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Anonymous hacker announces formation of “Right to Strike” labor collective

The Internet is soon to be the most powerful tool for organizing labor movements, thanks to Daddy Yawa's Anonymous Right to Strike website
The Internet is soon to be the most powerful tool for organizing labor movements, thanks to Daddy Yawa’s Anonymous Right to Strike website

INTERNET — In what may be its most historic and important operation to date, the Anonymous hacker collective has rolled out a simple web site called Right to Strike which allows workers all across the world to freely and anonymously organize resistance to employers. Workers in retail, fast food, as well as entertainers on youtube, facebook, and twitter are encouraged to join the discussion and air their grievances, general and specific, among like-minded anonymous friends in a safe environment.

Daddy Yawa, hacker and founder of Operation Right to Strike, says that workers will use the new platform to organize strikes and not just to blow off steam. Yawa issued a statement on pastebin, saying, “If you want to share your grievances without a pledge to strike, you will not be welcome on Right to Strike. We will notify you, and others, when pledges have reached the critical point where we begin bargaining with employers, and if the employers do not address the most urgent demands, workers will be called on to fulfill their pledge. It is very important that the pledges are fulfilled, although it is not important that workers identify with Right to Strike or gather in meatspace to wave signs around. It is enough to call in sick at the right moment.”

The grievances of fast food and retail workers as well as internet entertainers have been increasing, although until now there have only been a few localized strikes and little in the way of serious challenges to the power of the 1%. Employees are often fired for forming concerned collectives and attempting to bargain with employers, and entertainers publishing grievances about social media on social media will be quickly censored. Daddy Yawa is banking on diverting this suppressed energy into the Right to Strike web site, where the most urgent grievances will not only be given voice but backed up with the real threat of a strike. As Daddy Yawa said, “This ain’t no street parade or sign-waving festival to blow off some steam and flip the bird at The Man, this ain’t no imaginary revolution five years away, this ain’t no witch hunt or freakout over the latest news, this is what The Man fears more than anything — Right to Strike is the Real Occupy.”

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