Chronicle.SU Censored by Presstorm

Today the Chronicle.SU was censored by Jamie of Presstorm, and her ancient husband Dave.

Today the Chronicle.SU was censored by Jamie and her husband of Presstorm.

Today Jamie of Presstorm finally decided that enough ad hominems attack were enough. Chronicle.SU submitted this article to Jamie and she denied it because her web site is already too full of ad hominems. Strangely enough, the story was about her web site! LOL.

She promised to Retweet any links to the article in question, and immediately trollfood began posting egregious comments on Chronicle.SU. “I love Presstorm,” the tearful idiots cried, “It completes me, it treats me, it plays to my emotions.” #OccupyWallStreet #AnonNews #AnonNews #AnonN3sws #J335335t3rrrrrrrrrrrr

However, Jamie has published ad hominems against her before but they were REALLY dumb. Seriously lets just post a million Twitter screencaps and hope somehow it makes a convincing argument. I mean you could at least get huge data dumps vetted by AntiSec and pretend like they weren’t tampered with at all. Yeah, that.

Chronicle.SU has been censored again by the fascists at Presstorm. Jamie’s use of 88 and SS in their Twitter handle is disturbing. I wish she’d just change it already so we can stop worrying about if she’s a nazi or not.

We, the sheeple, are no longer happy with the New World Order and apparently Jamie works hard to protect it.

Presstorm is a NWO PSY OP.


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Their “high standard” lets the wormiest shit through, which is why it’s so funny that a well-written cutdown of the non-famous Jamie jo crone appeared in their order book and didn’t get served.

We had trouble deciding whether she was even worth our time. I argued that she wasn’t. Billy agreed. But we thought it would be funny to do it anyway, just to challenge her “we’ll run anything!” agenda for the big lols.

Clearly, she won’t run anything. Clearly, there is a double standard. Clearly, they even deleted the article we linked to as proof of said double standard. :) Oh, and when her husband predictably came to her defense, but ever so weakly cited a few debunkable claims – that is what I consider to be the funniest part, even if it does involve shaming a man who in this case is superior to the woman we attacked. :

I’d say the only thing lame about what we did is reveal the existence of yet another shitty, second-rate opinion blog espousing itself as a next-generation repository of leftist, establishment crushing truth.

You win some, you lose some. :)

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