Algorithm Jamming and the "future" of art

There’s little doubt about it — except in this article’s fake linkbait title — algorithm jamming is the present stage of the world’s most popularly viewed “art.”

An inhumanly vast body of algorithmically generated nonsense exists and exposes you to advertisers, an entertainment industry completely devoid of any entertainment but the shred that exists in the charged moments right before you click the linkbait and find substanceless infuriating gibberish.

Young women have deployed closeup shots of their décolletage to algorithm jam the video game part of YouTube, a haunt of hormonal teenage boys. This provided an impressive income for several young women, but earned them few fans. Outcry from the boys was so overwhelming, YouTube officials “improved” the algorithm, effectively ending these women’s new careers.

Algorithm jammers sometimes take a sick pleasure in building labyrinths of desired objects debased into infuriating meaninglessness, an act born of and giving birth to hate. The genuine container deceptively labeled with a desired object conjured by the algorithm jammer is filled with this hate and mass distributed.

There are thousands of “tributes” to jokes like this video. The audio track drops a crucial hint, “Money for nothing / Chicks for free”

Imitation food reviews of imitation food play through a never ending carnival of “novelty” products as intransitive as Burger King’s burger with fries inside the burger. Enormous images of food and faces eating food fill the frame. A string of automobiles powered by fat men eating burgers, riding in the wake of each fast food advertising campaign bobs by carelessly and is caught in the crest of an algorithm. Dare he take the wheel, and preach about the great future promised by Anonymous? Dare he fill his gut with words of bloody revolution, punk rock, and anarchy? Will he be wise enough to continue to label it Review of McDonald’s new Triple Big Mac?

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This is how those porn sites work that lead you through a series of pages, always chasing the image spoof of that video to which you hope to someday masturbate. Surely it exists. If I just click that link.

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