I hate the way they treat Chumly. The boss is just a real mean person that doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

I like the show, but I hate Frank. Ball of grease that is always haggling old fellas for their stuff. I bet he doesn’t get enough anal sex from Mike that’s why he is always upset.

Doesn’t make any difference to me.
What an Awesome show!
The only people who would remotely care, are not really ” all there” anyway.
Live your life Happy!

It doesn’t matter…it is their personal life. I love the show and
don’t care about anything else and it isn’t anyones business but

I figured they were gay but wasnt for sure. Now that their secret is out I must admit the idea of plunging my manhood into Franks tasty, mushy rump, is quite appealing.

shoot the two faggots and euthanize the fat filthy ignorant cunt named danni before shespreads more std s

shoot the two faggots and euthanize the fat filthy ignorant cunt named danni before shespreads more std s and fuck u homo harry u need shot also u fucking faggot

Frank Fritz is a looser….he low balls his customers…..all of them, wish I had stuff for him to look at,I’d throw the homo out…..makes thousands on unknowing people……he is a piece of shit….I like Mike, he’s up and up…..Frank is a #$%^%$# looser….just lucky….

This article is FAKE. BOTH MIKE AND FRANK ARE STRAIGHT. They are childhood friends . Mike is married, do a little research before assuming everything on the internet is real.

You people are so gullible.

Frank has a cocktail weenie between his legs and that why his fem side has taken over and allows him to get his rumpHole blasted with ManGravy and hot dicks.


WTF is wrong with you? This is one of the more bullshit articles I’ve read in a very long time. Sounds like the author is closeted himself and just needs an outlet.

Well, another show makes the shit list. I do not & will not support gay anything. This world has turned into a sick twisted crap-hole. Have you ever read the story of Sodom & Gomorrah? or read Leviticus 18:22–23?
22 ‘You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination. 23 ‘Also you shall not have intercourse with any animal to be defiled with it, nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it; it is a perversion.

I don’t understand why this site is not monitored. These foul mouthed unsupervised kids are the making(s) of bullies. Some of the comments are legitimate, but most are just plain bull shit.

This site is monitored perfectly to ensure free speech. But sometimes we do occasionally get bored with beefrave’s homophobia and delete a few. Also this site is monitored by the United States Government to ensure our support for terrorist or non-governmental organizations remains tongue-in-cheek. Have a nice day fag lover.

Danielle is a freak of nature. I can’t believe people actually think she is hot. Then again I never was much for the “I”ma punkrockmommy” type. I think she struggles with her identity.As far as the boys go I always figured these two played endless hours of swords in that love shack on wheels.They probably justified it for years that getting a single room saved money but then just said the hell with it. Mike always struck me as such a bitchy little fem. Frank puts up him like some men put up with listening to their wife. Well turns out no so far from the truth. I have personally grown tired of the show for the most part. They pass up so many high dollar items in the background and they always go for the same old shit all the time. Gas pumps,oil cans,little toy fucking cars. Maybe one of the up and coming episodes will feature these two assfucking each other on a giant ESSO sign (another favorite) American Pickers just became American Peckers.









But seriously to the editors. My utmost kudos to you for an amusing site.

Glad I found it. You must have a lot of fun doing this.

I am happy for ya’ll.

Who would have thought these guys are fudgepacking sodomizers…no more of that TV show for me…it was sickening enough before!

My wife and I have said it jokingly from the beginning that we thought they were a couple. Now we know. So what? The show is still a favorite of my wife and not too boring to watch for me. I have zero interest in antiqueing. The hosts humor and enthusiasm are a big part of why I watch. Shame on all the haters, as if they have any, for giving them a hard time. There’s enough educational value alone to make the show worthwhile.

Our boys have gone to Sturgis with their van having several holes drilled in the side and the phrase “GloryHole Junction” painted on the side. Seems Frankee will be busy servicing many SturgisCocks while Mike plows his ass.

I am sorry to have had my suspicions confirmed. I have enjoyed the program, but it is hard to know that they are living against the teachings of the Bible. So that is the end of this program for me.

I wish them well, but hopefully they will see the light.

Wearing clothes with a mix a fabric is also against the bible. Honestly I think god would like these awesome gays more than a hateful Christian, just because you don’t like what they are don’t discriminate asshole.

People are so gullible. The gutter tone of the article shows it to be fake. Anyone who does a two minute google search will find that they are both straight. Who really gives a shit anyways? Article isn’t even funny. Sounds like a prepubescent boy and his friends wrote it.

how stupid . i do believe they are (mike seems the most obvious) lol but i dont believe they have came out. this article seems fake, anyway who cares if they are or aren’t the shows pretty much a hit millions of viewers each week & if they haven’t came out its because of lame closed minded people who still have there hateful discriminatory heads in the past & justify it with the bible like some of the people here … the bible was man made people! god did not write it himself & its been changed, altered many times in the past with peoples own opinions i bet if it said start hating blacks, asian, hispanics, whites whatever.. people would start to hate/discriminate on them too why? because the bible told them too … people do foolish things for religion just look at the past, yet they act as if they dont sin themselves . hating/ discriminating on people for no reason & u call ur selfs children of god.. i bet you’d be the ones burning in hell for being such douchbags..

I was actually hoping they were in a palamory relationship with Danni D.
So whatever, I enjoy watching the show not living their life.

The loud background music in last night’s episode drowned out the dialogue. Don’t need this loud shit to peak interest in the show. Knock
it off! (BACKGROUND music not a friggin’ concert!!)

I don’t believe that at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biography for
Mike Wolfe (III) More at IMDbPro »

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6′ (1.83 m)

Mini Biography

Mike Wolfe, creator and star of History Channel’s hit TV show “American Pickers,” has became a household name by dominating the world of “picking,” a place where treasure is mined in old barns, crumbling sheds and dilapidated warehouses that line America’s back roads and main streets. Today, he’s at the top of his field, operating as a major voice in the world of interiors and collectibles, not to mention a personal empire that includes retails stores, books, product lines, endorsement deals, and an upcoming CBS sitcom pilot that he developed based on his life as America’s foremost professional scavenger. Mike will also serve as the show’s executive producer.

Before taking on Hollywood, Mike made his name as a professional treasure hunter, road tripping across the country in search of what he calls “rusty gold” to buy and sell in one of his two Antique Archaeology stores. Located in Le Claire, Iowa, and Nashville, Tennessee, the stores feature actual vintage and antique treasures Mike has picked up on the road as well as official merchandise associated with his Antique Archaeology brand.

Born in Joliet, Illinois, Mike is the second of three children raised by a single mother. Though he began picking at the tender age of six, pulling old bicycles out of his neighbor’s trash in Bettendorf, Iowa, Mike has been working as a professional picker for over 20 years. (He logged time as a competitive bicycle racer and owned two bike shops before settling into his picking career). For most of those two-plus decades, Mike went about his business with little fanfare, putting some 60,000 miles on his cargo van each year as he traversed the country in search of cool finds. His anonymity ended in January of 2010, with the debut of “American Pickers,” a TV concept he pitched to various networks for almost five years before it was picked up by The History Channel.

A certified hit, the show attracted 3.1 viewers for its first episode, making it the highest rated History Channel debut in three years. (Mike is credited as the creator, executive producer and co-host of the series.) That first season, as many as 5.4 million viewers tuned in each week, making it cable TV’s highest rated new non-fiction program of 2010 among adults 25-54 – and Mike a bona fide American idol.

Now entering its fifth season, “American Pickers” continues to pull in 4.7 million viewers for new episodes. The success of “Pickers” allowed Mike to expand his retail business (the Nashville store opened in 2011) and buy a house near Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, a quirky little country town about a half hour south of Nashville, where he lives with his wife Jodi and daughter Charlie, and two beloved Australian blue heelers, Ruby and Scout. The couple also has a home in Le Claire.

In 2012, Mike expanded his personal business empire, announcing several new side businesses. Rustorations is a collection of lighting that “gives new life to old fixtures and vintage lighting parts by forging them into functional, one-of-a-kind furniture for your home or office.” Pieces are available for sale in the Nashville Antique Archaeology store. Kid Pickers is an online community that gives kids aged 7 to 13 a forum to share their own picks. A Kid Pickers book – a how-to guide to picking written with children’s specific needs in mind – will be published by Macmillan (Feiwel and Friends) in spring 2013; it will be Mike’s second book, following 2011’s “American Pickers Guide to Picking.”

Mike’s success has allowed him to expand his reach as a humanitarian. He routinely hosts event and encourages fund raising projects that benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Operation Smile, the ASCPA, and animal shelters.

A longtime music lover with a special affinity for Americana and old school country, he’s co-produced an album called Music to Pick By, a mix of picking-compatible tunes complied by legendary Nashville producer Brian Ahern. The record will feature three new songs composed and recorded by Mike and country singer/songwriter Dale Watson. The release date is TBD.

In September of 2012, CBS announced it had purchased Mike’s latest TV project, a scripted, multi-camera workplace comedy set in an antiques and collectibles shop. The show, which will be directed by actor-turned-director Fred Savage, will be based on Mike’s life and experiences as a picker. Mike is one of the executive producers. Mike recently signed an endorsement deal with Indian Motorcycle, a brand he loves and rides.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Anonymous Nashville


Jodi Faeth

(8 September 2012 – present) 1 child


So what that they are gay, what world are you living in thinking that this type of lifestyle doesn’t exist. The show is good, I support them and the show.

Mike married Jodi Faeth on September 8, 2012, in an “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”- themed ceremony in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.

Mike and wife Jodi Faeth welcomed daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe on January 30, 2012.

You wonder why people dislike the gay life style ? All you have to do is read the garbage filled comments. Ignorace can be corrected but stupitity lasta life time

The real issue is not whether they’re gay, it’s that they constantly rip off the poor and elderly people they deal with on their show. Now that’s something they should be ashamed of.

hi love show can you tell all to get stuffed hope c u in oz we got lots and why they make a fuss that all u gay wow im proud love your show i got lots but i learn from you all cheers from australia

Was just wondering if you guys could tell us a little about an ice block carrier attached to a 4-5 ft. piece of wood we found in some of our parents belongings. I can’t seem to find anything on the internet and I watch your show and thought maybe you could help us. It has the word Glueks carved into the wood and seems to be pretty old. Would love to have you come to South Dakota and go through our stuff. I’m sure there are some pretty good antiques around here. Thanks. Becky Johnson

Becky this is Mike Wolfe I’d love to buy your ice block carrier I’d like to Bring danielle with me are you willing too eat a cream pie to get the chance for an appraisal ?

Found this place by accident looking for the most recent episode which was filmed in my hometown. And before anyone says “I’ll bet you’re gay.” I know I am. I’ve known it for years unlike some others on here. …Just as everyone in these comments (some are funny as shit btw) has freedom of speech, these guys have a right to go antique hunting and put it on tv whether they’re gay or not. I kinda worry about them now though as they go into these hillbilly towns looking for collectibles. Some folks may shoot them with buckshot, on the other hand, some may shoot them with fuckshot.

Despite hatred and ostracism that seems to be spewing out now, I couldn’t be happier for the couple! I wish them well with picking and with their love.

How can you be gay and not feel disgust with yourself? Every fag is living a lie, whether it be with their fake gay lisp or trying to believe that they aren’t going to hell. Although, I do enjoy the show, best wishes to the progression of the show.

I’d like to take a moment of silence in prayer for those affected by the recent truth bomb dropped on

If you will, please take a moment to remember the victims, and pray that God put them where they belong, in hell.

Why does Mike take credit for everything. The shows where he is out with his brother makes me so mad, he Mike thinks he knows everything and takes credit for it all.. Frank does just as much work as anybody, and does not whine and cry about everything. Mike might be the boss and all but lets make it fair!!!!!

look guys i live in a house where everyone is welcome. it doesnt matter if you are GAY, STRAIT OR SIDEWAYS ,you are welcome. it was clear from the first show i watch that they were a couple,and hun, Dani, you are what is known as a fag hag. we Hags, take care of our guys, put up with their crap, and we will sit up all night long if one of them is sick. as for this house hold, it doesn’t matter, they work great together and its a great and an entertaining show,and prayers go out for Frank, hope he is better soon and back on the show.

Who cares if they are gay. I love the show and I learn something every time I watch it. They make money doing what they love. Doesn’t matter if its eachother. Danielle probably gets hit on all the time. At least she doesn’t have to worry about her bosses doing it. Keep on pickin!!!!

I drive past Mike & Frank’s Iowa store on I80 and now finding out these guys are queers makes me remember to keep my windows up tight so I don’t catch anything they have or wish to give.

The Holy Bible states that Our God &Savior HATES THE ACT OF HOMOS but loves the individual who is commiting this sickning sin. If they Mike & Frank and all other people who practice this act do not ask forgiveness from God and quit their sin they will end up for eternity in HELL. This is not a joke people but fact. WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY? You people are not funny with your joking and vulgar langauge. If you knew God Our Maker and Savior you would not write, talk and think as you do you. I invite you to turn and seek God while you have time. I did and know I am heading to heaven when I kick off. Hope to see you there!

Hey ass fuck, who are you to judge? You praise you’re all mighty god, but why do you speak for him? Did he right the bible? No. People find happiness in places others think may be taboo, strange, different, but its their life. I’d have more to say, but I don’t want to be damn hippocrate. See you in heaven dick head. Peace. Smoke weed all day. Bitch.

The emails I just read were lude and crude. Danni does not deserve your gross comments ever! The show is great and works gay or streight.I just discovered that the boys were gay from this website.Do I care. no….the show is still good.Come on people……they are just people.Stop putting people down show some intellagence not ingnorence.

Danni does have a juicy fat ass and I am sure she can take it like Franky,and of course she loves it, you can tell shes a dirty girl and likes to get down, them two queers are certainly not going to hit it, they like man hole, not her butt hole or her old school hairy bush (I read an article and she said she is au natural ( I always said bring back the Bush and I dont mean George!) I think Danni is doing a spread in Penthouse, I’ll buy it, she is a hottie with a nice plump ass ….. Butt boy if that Van could talk, I am sure Mike has had Franky bent over a few antique’s in the back of that old white cargo van that needs new shocks and some air freshners,( a camera man for the show said they stand way back when filming inside that butthole sticking thing) oh well let them queers pick and be happy.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but they are not gay. Both have long-term girlfriends. Whomever wrote this just thinks any two guys hanging out that close must be that way. How sad you all are.

Who cares? How do you not see this? Of course they’re gay, it’s pretty obvious.. I’ve watched this show since it’s debut, and as much as don’t care for the gay lifestyle, I’ve always put that aside, because I am interested in the antiques they find. I will say that I love how honest Mike is (he will literally offer someone more money than they ask).. but frank will haggle over 5 fucking dollars. He will offer the poor sap $40, and turn around, and ask $400! What a piece of shit! I like how he proclaims himself as “the bearded charmer” or “the bundle master”.. Fuck him, I’ve seen better looking beards on women; and his “bundling” technique is washed up.. There is no way in hell I would sell him anything.. Especially if he wanted to lower the price on multiple items! Fuck that little ugly bald piece of shit!! Anyway, I digress.. It’s fairly obvious that frank is a queer..Not sure about Mike, but he seems like he could go that way. I doesn’t matter to me if they suck cock, or not.. What matters to me is when someone is on T.V. and exploiting innocent people for their own gain.. Fuck these guys.

For B.L.C, I’m only commenting on the big prices that Frank charges for an item that he paid very little for. Have you seen Pawn Stars or any of the other ones. For example an item may be worth $10,000 but they will only give the owner 2,000. or 3,000. and won’t go any higher. Talk about gouging a person.

What’s truly gay is how fake and staged the show is. Just like all the others; pawn stars, storage wars, breaking amish etc. If you guys believe they are traveling America in that van you’re foolish.

I’m so happy that they felt it was time to come out of the closet!!! Love the show and admire their bartering skills. Sure they’re a little 2pricey considering its junk but they’re so hot right now America is prepared to pay up!! Hats off to anyone who is willing to come out of the closet…especially on tv where everything you do is under scrutiny!! Keep on picking love the show!! Canada www

It’s obvious the comments from the below saps have no business sense what so ever!!!! They are paying people with the hopes they can sell it to someone. I have a Babe Ruth baseball card worth 3K but will someone pay that for it???? the answer is NO!!!! I’ve personaly been to The pawn-shop in Vegas and it is real…I can see why our country is in such poor shape just by reading the posts from morons!!! As far as their sexualty goes it shouldnt make a difference but it will to the hillbilly rednecks and bible pushers who all happen to be the most ignorant bastards in the country……Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

I tell you what… you are apparently the ignorant bastard! I am a PROUD ALABAMA mama of a PROUD LESBIAN that finally at 14 told me her sexual preference. I told her I already knew that and that changes nothing. She’s the same as she was the day before. Get this you f*@*ing idiot….. Not one redneck hillbilly bible thumper has turned their back on her. You are a simple, close minded SOB if you use such remarks against Southerners then you spew more hate than the ones you accuse. Get a f*#@ing clue because you are a hypocrit you dumbass!

I always knew the first time I saw the show that these 2 critters were Turd Burglars, I watch it for Danielle, would love to fuck all 3 of her holes, she’s off the charts hot.

Well guess what?? It just goes to show people will make up any kind of story.sorry to spoil the rumors but was down at the Iowa shop the end of this summer 2012 and mike was getting married!!and they have a little boy!so much for the he and frank are gay!!!

Pickers were going through my dad’s barn and we caught ’em knocking a little off. Apparently they like ass-baked sausage. Dad sent them over to a shed by the pig pen. It was a display of dick packed in a pork. It will be on January 7 at 7:30 PM.


Relax who cares if they are gay, All you jerk offs ended up here because you were looking for nude picks of smoken hot Danielle!

Duh! Not shit Holmes! I certainly am hoping for pictures of Danni’s Hairy Puss! Not Wolfy Bending ole short bald Franky hat over an Antique for christ sake!….. yeah, mike & frank like “freestylin” alright, there best times are “freestylin” in the back of that butthole stinking van and Frank Bundling Mikes dick & balls.

These guys are a joke. Every time they go to someone house asking to “look” around, they get let in no questiones asked. Yea they have Danielle making cold calls for them and getting “leads” but sometimes they “freestyle” and still get a warm greeting!! yea fucken right! I used to go door to door with sales and advertising and not even one in ten people were as kind as the ones Mike and Frank meet. So, my conclusion is that this show is about as real as Pawn stars, which is as real as American Restoration, which is as real as swamp people, and Bamazon and so on. Fake as santa claus

I love the show. Didn’t have a clue as to why Frank wasn’t in a few episodes, Their business is theirs. I will continue watching the show. Each person has to live their life the waythat is theirs alone . Who are we to judge?

Thanks! You ruined thoughts about Mike & Frank tag teamin Danielle in the back of the van!How could they not be turned on by her? Shes so freakin sexy!Im still gonna watch the show cause shes my favorite anyway! And of course dream of lickin her pussy till she went crosseyed!Yeah baby!!!!!!!

Now that I’ve stopped barfing and can type again, I’d like to say I don’t care!!! I may never get the mental picture out of my mind but I will still watch the show!
I had a gay child-hood friend that loved to tell me details I didn’t need so I would puke and everyone would get a kick out of it. He came out as soon as he turned 18 and I had to go with him to tell his Mom and sisters. They immeadiatly darted their eyes at me and I was like “Oh hell naw”. In a exhibition of pure stupidity I blearted out, ” Ask your daughters! They’ll tell you!” Not good for an 18 year old to say about 14 and 16 year old girls to their Mom. As an authorized neighborhood Mom, she managed to hit all of us at least once. Years later none of us can quit laughing if it’s brought up although my friend was a victim of AIDS. He was MUCH happier being honest with his family and friends although some folks couldn’t handle it. More power to Mike and Frank if it makes them happy.
I just never, EVER want to smell the inside of that van!!

I wonder how people will like shaking hands with them after each sale now that they know Mike and Frank are fudge packers. Now I know what Mike really meant when he asked Frank if he could move his stool back. I was confused because I did not see a stool in the van. I do not approve of faggism but will still watch the show since I am an old man and enjoy seeing the old junk that was useful when I was young.

gay? straight? who cares the show is boring. i’d rather watch lil old ladies hit up yard sales after church than these 2 yokels sleepwalk thru mice infested barns and pay 35 bucks for rusted busted garbage.

this is one of the worst reality shows ever

Never occured to me……doesn’t matter a whit ……I am just jealous that I can’t sit on a jumpseat and dive into those old barns, sheds and lean-to’s with ’em….
I had an antique shop and have done markets for decades,…and the thrill of the hunt, once it’s under your skin ….you are hooked for life ….

….lack of storage keeps me into vintage watches …..they’re small …but I see the stuff the guys unearth, and oh I wish I still had my shop !

I really like the show because I am really into antiques and history, and learn a lot. However, even though people can choose how they live, I am deeply diappointed in Mike and Frank.

I love this show. I wonder why all these people that dig the show freak out when they find out they are a happy,strong,powerful gay couple. Oh yea Frank grrrrrrr

And what century are most of you living in? What difference does it make if they are gay? I’m sure if I was on the program you would have even more disgusting things to say about me just because I’m more than a little over weight. I don’t care what you think of me. What upsets me is how some of you must feel that you are so perfect that you have the right to judge and slander these men. You can always find something to not like about a person, if you look for it. There is so much hatred and hostility being verbalized and taught these days that it no wonder some people ‘loose it’ and start shooting up everyone. Have you never heard the phrase, “Live and let Live”?

First time I watched this crappy show I knew the were gay and so what. If they enjoy pulling their bigdicks from one anothers ass only to find it covered in axleGrease and butterbeans then so what.

Its manlove.

Seriously people Could several of you be anymore homophobic and RUDE? Men who feel the need to launch into pulling out the homophobic name calling, like faggot, fudge packer, ect. I always think, uh huh “He doth protest to much.” Hmmmm… Then there is the lovely “morally right”… passing judgement. There are gay people in the world, it is not a “lifestyle choice”, it is who they are. Deal with it! If you are so “Godly”, then you shouldn’t be pointing fingers anyway. You are doing the exact opposite of what Christanity supposedly teaches and represents. Besides isn’t God suppose to be the judge, not you? Who cares what they do or are in their personal life. Either enjoy the show or don’t watch it. Rather simple….

I love those guys and i actually liked that if the story is true.. Such good friends are a couple. gay or not you can’t always get that. :)

Even if they’re not gay they act gay. I can’t stand them, effiminate men get no respect from me. And as for the “He doth protest to much” comment, that doesn’t work with me. I know what I am, what I like and what makes me sick. Psyco-babble reverse psychology shut down any argument by calling your opponent whatever they object to childish arguments used by perverse liberal dodos may work on those who are concerned with acceptance by the mindless masses, but not me. I care not what you think.

You are by far the dumbest, most close-minded and ignorant fuck I have ever had the displeasure of “listening to”. You are clearly a self-loathing, closted gay, yelling loudly from the rooftops, proclaiming yourself to be a man’s man while wearing out the knees of your dungarees making sure all of the “effiminate” men in your neighborhood never have to go to bed with their cocks dry.

Well, that does it for me,no more Pickers on my T.V.I refuse to support gay people,but I will pray for them to change.

I’m so sick of close minded dipshits fuck you and your hatefull god may you rot in the hell you’ve created what have the gays ever done to any of you leave them be start following the teachings you follow

wharfrat jones please pray for me cause im gay too, and i know that with your prays and refusing to watch american pickers i will be saved.. thank you. you backward fucking assfuck.

What does Frank & Mike’s, sexual orientation have to do with a cheerful & entertaining show? These are nice guys who are making a living & they aren’t hurting me or you.

to the people who will not support gays, remember, gods says not to be the judge, if you sin you will be judged. Let God judge in heavan, not you judging on earth.

Lies, lies and more lies. Seek the truth before any of you run your mouth. Mike had a baby not to long ago with his longtime girlfriend and recently got married! Amazing how gullible so may people are. Sheesh! And as a TRUE CHRISTIAN, I do not support people being gay ( these guys are not ) but I do support and love all people and their lives are their lives and god is in control of all things I will love and pray for all people and not judge them nor will I think I am better than ANYONE because I am a “Christian” just a human being and a christian doing what I can to help spread God’s word with love in my heart not hatred. To open my arms and offer a safe place, not turn my back and run on unrighteousness. This is a TV show watch it or not based on it contents NOT GOSSIP and judgement.

How do these rumors get started? Mike lives a few miles from me in Leipers Fork, Tn with his long time girlfriend Jodi Faeth. Get a life people.

True Nelson. I’m an East Tennessean and I am also aware that Mike has frequented the Williamson Co. area for years along with Jodi. The guys did a segment a few months ago about 5 miles from my home in Clinton at the Museum of Appalachia. Their van had been sighted in the area but nobody knew why until the show was aired. These gay rumors are vicious and uncalled for. People just need to enjoy the show and forget the rumors from folks who evidently don’t like it. I respect anyone’s sexual preference but Mike is not gay by any means.

Warfret jones if you are to stop watching pickers because they are gay itis your loss as far as me ilove the show ,, I was shoked to here they wer gay but never the less they seem like 2 good guys and they would be welcom in my wife and my home if ever they get down to Montreal P.Q. Canada


I know what you mean. Fat Little Bald Prick! I especially hate when he starts bundling and screws them even more. I’d like to bundle him into a ball and shove him into Mikes ASS!!!!!

THEY ARE GAY?!! OH!…MY!…GO…So what? I like the show and the places and People they meet.It`s not the best show ever but by no means the worst on T.V.Gay or not Gay isn`t what this show is about.

I just love them!!!!! Gays make the best friends. Come to Arizona and we can hang out. To have a true best friend is a gift. I love the show and you both.

Gay? Maybe? Assholes for sure! How can you beat people down on every item you pick, then brag about how much you sell it for? True assholes!!!!!!!! Go to Iowa during the AMCA meet and you won’t find jack-shit or any items for sale by mike or frank. DICK-HEADS for sure! Keep up the good work, ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!! Soon you’ll be unemployed, ass pickers!!!!!


Such anger! Sheesh. These guys are honest to people, they tell them they need to make a profit and they don’t care if their profit is only 10 bucks. I think its pretty admirable the way they deal with people. So try to be more positive and not such a hater.

Silly people! They are not gay. This is just a joke article. Mike Wolfe was married this year in September and has a doctor who will be turning one next month. Silly people.

everyone in this listing is a dumbass. The only reason wry I say it is cause everyone will hate me for whatever reason they want to.

I don’t know the writer of this article, but something may be loose – Danielle is pretty, but to call her “stunning” and of “staggering beauty” is a bit much.

You people are all crazy. They are NOT gay, and Mike has a wife, and recently, a daughter! Check your facts!

I knew it!! And I’m loving the fact that its true. Times are changing and it’s great to see two people happy in a relationship and working together. I love you guys!!!

Good morning danielle dame you look good in that picture
I live in conn and wood love to have a nice picture to hang in my bar
so find something nice and send it and if I can do the same for you let me no and ill send you some thing from conn thank you eddie

I need to know if Danielle shaves her pussy. I just think it would make her look so hot and sexy. Then again if she does, I sure hope that she doesn’t have it all marked up with those nasty looking tattoos. I can’t help but to wonder about when someone makes love to her, does her lover get the feeling that she still has her shirt on? I would think it would be kind of disappointing to cohabitate with her knowing that she can never undress down any further than that nasty green, yellow and red colored shirt that she has scrolled into her skin.

I’m not a shrink but you can’t help to wonder if the reason Danielle is so messed up and tries to hide under a coat of tattoos is not because she like tattoos, but she subconsciously does it because she is afraid of the abuse she gets from Mike and Frank. No I am not saying that Frank is giving her the sausage, but when she gets all worked up, nervous and is afraid she is going to get yelled at because some potential seller she had lined up backs out, or when she is told by Mike and Frank to buy something, then they return to the shop and decided that they do not like the item, they take their frustrations out on her. Or when she has to fear them for any other little mistake she makes, it all makes sense why she tries to hide from reality. I mean for the lousy ten dollars an hour they pay her they should not be causing her all this grief and stress in her life. Instead they should build her a loft at the shop with a endless supplied refrigerator full of goodies so she can go and take a nap, watch a little TV or pig out when she decides to take a few hours off from her underpaid job. Face it, the fry guy at McDonalds makes that much and he even gets to snatch a few fries as he whistles while he works. No instead of Mike and Frank humiliating her and forcing her to drive around in that little clown car, forcing her to work in a shop with no heat or air conditioning, and being expected to be there for Mike and Franks every beck and call, they should start treating he like a human and not some mindless idiot.

As for Mike and Frank being gay, I would not be shocked if Mikes pants feel down and he was missing something, but I do not believe they are gay. Then again with those tight pants that Mike wears, I can not help but to wonder if Frank hasn’t tried to slip his bologna into Mike on some of those cold Minnesota nights. But even though I do not think they are gay, I do believe that Frank has his hot dog ready to ram into either Mike or Danielle if they happen to get out of line. Yes Frank might be the silent one but there is no doubt that he dominates over Mike and Danielle.

Hmmmm, I wonder if Mike shaves down there?

love yous. from glasgow scotland an watch every possible programe. will keep doin so. my home wouldnt be the same without yous. ur my friends. so in my heart an keep picking. xxxx always….

Mike and frank are NOT gay. Mike has been with his girlfriend for over 17 years. They are best friends from High school.

It was a joke, morrrron, they’re not gay,but being gay should be a lot nicer,truer that iddiots believing in the bible!!

I just like the programme….don’t care about the sexuality….they
all come over as really nice guys….who cares if they are gay or not…..and I love Danielle……………….

will you merry me daniell….i only watch the show to get a glimps of you……your hot as hell….frank and mike have great camera presence….but you make the show baby…….

I can only imagine having sex with Danielle….me giving her a tongue bath…..among other things…….she wreaks sexual passion and lust……probably a screamer……lucky husband…….

First of all, just take into consideration that MOST people responding to this article cannot SPELL! That right there tells us the quality of the people here. Trailer park trash. Go to school and learn to spell, you’ll never become anything in life if you don’t learn to SPELL!! Disturbing!!

Um Mike is not gay….he has a girlfreind! I know a very close family freind of his…..please dont beleive everything you read!


I still have my doubts that they are gay. But even if they are who gives a fuck!No ones business. The show is still good & Danielle is HOT! The idiots making the gay comments are probably spooge wranglers themselves! Get a fuckin life!!!

I don’t give a damn who they sleep with. I have a couple pieces of Iowa History and they don’t seem interested in them. This hurts my feminine side!! lol. Maybe I should mention (even though it’s a lie!) that I have a certain characteristic in common with our equine friends!!!!

Doesn’t bother me. One of the perks of being gay! You wouldn’t see my GF digging through piles of car parts and riding motorcycles with me!

This article is not true. I fail to understand why someone would lie about others. Please read New York Times online article about american pickers.

Mike and Frank are great guys and extremely personable. Their sexual preference is their business. I love Danielle and I would love to make breakfast for her.

I have been upset with the crap that, mainly Frank pulls, with customers…If you can double your money, that’s cool. But when you talk somebody down & get triple the price, that’s wrong!!

Stupid comment from Kilgoar: “Choice of sexuality.” Like Mike chose to be tall and Frank chose to be short.

But then again, who can believe anything here anyway?

I fail to see any point of this “article” ??
I’ll never understand why people get off on such garbage.

It’s an entertaining show. I love the appreciation they both have for the past and the objects that represent it. Nothing else matters to me. Good relationships and happiness are hard to come by….grab it and hang on to it with whomever. As far as everyone else….it’s none of their damn business…who cares what they think.

This whole show is nothing but a joke! Like if anyone thought they were straight? They are gayer than two men kissing…lol. They are two hard bargainers on the bidding and frank seems like a rip off… His voice and his demeanour is so annoying… But now that they are out of the closet bout their homosexuality I just laugh at the whole show… Lol

I enjoy the show and don’t care. Was in Canada recently and saw Canadian Pickers – same show different players. Enjoyed that one too.

Uh, do people really believe this article is true??? LOL look at the other “news” headlines on this website like ” Lady GAGA diagnosed with brain cancer” and “Little Wayne Dead at 29”. C’mon people.

Seriously? So, you like the show, but if they are gay you will not watch it? I assume you do not watch baseball, football, basketball, etc since at least 5-10% of the players are gay as well. Hmm….. considering who is actually out of the closet, I think your viewing may be limited to…..uhm, well, nothing. The bigotry and narrow mindedness of some people is unbelievable. And truly sad. My hope is you have not bred yet, as I would hate to think you may have the chance to actually pass on your hatred.

if they are they are, if not thin well u get it. who cares, its there life and its a good show. i love what they do.. and to misterE
January 27, 2013 at 1:35 PM · Reply she is hot.. on my top 5 list.

Who cares if they’re gay , it’s really a stupid show .
They travel the country in a van and maybe make $500 a show !!!
What’s it cost in gas , food , etc for one day ?
They should have a semi and buy everything [ which they probably do but it’s not on the show ]
unreality TV

Regardless if they are or not, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Very intertaining ,And I will keep watching it.
Keep up the good work guys .

This isn’t true at all. He is married with a little girl who just turned 1. He would not have “come out” just before getting married to the woman he’s lived with for over 10 years. They’re just super good friends the same way Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were – inseparable buddies. To use a phrase favored by my parents’ generation, this article is pure “hogwash”!

I have stayed away from this for months but they are bad people. In Wisconsin I ran into them. As a fan I was open to them. I was given a rape drug and disappeared in one of there rooms for over 10 hours. Do not go near them unless you want a disease.

I do not care if they are gay. But on a recently aired episode Mike talked about Frank having a “lady friend” and also Franks mom was in a episode when he was sick. So this kinda makes me wonder if this article is true.

You’re journalism is nothing but fabricated gossip. A waste of time- get a job, pick your nose or something productive.

Wish People Would Just Leave Them Alone cmon Mike and Frank are great guys and extremely personable. Their sexual preference is their business It’s time to support them.

Been watchin them for years they do alot of climbing and squeezing through some tight places never heard either one of them fart this answers my questions they are both streched out Go Pickers

Read the nytimes article. They are not gay just becaue they dont oogle over a tatto covered girl doesnt make them gay it just gives them good taste. And even if they were, who cares. The show is fun to watch and they have made a great living doing what they love.

This is for all your stupid comments I’ve known mike a s frank for awhile now this rumor is stupid mike has a wife and a baby girl frank has a girlfriend they are best friends from school they work together Get real guys

This is mikes wife and he isn’t gay or he wouldn’t be married to me we have a beautiful baby daughter named Charlie and he is one of the best guys I’ve ever met mike and frank are only really good friends form high school frank has a girlfriend named Kim who hes been with over a decade!! Just cause two guys travel together don’t make them gay get real y’all and why would you even look this up unless Yale was questioning yourselfs? And Danielle has two kids herself and a husband all y’all want to do is spread lies no matter what y’all say mike and frank care less!! They know there stright so y’all spreading this horrible rumor around is abunch of rubbish

not sayn they are gay who cares if they are or not! But dont be so stupid to think just because someones married with children that they cant be GAY!

I love AP and I am so sorry about this stupidity going on about M and F. It has to be hurtful. I am suprised they havent said Ruby was gay. Love the pics of Ruby on Twitter. God bless you, Mike, the baby, Danielle, her family, Frank and his family.


Great guys…great show…watch them because their intelligent and funny…and I wish I could be as successful as they are.

well JOHN THIESSEN is a child molester and thinks this shit is funny for some reason. I GO on youtube and looks at preteen girls talking on their web cams and trY to get them to talk to ME. I AM a real perv and should be BACK in prisoN.

I do love your show very much, I enjoy watching it everyday. I do want to see Daniells body tattoos, she is so very hot, everytime you show her on tv,i look so hard to see more of her tattoos. your biggest fan of all yours.Darrell Trimble

Dani is a real women,all natural, un-like those ugly, bottle blonde, hooker looking bimbos on all those stupid Housewives shows.

Mike D’Amelio
San Jose, CA

Fact that Mike has kids does not make him immune to being a fag. In fact fags are know to wanting children because it makes them feel more feminine and motherly. It’s twisted but it’s the truth. Danielle. She’s just hot hot hot. Not sure how she puts up with the fag duo. She has enough talent to make it on her own for sure.

This article is funny. It would make a good Onion article. It’s also funny because they aren’t gay but a Google search for American Pickers pops this article up on the 5th hit. Hahaha.

Mike Wolfe of American Pickers and his girlfriend Jodi Faeth were together for about 17 or 18 years before they got married on September 8th, 2012. Their daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe was born a little over seven months earlier on January 30th, 2012. The Wolfes married on September 8th, Charlie was baptized on the 9th, and then Mike reported on the 10th that he was off picking again for two weeks. That was a busy weekend for the Wolfe family!

The Wolfes did manage to squeeze in a family honeymoon in Hawaii the next month after the wedding. About a month later, little Charlie, who was born with a cleft palate and lip, underwent a second successful reconstructive surgery to repair the birth defect.

Read more

Who a thunk it? Well I like the stuff they find, I love Danielle, so I will keep watching the show.

I have Tw0 (2) questions, 1- Danielle Who is that beautiful woman on your right sholder? 2- Does Mike let you smoke, in the truck while you two are on picks?

Thanks Wallis

leave them alone it is non of our business. you all have way to much time on your hands to worry about this. we just like their show and want to buy some things.

Danielle is a burlesque dancer in her spare time. I doubt she would be judgemental of them. She seems too inteligent to be a bigot. Unlike most of the commenters here.

I wish they were gay, but I know they are not. Honestly, I wish I could message both to let them know I really like them and the show. I too, am a picker. I could learn a few lessons from these men. Leave them alone. They have a private life. Either they are gay or straight..Who cares? they are great guys!

I dislike the gay propaganda and the attempt to influence our children and grandchildren that gay is normal and to sexualize them early in life. If this is an attempt to get people like me who will not support the gay propaganda to stop watching the pickers, you have succeeded as far as I am concerned. If I know any companies or programs supporting the gay agenda, I go go out of my way to avoid using their services even if they aree free. It has nothing to do with religion. It is just a minority trying to get our children to deviate from the social norm that irks me. I have my say and I will not be back.

Zen is another closeted homo…deflecting his true self by spewing hate. Admit it Zen, you fantasize about the pickers.

There is so much hate in these comments. Especially from the Christians, although I am not surprised… I USED to be one. Then I just realized it was a religion based on hate and discrimination. These comments actually make me a bit nauseated. Im definitely not coming back on this website. I did like this site too.

I love American Pickers it’s one of the BEST shows out there… for a reality show it’s one of the most fun, educational and wonderful to watch. My Husband and I watch the show always. I just wish people would just leave others to live their lives. Let’s all enjoy life to the fullest and never harm anyone on your life’s journey… AND GO MIKE AND FRANK …AMERICAN PICKERS is AWESOME!
I don’t usually write things on the sites, but this I had to say something.

I totally agree with you Doris. my Husband and i watch it all the time, even the re-runs. Its a great show. Everyone should leave everyone else alone and let them live their own lives the way they want to.

I personally , I could care less if they were guy or not. Why would people care anyways ? That’s there life. Not ours. It is none of our business. Who are we to judge how they live it ? There not here to judge ours. If anyone is bad, then it’s me. I’ve been living with a man for 13 years and not married to him. These gentlemen are happy, healthy and have a great show. I love them. There good people.

I just found out that they are gay I record this show every week cuz I work out of town, yes I like it and no I don’t have anything against Peter Puffers but deleting this show from my dvr is probably best. So goodbye Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. Hope you never have a kid together…

Rick, I just think you have a thing for Mike and Frank…hence deleting the show from your life. Admit it dude…you want to be sandwiched between the pickers. You want Frank’s “frank” in your mouth with Mike’s cock in your ass.

Mike needs to stop eyeballing frank when he bends over, the damn big ticket item isnt in his bum, and i think we all know frank is mikes bitch

I don’t care whether they are gay or straight, who cares… I love the show and I have things they would like to pick through. I love them. and would love to sell them some of my items that are right up their alley.

People who say, “God hates fags” obviously doesn’t know God. He LOVES everyone, what He hates is sin. Read the bible and you will truly be enlightened.

This is a load of crap !! #1- who cares. # 2- mike is married with a 3 month old baby. Whoever reported this is full of crap and need to get there facts correct !!!!

I don’t care if Frank and Mike are straight or gay. They are just characters in an entertaining show. However, Danielle needs to lose about 40 pounds.

Who cares if they are gay or straight. I love the things they find. I prefer women but I don’t care who is gay or straight. I don’t bother others. They don’t bother me. I would rather people would keep their private life to themselves but it is what it is. Leave people alone, as long as people aren’t breaking any laws leave them alone.

Mike talks about his girlfriend on the show (2013) and Frank talks about the women he dates. They aren’t gay. AND even if they were, who cares. They have a great show, wish I could pick for a living instead of sitting behind a desk. Don’t believe the gossip people.

Mike Wolfe of American Pickers and his girlfriend Jodi Faeth were together for about 17 or 18 years before they got married on September 8th, 2012. Their daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe was born a little over seven months earlier on January 30th, 2012. The Wolfes married on September 8th, Charlie was baptized on the 9th, and then Mike reported on the 10th that he was off picking again for two weeks. That was a busy weekend for the Wolfe family!

The Wolfes did manage to squeeze in a family honeymoon in Hawaii the next month after the wedding. About a month later, little Charlie, who was born with a cleft palate and lip, underwent a second successful reconstructive surgery to repair the birth defect.

Read more

There is a major push by the gay and lesbian groups to convince the US that they are millions on millions of them so they can push their liberal propaganda. It doesn’t hurt their cause when we have a president who uses the same tactics as pre world war Germany in trying to get us to believe in lies by pounding the airwaves and internet media. Someday we too will fall as a nation because people failed to recognize what is truth and pursue it.

You guys that use every chance to dog on Obama is friggin annoying, and screams out publicly just how ignorant you are. Nazi Germany, really? What lies? The condition of this country would be the same no matter who is president. Where do you guys get your facts, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh? You need to let it go dude. Am I gay because I’m liberal? I also served in the Marine Corps, is that patriot enough for you? Do you understand the process involved to making laws and policees? What did Obama do? You think republicans are your buddies do ya?

calm down Chad. It’s a fake article on American Pickers. You have to understand that people have different opinions about things and if you get angry every time someone says something about gays or liberals or what it means to be patriotic, you’re just going to be mad all the time. I don’t think he was bashing Obama… I just think he was saying that Obama never failed to use his skin color to talk about the progress of America. It’s just a tactic that all politicians, advertisers, or manufacturing companies use to appear “progressive” and the gay community does the same thing. It’s not a bad thing, they’re just trying to relate to everyone and show that gay is “normal” and people need to start realizing that. but you have to understand that some people don’t believe that and they will also use the same tactics to prove otherwise. Have a nice day :)

So what if the slopehead is a faggo and “Frank Feh”(as he pronounces it) is his bottom boy, the tatooed fatso back home must be gay too. The whole show makes me nauseous! They always overbid stuff and never do you see anything sell. Maybe thats another series,,, “Gay Storage Wars”. Rubberlips could pit faggot Barry and “Chootem” off swamp people against the fat family of “Bubba Boo Boo”. Gay TV is here to stay along with the frigging Geiko shit and the totally obnoxious Progressive dumb bitch!!! Lets face it, television is not what it used to be. After reading today that they are gay, I’ll never watch that program again….
The Jews are really scraping the “bottom” of the barrel now for their television empire!

if this story is true ,,great! Ellen started the ball rolling of people coming out so no big deal! I’ happen to be a gay woman who will be a picker when I have free time very soon… Your all great!!! Love the show! jan

I have no bad feelings for Mike or Frank may hats off to you both would still love to meet you both one day and buy you both a tall cold one all the best guys

Who cares if they are gay. There gende
r choice of partner has nothing to do with the show. I enjoy watching the show no matter whether they like women or men.

They are two low lives for ripping old people off. They know how much stuff is worth and then they low ball people hoping to steal their stuff.

A couple of thieves who enjoy bilking folks out of their heirlooms.

They have to make money, they are not going to buy the stuff for full price and the people selling the things know that.

Evan is completely right!! Yeah if you want to have the expenses of the gas and business to run along with life expenses and pay top dollar and come out the exact same, that’s up to you. But, I put money on them actually making way further then you. What do you think any retail store does? It’s all about four things, supply, demand, spending and making money. Some episodes you see them ask “how much do you want?” Some people say a low enough number where Mike or Frank tell them a higher number, to be fair.

They are definitely a couple of poo fingers. They travel around in that truck smelling each others farts, getting all gabby. Then they rip some poor person off. They’ll be like “how much would you take for that.. Then they jip the person with some low offer. Same ole stuff each week.

They laugh as they are leaving with someone’s stuff that they’ll sell for 1000 x profit.

love the show/ who cares bout their sexual life iam sure people are going to live their lives the way i think they should. so who cares /i love their show/would love to do some business with them. and when they leave i wouldn’t feel ripped of after all it would be my choice . and as for daneille she’s cool

wow,,,some people here are so bad, i think the guys are great,,and if they didnt buy some of that junk, these collectors amass,,then their family who inherit it will just pile it in a dumpster..that is what i would do

these guys are great i love seeing the stuff they get and they always seem fair in the prices they offer….great show keep up the good work…

it’s kind of disturbing to see that most of the folks who responded hate everyone but it’s even sadder to see that even though they graduated from the third grade, they still can’t spell or form a complete sentence

They aren’t gay. Mike Wolfe actually got married not too long ago to Jodi Faeth. Which the two have been together for 17 year’s and together have had a child. BOOM!

WOOOOW! You deleted my comment proving they weren’t gay! Mike is married to Jodi Faeth! Just because your article is incorrect doesn’t mean you should be mad! It’s horrible your thrashing their names! Even more because your completely WRONG!

Holy sh#t there are some morons out there. poo fingers? Rip people off? First of all the person saying they’re poo fingers likely jerks off in from of a PC all day. Not pussy.. PC.. Probably never seen a naked woman in person, and his mom does his laundry.. I’m sure he’s a bad ass on call of duty online tho but couldn’t kick a gay pickers ass.. That’s right gay or not little Frank would knock your ignorant ass out.. Second, did you see the episode where they made a shit load off 2 folk art tapestries and took half the money to the guy they got them from so he could re open his amusement park..? Do you know about the shit they’re involved in with helping people? America (my home country, where I was fukin born and raised) is so full of ignorant fucking idiots that love to judge and talk shit on uncool people.. I would suck two big cocks and take one in the ass proudly before I would be some tool that gets on the internet to talk shit about peoples private lives and sexual preference.. Get a brain then a life and get to know a homosexual or two they are just the same as all the rest of us HUMAN BEINGS….

I am sick of people saying unkind things about the picker’s. I watch them all of the time, new and old as often as I can get them. I think they are great.

Ok it seems this article is not accurate, and even if it was why would anyone see a problem with this? I am a heterosexual that grew up with a gay uncle, I had listen to family members insult them as if it was a disease! Even at a very young age I knew that what was wrong was how family members treated my uncle and not his sexual preference, its a sad world when at seven years old you know the people that tried to raise you are that small minded and uneducated.

I hate there show there a bunch of poo shooters they con push people to sell stuff they dont want to sell pay them shit prices and they can sell it for top price hope u die u faggots they proply dont know wat a pussy look like fucking homos fuck u america pickers u and ya show sucks fucking shit fingers

Doesnt matter if ur married u could be happy doesnt mean fuck all i know people who were married and they dirty fags. American pickers they allways camping in the van or hotels they gay poo pushers fucking they need a base ball bat to da head



I want to fuck ur mouth till i blow my load in ur mouth then i tit fuck u blow my load on ur face then i fuck u so hard again and again till u walk bow legged because i want to ur so hot u need a big fat cock in u i want to take u in that van fuck u so every hour on the ower and i allso want to suck ur tits

I know were she leaves i should go there with a ribbon tie it to my cock knock on her door flash it tell her its a gift then fuck her till the sun goes down she gives me a wicked hard on

I know were she leaves i should go there with a ribbon tie it to my cock knock on her door flash it tell her its a gift then fuck her till the sun goes down she gives me a wicked hard on

I know were she leaves i should go there with a ribbon tie it to my cock knock on her door flash it tell her its a gift then fuck her till the sun goes down she gives me a wicked hard on

Dont be like that u love to pull my junk my cock look gd in ur mouth i love to open ur pussy and lick u out u taste gd

To right i fuck her ever day if i had a chance dont worry about her flabs her pussy would be so worth it she be a gd fuck i love to fuck da shit out of her


Doesnt matter if ur marryed or have kids its called a double life people that or marryed leave the marriage to go to there fagget lives

frankie likes toys soda signs and oil cans and there favorite saying is you gotta leave alittle meat on the bone we gotta make money to whats gay is mikes laugh and the saying lets bundle this mega pick frankie

frank fritz is actually gay he talks about women but also looks very uncomfortable about the subject he also lives with 2 cats so do the math. but it really does not matter gay or straight whats messed up is they do rip people off for there stuff god only knows how bad it is when the camera is off

frank is the gay one he talks about women but he always looks uncomfortable talking about the subject and he lives with 2 cats so do the math.But it really does not matter if there gay or straight but they do try to rip people off on the show and thats not right.

so what if they are gay,i like the tv show,i would love to travel through the usa picking,even just to travel around the usa would be an awesome buzz,im not gay,i would prefer to do a trip around the goodole usa with danny.if a man wants to shear his life with another man,WHATS THE PROBLEM,

whats your problem rod you want frank fritz to drive you around the country while mike wolfe licks your ass 18 hrs a day

thats not nice but i do agree they take advantage of people and almost steal from them by giving them low ball prices who dont know what they really have there theives

So what if they’re married, that means what? It’s called a double life. If they are gay, who cares? if they’re not, who cares?

By the way, the rumor wasn’t that Mike was married, it was that he lived with long time girlfriend Jodi. Get your facts straight and please, for the sake of everyone, learn to spell.

While I agree that these people need to learn how to spell, there was an article that said he was married, Kayley but I’ve only seen that in one place. I do agree with you in other aspects though, who cares of they’re gay or not, it doesn’t matter. Honestly there is such a thing as a double life as well, so you’re right about that as well. I think it’s easier for some people to believe that they’re not than that they are though so any rumor or theory that pops up, they’ll buy the one that’s easiest for them to believe. I LOVE when people judge and talk about things that will never affect their lives =sarcasm=

I do agree the American Pickers scam people sometimes though but keep in mind, these shows are stages, all tv is staged. I imagine it is everyone or at least in a lot of places but especially in this country, United States.

Those who are racists have been found to have low IQs. The above comments are proof of this fact.

your absolutely right judy harper we need more people like you.Are you intrested in a job on the show we need someone to drive around with us and stroke frankies oil stick and help him out if you have any orange crush signs let us know

Thats true they scam ppls they know how much its worth there not dumb and they ask for the item for so cheap fuck u u rip offs i hope they find out how u work and tell u to fuck off u scum bags

how dare you people say we rip people off you wanna think im gay or whatever thats fine the show is as real as it gets and we try to give people a fair price on everything besides we make money off the show airing probably alot more then people who complain about the show