Corona doesn’t affect me, simp

You don’t understand true pestilence, true oppression. You are just following the herd, as always.


The government is pushing to take over the world and force you into oppression. Meanwhile, I am free to do whatever I wish, because I do not believe in Corona.

I am an atheist

Enjoy your toilet paper, while it lasts. Corona is just another religion created to control you with fear.

Social distancing? This is just to create population control. I won’t stand in line on your stupid boxes.

I stand outside the box

I am above the box. I don’t need to wash my hands. I don’t need to stay at home.


Wear your stupid masks, you idiots. Rub your hand with sanitizer until the skin peels away. I will still be standing when you are all culled. I can see through this matrix and this illusion.




In a 10-Day Span, ICE Flew This Detainee Across the Country — Nine Times — ProPublica

Asgari — who has a history of lung infections and pneumonia — has been held at four detention facilities in three states (Ohio, Louisiana and Texas). He’s also been placed on at least nine ICE flights across the country just since March 17. ProPublica used flight records to confirm Asgari’s account of his cross-country travels via Swift Air.

How’d like to be this poor, s00n to be dead fucker. Begs the question how many ‘detainees’ have already been infected by ICE agents that went on vacation within th US over the March Break. AND now after returning from where ever, are now flaming petri dishes of SAR COVID-2.
Oh, how about that aircraft carrier.
Godspeed or (Bob) Slack fuckers, ’cause ya’ll are gonna need something. Me, I just need Afghan hash and real Russian (potato) vodka.

‘It’s a vacation at home, if you ever wanted to vacation in a town where they’re loading cadavers into trucks’

Okay there Edgar Allan Poe, could ya try to be less morbidly hatesec, more satirical hatesec. And how about some hate radio to lower our moral even more after that profound tweet? What, comedy anyways is tragedy plus time. Well its been a month and the pile of bodies are as high as the Smokey Mountains. Or so it seems.

when i was going downtown Roanoke to buy me a spoonful of lovin, it doesn’t go unnoticed, the spot next to the dumpster behind 7/11 was abandoned. has the cheeseburger binge endet? is that hairy bitch back? the horror, the horror.
p.s. is my “ya gonna die” remark gotten somewhat clearer?

Nice fake suicide there fishfag. Give it a few months or so, & I’m sure bodies will start swan divin’ out of every high building, just like the did out of the twin towers back on 9-11. History, rinse and repeat. S00n they’ll invent another 20 war, ‘cept a bio terror war, now with covid19 and China. Got have a devil or a bat or a conspiracy.

‘1) Bad teeth. If I remember correctly, one of my favorite jokes about this was the point out that your teeth look like they were grown on the wall of a cave. 2) You came in late to an established thing after the hard part was over, got put in organizational channels as a “journalist” and then switched hats once in a favorable position. At least that was my understanding. 3) Heroin 4) You did a really good job of embodying the Dale Gribble stereotype of paranoid conspiracy guy at a time when Anonymous was becoming overrun with nonsense 5) You’re not fun, like, a fun guy.

Dude the only person that had anything to do with you getting raided by the FBI without a shirt on was you. I didn’t hack your brain and make you start threatening agent families in public videos. You did that. I made fun of you for being ugly, which you are, for being egotistical, which you also clearly are, and being delusional, which you…It’s been 10 years you psycho, ageing is supposed to give people perspective. It looks like it might have just given you brain holes.‘

barrett brown has the distinguished and winning smile of a dedicated pipe smoker, which is rare, not as such, but among opiate connaisseurs. but in a country without health insurance and any noteworthy health system, where every pariah grin brings images of dresden 1945 to mind, this is not an issue anyway.
once upon a time a barrett brown wrote a brilliant piece in the guardian and later that day a sock with the moniker barretbrown popped up in the anon honeypot. “are you teh barrett brown¿” “yes I am!” and all the chicks started dripping like a gravel truck at the red lights, and all the fbi snitches chanted “gooba gabba, we accept you, one of us, one of us!”. thats how barrett brown became king of anonymous and fell victim to shirtless raiding.
barry is a fun guy, those who tells you otherwise are obnoxious monkeys and eat faces.

‘Move Cassandra Fairbanks to a safe house

$18,425 raised of $10,000 target
Donate now

Ezra Levant is organising this fundraising appeal on behalf of Cassandra Fairbanks.
Created 8 hours ago
Accidents & Emergencies
Cassandra Fairbanks is a mom and a journalist in Washington, D.C.

After she criticized the riots, she was deluged by death threats and her home address was published by Antifa. Rioters showed up at her house, pounding on the windows and firing guns and fireworks at her home.

She fled her house with her daughter and pets, and is now looking for a new, safe place to live.

All funds will be sent to her for relocating to a safe place. She has approved this fundraiser.’

P.S. Read more details here:

Wow this HOE (literally she’$ a HOE) AND this HOE is up 18,000 with her latest graft ?

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