Did Nobuo Uematsu plagiarize Led Zeppelin for Final Fantasy VII?

You decide

Listen to the following track from the unforgettable Final Fantasy VII videogame soundtrack, composed by Squaresoft’s in-house musical guru Nobuo Uematsu, and then listen to the legendary track from the Led Zeppelin album Physical Graffiti.

The possible plagiarism starts at the 15-second mark of ‘The Shinra Corporation’

The movement is the same, note-for-note, as John Paul Jones’ synthesizer crescendo beginning at the seven-minute mark of ‘Kashmir’

Led Zeppelin got their ideas from literature, folklore and the Blues. The idea for the song Kashmir came from a visit to the South Asian region of Kashmir. For three years, singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page worked on the song, with contributions from drummer John Bonham. They finally released the song in 1975.

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Listen to Dancing Days from Led Zep’ you will find FF6 victory fanfare and the intro is some random zeppelin music of old releases.

There also achilles last stand and FF 7 boss them. Also there is a music of rush (the name is something with wheel and start with keyboard) that match with ff6 word ruins

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