D-Loc dead at 36

Marijuana overdose claims another victim as high potency "dabs" push toxicity levels to a new high.
Marijuana overdose claims another victim as high potency “dabs” push toxicity levels to a new high.

INERNET — Dustin Miller, famed MC known as D-Loc of the Kottonmouth Kings rap group, died Monday evening after taking a fatal dose of highly potent marijauna extract known colloquially as “dab.” Fellow Kottonmouth Kings member Daddy X told reporters, “Yo, D-Loc is up in heaven now, but all the little kiddies out there should be careful with this dab shit.” D-Loc reportedly smeared dab over a majority of his skin, absorbing a fatal dose of THC through his pores.

D-Loc’s estate has been disbursed to the Miller family and will fund drug prevention programs. D-Loc’s fashion line, Hostility Clothing, has been shut down even as collector interest has driven prices of the edgy suburban streetwear t-shirts and baseball caps to new highs.

D-Loc’s death from highly-processed marijuana comes on the heels of Chumlee of Pawn Stars recent death from excessive super-potent marijuana vaporization. Family groups across the nation will hold rallies to protest the “domino effect” of marijuana legalization which has taken our youngest and best new entertainment stars.

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Quit trying to push your anti marijuana propaganda d loc ain’t dead I’ve been searching the sub noize website and Facebook and I’m sure there would be some rips like there is for big pak don’t spread lies to try and keep marijuana illegal buster

How can he be dead, when there are new pictures appearing on his site on Facebook. Is he taking pictures from heaven or ? HAAHAHAHAHAHA such bullshit.

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You guys that run this are fucking retards go die in a ditch. D-loc isn’t dead fucktards. Also to no one has ever died from weed and you can’t overdose. Hope every one that runs this sites gets cancer

WHY is this even up?? EVERYTHING in this entire fucking article is 100% BULL SHIT!! And also, I just saw him in December 2018, he’s alive and amazing and still smoking! NO ONE has died from weed EVER! Smearing dabs on his body? Omg this is waaay too stupid to even pass off as a fact. Get real.

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