Secret contact with intelligent extraterrestrials proven by leak, says Julian Assange

Wikileaks reveals Skylab encountered aliens
Wikileaks reveals Skylab encountered aliens

INTERNET — Julian Assange came forward with documents hacked from the CIA cloud database which prove “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that extraterrestrials have been in contact with the CIA since 1973, when one of their ships appeared outside Skylab.

During launch, Skylab’s solar array was damaged as an aluminum heat shield was torn away. Because of under powered air conditioning and the lack of a heat shield, the faulty space station nearly cooked three astronauts alive. The aliens communicated using English, and aided the crew in deploying the damaged solar panel.

Astronaut Pete Conrad was quoted in the documents saying, “We were about to cook ourselves alive in there when that merciful ship parked itself in front of the sun. Such relief, I can hardly find words.”

During a spacewalk to repair the ship, Conrad also claimed to have been aided by the extraterrestrials, saying in one account, “When the solar panel opened, it really jumped open. I was catapulted hundreds of feet from the ship and knew I was a dead man. But I owe the aliens my life. They brought me back to Skylab.”

The CIA seized NASA’s control room and forced the astronauts to berate the aliens about their intentions. Conrad said, “When they wanted me to offer a possible alliance in all-out-war against Soviet Russia, that was where I drew the line. If I’d gone along with it, we may have had a different world.”

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And I quote ‘Dear @FBIPressOffice, @ShadowDXS aka Branndon Pike of Daytona Beach (age 21) also paid us to attack Infragard Atlanta and affiliates.’ Love it when the fishfag stirs the pot and turns on the oven. Ps-Julian is a hybrid grey reptilian in disguse, js.

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