Christopher Nemelka’s Anonymous

Nemelka before his foray into science fiction and Anonymous
Nemelka before his foray into science fiction and Anonymous

Christopher Nemelka is a slippery individual to begin to understand. He has “translated” holy texts that Joseph Smith withheld, and is now spearheading a utopian political campaign which has gained tremendous publicity by associating itself with Anonymous. None of the news media reporting on the so-called Humanity Party has connected it with Nemelka, with some even speculating it may be related to Donald Trump, although even the most shallow research shows Nemelka as the chief ideologue, motivator, and benefactor of the campaign. In understanding what he is attempting to do as well as what this may mean for Anonymous, it is worth investigating Nemelka’s recent ideological frame, a book called Human Reality. It appears to be a profitable change of costume for Nemelka’s previous hedonist-Mormon teachings. The majority of Nemelka’s four hour keynote at the Humanity Party debut was concerned with this book and its notions, while the Voice of Anonymous character made a relatively brief appearance. The campaign is likely a ploy to sell this book and gain more influence, but it is also likely he is selling something more shocking and illicit.

According to Nemelka, advanced humans exist in a layer of reality that is infinite and perfect, the advanced world. Our advanced selves enter a lower, finite world as a mortal avatar, which is necessary for the advanced human to play the game. Also referred to as the game of life, this is the everyday reality that human beings are aware of. When the advanced human plays the game there are certain conditions, such as forgetfulness of the advanced world. Nemelka calls himself the messenger, and his purpose in preaching is to reawaken people to their advanced selves and to tell them the goal of playing the game, which is to “take that hit of heroin.” Even the pleasure of sex is, to an advanced human, experienced as a hit of heroin.

As Nemelka says, “This is the most incredible revealing thing you’ll ever hear. The advanced human brain, every time its mortal avatar has an orgasm, it senses that orgasm like a hit of heroin. Exactly like it.”

Taking a hit of heroin is not used as an innocent metaphor, either. Nemelka promotes its use as an entheogen not for mortals, but for the advanced humans to take through mediation of the mortal avatar. An advanced human is in Nemelka’s words, “a heroin addict,” except that the advanced human is able to get more and more out of each hit until reaching Ultimate Sex. As Nemelka says, “Ultimate sex — it’s the incentive of the game, believe it or not.”

Advanced humans have some biological quirks that make them capable of extreme sensation, but incapable of injecting heroin or having sex, necessitating playing the game. In Nemelka’s words, “In an advanced human body, there’s no blood. No blood vessels. All nerves.”

You’re an advanced human. You’re around other humans that’re playing the game, and they’re havin these hits of heroin that you can’t get. I want one of those hits. Well the only way you can get it is you’ve got to enter the game. You gotta enter the game. The only way you’re going to have that massive hit, that massive hit that’s the ultimate human feeling, that none of you have experienced here. Ya haven’t. None of you have. None of you have experienced the orgasmic sensory feeling that an advanced human brain has the capacity to feel. You have not. It’s impossible, and you never will. Unless you’re an advanced human … How do you get that hit of heroin? How do you get it and be able to partake of that drug as an advanced human until it becomes the most ultimate feeling you’ve ever felt, so that each time you take that hit it increases, increases, increases. Until you don’t know, how the hell can this stop. That’s how a heroin addict is, and that’s how an advanced human is. Except for one thing, it stops. It stops. It can’t go on forever. It can’t become the type of hit in your advanced brain unless you become, you have an avatar, that has the sexual parts to have that type of orgasm.

An advanced human is capable of transforming their gender through the ritual of heroin injection as a mortal avatar, unlocking the dual advanced/mortal experience of ultimate sex.

During the Q&A section of the talk, Nemelka questioned an audience member he identified as his sister, “What was the reason why you took your first hit of heroin?”

“The first hit? The first hit was to feel… what advanced feeling. Because I wanted to know.”

“Wanted to know what it felt like. Oh — this is awesome … Why did you keep wanting more hits?”

“Because it was fuckin’ aweso– Sorry — it was awesome.”

Another audience member said, “I’ve never tried heroin — never — probably will, and I get it … But I get it now. From an advanced perspective, I get it.”

Nemelka responded, “That’s perfect, and anyone who has, I’m not going to ask for a raise of hands because if we have any undercover cops in here I don’t know what that’s gonna do.”

The advanced/mortal duality offers Nemelka’s adherents an imaginary realm where they enjoy total freedom and control over pain, pleasure, and even gender while delivering their mortal avatars into simplification and abjection — heroin addiction. It is the mortal world that is a fake, a mere “game” with nothing worthwhile except pleasure delivered unto the advanced selves. It is not curious that the Humanity Party, attached at the hip to this ideology, should be nothing more than a timid liberalism, a politics that shares in the simplified, cynical view of humanity as pleasure seeking masses.

The Humanity Party’s “Voice of Anonymous,” promises a utopia that Nemelka admits cannot be delivered, but it is still not merely a gambit for attention or a fake. It is a marriage and a continuity. Behind the Anonymous mask were advanced humans, even before Nemelka formulated the idea. Operators who play the game. Heroin addicts. As Barrett Brown wrote, Anonymous follows an “amoral dictate.”

After the debut of the Humanity Party, there has been little skepticism or outrage from the Anonymous community or from the news media, likely because this is so little out of the expected realm of behavior for Anonymous. Although the Humanity Party did break with some common expectations of Anonymous, such as their labeling hacktivists as cyberterrorists and promoting voting as the only acceptable method of revolution, Anonymous has always played the game. Wearing the mask is to be a bloodless pleasure machine, seeking that next hit of heroin and knowing a true reality no one else is aware of.

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Good article. I know several people in the Marvolous Work and a Wonder aka Christopher Namelka followers. They left the Mormin religion and jumped into Namelka’s flock. These people cannot confront life. They believe that “none of this is real”
We all have the same opportunity to believe what we want. If these people want a “true messenger” to tell them what to believe, so be it.

I find the MWAW members to be hiders from the truth, not believers in humanity. Emotionless shells… Sigh

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