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Whistleblower: “CIA made Brian Williams Lie” — Bob Simon was murdered

Whistleblower says CIA made Brian Williams Lie, and drives the agenda of Mainstream Media
Whistleblower says the CIA made Brian Williams Lie.

INTERNET — A whistleblower from the CIA released conclusive information to the hacker collective Anonymous that showed the CIA was acting as “de facto editor-in-chief” for all network and cable news stations. That means that a CIA agent ultimately controlled what Brian Williams could and couldn’t say, while giving him cash rewards for hamming up stories about combat in Iraq.

The whistleblower also alleged that Bob Simon, dead Wednesday evening from a fatal car crash, was on the verge of coming forward with an investigative report that would show conclusive proof that the CIA has been controlling the content of practically every major newspaper at home and abroad, and most actively in Syria and the Ukraine.

Williams has totally disappeared from the public eye and was suspended for six months without pay.

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