Polygamist Nemelkite Cult behind “Anonymous” Humanity Party

In a white leather, white-haired space alien suit the Guy Fawkes clad leader peppers us with a biblical and constitutional mix of propaganda in support of his presidential campaign. While claiming to be the only authentic “Voice of Anonymous,” sources show the Humanity Party domain was registered by Chrisopher Nemelka, a conman who admitted to writing his own additions to the Book of Mormon and crafted a cult of “Nemelkite” polygamist Mormons in imitation of Joseph Smith. Despite his prolific admissions of fraudulence and a reputation for criminality, Nemelka maintains a small following.

A blog posting written by a former Nemelkite roughly outlined Nemelka’s plans to launch the Humanity Party and use Anonymous imagery in January of 2015. A concerned insider wrote,

The Messenger [Nemelka] is the man behind the mask as he speaks to the inhabitants of the earth. All those who vote for Anonymous will be seeking a change to the current affairs in the Game of Life. The Messenger declares that Advanced Humans will return to the earth, and the Game of Life will be shortened if we vote for this new government.

Former Anons, both heroes and villains, are shown in the video and derided as counterproductive terrorists.

Few have “stuck their dicks in the beehive” in such an epic way, and this would-be L Ron Hubbard ought to make for a pretty good indicator of how active Anons still are.

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Also please if you have any info about this I wan to personally thank those who are anonymous that back me and help me please get me any information about who is really behind that mask I want to expose him. I have a small cash reward I am willing to pay for real solid information as to who that so called spaceman voice of anonymous really is! Contact me at

This is the real Harry Dschaak. Whoever attempted to impersonate me misspelled my name in the previous post. Obviously I have no need to offer anyone any money or anything else in order to properly expose Mr. Nemelka as the voice behind the mask. You only have to know what his voice sounds like in real life and what his manner of speech is (his vocabulary, his teachings, his sense of humor, etc) to know that the freak in the Raelian suit (sorry Rael)is Christopher.

Also worthy of note, I have no need of anyone’s support, including people who hide behind masks. There is currently a defamation suit being litigated in an Idaho Court where I am the named Defendant. District SIX Case NO. CV-2016-0000389. So far, Christopher and his Legal Team are refusing to present any hard evidence of misconduct that would convict me, but it’s early going so we’ll see.

Please, no need to support me in this.

I got this.

Oh, and I voluntarily took the site offline after receiving a threat from Christopher through his brother (who is also his attorney). The site has (for all intents and purposes) served its purpose, even if it never goes back up. (people have been made aware)

Since no one can predict how a lawsuit will go, I hesitate to say the site will be put back up. At this point in the proceedings, however, its looking like it probably will, and a great deal of incriminating evidence and commentary will be made public.


Finally watched that whole video about … lol at Fonzi (Henry Winkler) at the end. So one might wonder how the estate of that wife beater of hippie John Lennon and the United Nations would respond to his Fair Use of the song and images of the Lennons for lunancy. Can I haz a DMCA raep train, askin’ for humanity!? Stephen Colbert forever burned an image of Aaron Barr and Tom Ryan with their small penises fuckin’ a beehive in my mind.

And he also seems obsessed with ‘the children’ but then again Mormon’s are infamous for taking childbrides (14 and under), plus sexual abuse of minors in their cult is more common than not.

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