Andrew Tate Dead after DMT overdose

INTERNET — Fans mourn the loss of kickboxing legend Andrew Tate, who was found dead in his mansion outside of Bucharest from an apparent overdose on DMT.

Authorities found excess quantities of the “spirit molecule” in Tate’s still-smoking cigar.

Tate was catapulted to fame when video surfaced of him whipping a young woman with his belt. The kickboxer was recently released from prison after facing charges for human trafficking in relation to his crying camgirl farm.

Proceeds from Tate’s Mutli-level Marketing campaign, the so-called “Hustler University” have been seized by the Romanian government, as litigation against the scheme is ongoing.

Many fans believe that Tate’s overdose on the “spiritual molecule” Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) has brought him into a higher realm. Hardcore fan, 14 year old Charlie Gilliam of Liverpool told reporters, “He’s wit machine elves now bruv,” teary eyed and ripping hard on a cigarette, “The fookin’ matrix, yo. Fook.”

[Editor’s note: Reporters seized the minor’s cigarettes and informed his parents, who didn’t seem to care.]

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One Tater Tot down, another to go ….

Oh and for your viewing displeasure, I present the Hateful Tates and their history of recorded crimes (they left a trial mile wide for the coppers & courts in Romania 🇷🇴 to indict them, loooooong before Vice came along with their fluff hit piece.

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