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Ancient Aliens Host Giorgio Tsoukalos Ascends into UFO

An Alien Space Craft in Hollywood picked up Giorgio Tsoukalos Monday.
An Alien Space Craft in Hollywood picked up Giorgio Tsoukalos Monday.

HOLLYWOOD — Giorgio Tsoukalos, host of Ancient Aliens, was reportedly picked up by a UFO Monday evening. Friends saw Tsoukalos ascending in a beam of light and changing strangely as he ascended. David Childress, expert in Shamanic abductions, said, “His head grew and grew, my God, it was terrible. He began to glow, it looked like his atoms were fusing. He became a ball of plasma or something, and several other balls of light were circling around, beaming him with some kind of radiation. They joined into one blinding, spheric thing that looked like a small sun. It shot off at an impossible speed.”

Friends earlier noticed electric anomalies and a static charge which stained the skin of Tsoukalos orange and made his hair stand up all the time. George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM, said, “It was the weirdest thing. He told me once that he had been visited by balls of light, but he didn’t want to talk about it on the show. He said his brain had grown that night, years ago, and ever since then he’d interfere with electronic devices occasionally.”

Tsoukalos was later reached for interview, and said, “I can ascend and descend between the mortal realm and the Alien whenever I like, now, as many men in ancient history such as Jesus, Muhammad, and other great prophets. I have contacted the source of all, Aliens, and I can attest to the fact that all Ancient Alien theories are in fact truer than I ever imagined.”

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when i was about five years old…a man spoke from the clouds…i was and still am.. living in alexandria va…near washington dc…i know it was real event…because it happened during the day with not only me and my mom…but my siblings as well…only me and twin remember it…have i witness a ufo…yes…have i been abuducted…i dont know…but i feel them when they are around…ive even mentioned it to my therapist…i used to be afraid…but im not now…scientist are trying to figure out why there are so many languages…that because at one time that the bible speaks of…that we were so obessed at getting to heaven that we sent in many directions to live here and grow…thats why i belive that we were all given different teachers…or divine leaders to give each group the same learning but a different voice…i dont see us being destroyed…but to keep all species going both animal and human…we have had great castophes…but life prevails…yes here in alexandria we have experienced a few alien encounters..but i think it made us for the better…i also think that the more intelligent you are…you actually miss the meaning of life…you dont think everything on earth evolves in communcation…youre wrong…they just havent been given us the sign to overtake us…when man evolves…animals evolve…even the smallest of creature can destroy us without speaking…namely the bee…everything and everyone has a language…if you take out one species…another will evolve to take its place…yes there is good and bad…but some good is bad and some bad is good…ying and yang….there has to be a balance…i think were being watched…not for bad…but for the ones who understand…i think death is just a way of traveling home…thats why we focus on sending us home…

i think at a certain time i will remember what it said, i just have a thing about saying Gods are men…just my upbringing….this event should have happened in 1964 or 5….in the daytime…in the east over the potomac river

Don’t be deceived, these encounters and lights seen in the night sky are not aliens from another world. According to ancient scripture, called the Bible, Genesis records the account of fallen angels copulation with human women that created giants (nephilim). These sightings are the disembodied spirits of the nephilim, they are in all actuality DEMONS that are trying to munipulate the gene code of humanity to create a hybrid in there image. Read all about this in my coming book, “Semyaza—Prince of the Nephilim Incursion”…

Dave Ruzzo

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