Tucker Carlson dead at 53

FLORIDA — Fans mourn the loss of Tucker Carlson, political commentator and beloved voice of Conservative America.

Carlson was found dead in his bed Saturday morning from an alleged brain aneurysm and is survived by his wife Susan and his four children. Boca Grande Police investigators said there were no signs of foul play but that all possibilities, including the use of “microwave weapons,” were being pursued.

The tragic death of Carlson comes just weeks after his firing from Fox News, where he spearheaded the network’s opinion and commentary with a powerful spin that critics often derided as “conspiracy theory.”

In the wake of his firing, Carlson promised a return to showbiz, continuing his show with two short videos posted on Twitter, criticizing the news media for ignoring the truly important issues of the day.

Longtime Tucker Carlson fan Dale Gallihan told reporters, “This goes to show how naive we were to think Tucker could have gotten away with it so easy. He’s up against the deep state, lizards who are more ruthless and powerful than even he could imagine.”

Veteran reporter and analyst Vic Livingstone, author of Slowkill Genocide, wrote “Tucker was going to end legacy media with his new Twitter show and I think Rupert Murdoch called in his microwave assassination team, it was a fullkill Havana Syndrome. The new weapons can penetrate even the most carefully wrought Faraday cages, so even the elites are not safe.”

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