Facebook implements “racist” anti-Native name policy

Facebook "whitening" native names to make whites feel more comfortable
Facebook “whitening” native names to make whites feel more comfortable

INTERNET — Native Americans on Facebook may find their given names altered to sound more white, according to reports. Lance Brown Eyes had his name altered to Lance Brown, and has since struggled and failed to get any response at all from the one-person team responsible for instituting Facebook’s “real name” policy.

Facebook spokesperson Daneel Olivaw told reporters, “We encourage non-whites to use more approachable names, white names, simply because our algorithm for testing fake names is limited. Plus, it makes it easier on their white friends who may become confused.”

When asked why it was so important to police native names, Olivaw said, “Fake names lead to an unsafe environment, and because all of our detection of fake names is automated, this lets us keep the service free.”

Olivaw grew impatient and angry as reporters needled him with questions about why only one human was responsible for such a tremendous task, “Hey, I don’t tell you how to run your business, do I? Facebook is not a public space, it is a private space, and you follow our rules by our grace. You will construct your authentic self within our framework of acceptable behavior.”

Facebook quickly announced that Olivaw was “under investigation,” but the naming policy at Facebook hasn’t changed, and the atmosphere of colonial control and oppression fostered by Facebook’s automated name policy has poisoned the well for natives.

“We don’t want to go back to Facebook,” said George Tall Eagle. “It’s a racist system. We need our own Facebook with our own set of rules.”

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Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist! Racial bias isn’t epidemic in those who join Facebook any more than it is epidemic in academia or the arts. And yet,after years of Surveillance work, NSA Officers often can’t help but be influenced by the cynicism they feel and begin viewing Native American Citizens differently.

Ridiculous! I m white and have no problems with names.. can handle any name. The problem s pure stupidity. Perhaps the education system could be improved??

Did daneel olivaw really say that? I would love to use this quote from him. Do you have the transcript or where this was initially said and to whom? Thank you for writing this article


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