“Honey Boo Boo” star Alana Thompson dead at seven

The late Honey Boo Boo poses for judges on the reality TV show Toddlers and Tiaras.
The late Honey Boo Boo poses for judges on the reality TV show Toddlers and Tiaras.

ATLANTA–Alana Thompson, known to millions as “Honey Boo Boo,” passed away Tuesday morning from medical problems related to childhood obesity. She was seven. Grieving family members have forsworn their poor diets and addiction to energy drinks. “We ain’t drinkin’ that poison go go juice no more. They dun’ took little Honey Boo Boo Child away, and they ain’t gonna take no more of us,” said June “Mama” Shannon.

The nation has turned its attention to its diet in light of this tragedy, and calls to outlaw dangerous soft drinks have flooded legislators. “Soda is killing our children, and they are our future. We’re going to have to either tax or outlaw sugary drinks,” said Joe Biden.

Some critics are skeptical about these calls for a crackdown on unhealthy drinks. Nutritional expert Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador said, “The death of this child, it’s a tragedy, but I don’t believe she died because of soft drinks. Soft drinks bring vigor and pep to everyday life and cleanse the mouth of dangerous rot. If anything, it was all that spaghetti, ketchup, and butter. Nothing good can come of a high calorie diet so devoid of nutrients.”

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That’s not funny. A child died. I don’t care that she was the star of a rediculous TV show or what. A beautiful little girl died.

Yes let’s immortalize a fat child star let’s promote childhood obesity oh wait am I saying sarcasm *yes I am* we should never support childhood obesity or redneck white trash. Yes let’s devolve as humans into fat freaking idiots yes she died and it was something that needed to to happen. Why America would support a show for fat kids is beyond me

Twern’t the lil gal’s fault she’s daid. It wuz her friggin parents fault, … ya dont let a 7 year old girl eat what she wantz an drink energey drinks til she pukes. God luv her. At least she didnt start huffin gas and lighter fluid lak me.

how stupid and rude you ,,,,there is no way I will call you rude and stupid nothings that little girl was just that a little girl, what goes around comes around, and you snakes will have to face what you have said, that little girl had more feeling than anyone of you dodos

See she was already in hell but now she in heaven so more than I can say for you you’re still burning in hell that’s what’s funny gods got you and honey-boohoney-boo-bhoney-boohoney-boo-boo will be their win you try to get in the doors and can’t

She was a child. I never watched the show, it was too offensive but you can’t say things like that about a child who has died. I have a seven year old daughter, who I force to eat healthy and encourage to play sports, but she is doing well because I am taking good care of her, if I fed her crap and let her have as many cookies as she wanted and never turned off the tv she would be no better than Alana. It is not her fault, and in all honesty her mother was too ignorant to know she was doing wrong. And Jo Biden wanting to tax soft drinks can go F himself, those of us who use them responsibly don’t need to pay extra and those who eat like honey boo boo will continue to no matter how much you tax them, now perhaps make it so you can’t buy them on food stamps any more but other than not buying them for people the gov should have no say in what people want to eat.

She’s not dead. If she was dead it would be all over the media, and by far this is the only site that says she died. An also if she died they wouldn’t air a new season premiere tonight.

She was soo funny! I love the show!!!!! She is soo adorable ! God bless her and her family! And everyone leaving these rude and disrespectful comments … What’s wrong with you!? You gutless pieces of crap! She was 7 years old and didn’t worry about her weight because she knew she was beautiful just the way she was! But I think those energy drinks should be banned and sued for everything they own! Rest in peace beautiful child:)

You people are so rude. Quit talking like that about a lil girl. How would you feel if you had a seven year old and people were talking all this retarted garbage bout her? And she’s dead. Wouldn’t you want people to respect your dead daughter.

She is not dead her last show was febuary tenth and she was caught doing the harlem shake. These are just death rumors and its only on this website.

If honey bobo is really dead then how come they didn’t show it on the news and why didn’t they show her funeral so it’s a total lie even Louisville is smarter than these stupid reatrdos

Wow, I think you’re right She’s not dead, but what I do know is ur stupid and don’t know nothing about the vile, we won the NCAA this year what did you win?
P.s. what a suprise I’m from louisville and went to Noe middle lol

Omg you dumbass people! Honey Boo Boo is not dead and June confirmed it on the page she runs for Alana. And yes she did confirm that it is her page! The show will be back on this summer so shut the fuck up and stop spreading rumours and shit!

First, I think this is horrible that people make up rumors like this, and secondly, it is a shame that people talk about one another in this way. Fat or not, she is a human bean,not a diease and if she were dead, eventhough she is not, I would hope everyone would have more respect for her than what was displayed on this site. Futhermore, if this were your child, would u love her anyless? I am Glad God doesn’t judge us, like we judge each other. Until u have walked a mile in her shoes, don’t judge, because no one is perfect and surely u know that skinny today, could be fat tomrorrow and no one is exempted. Our job is to be of encouragement and from where I stand, she won the hearts of producers and made it on tv, so she must be doing something right…..

glad god doesn’t judge us like we judge each other? Gods judgement includes sending us into a realm where we suffer for eternity… I personally think that in a way we’re already in hell and my punishment was I have to discover really stupid people

Why would they want to air another season of this fat girl drinking pop, farting and everything else you don’t want your kids to due! The TV networks are just hard up for money making shows! Most all these shows are always Hillbillys in them! Due to how dumb they are and that by giving them a couple more dollars makes them feel like they are rich! Guess its better then they get government benefits?

I wish they would STOP putting her stupid advert up, stupid accent, stupid spoilt little kid and not even pretty to be wearing a tiara… I wish they stopped her on show full stop. urgh

Me too but it’s the people who watch this kind of crap that make shows like this exist. I was researching caffeine and sugar and came across this crap.

Honey Boo Boo isn’t dead. Although she is a little chunky, she isn’t obese. I know obese. Stop spreading fake bullcrap about a little girl who you have only seen on TV. She hasn’t hurt you. You don’t know her life.

What is wrong with people that adore a little girl that is overweight for her age it is ridiculous what people enjoy these day and all the bullshit that is on tv.

Other people have it worse than she ever has she is just a spoiled little brat that should noteven have any of the things she does not deserve necause you have to work o ern things and she does not do crap.

It is not the childs fault, she was only 7 years old. Her mother should be hung and feed high calorie foods, and any other mother who thinks it is cute to have an obeist child.

I also heard she got a nose transplant from a pig’s nose and she whined till the doctors gave her the pig’s little curly tail to !
Maybe they might transplant a baboons brain in hee to ? That would make her the smartest one in her family then !

Daniel Whitney

They buried Honey Boo Boo in the famliy plot, Which is in the backyard.
Oh Yeah they have the best of security catching over the fat little cute cortes, the best money can buy them ! Uncle Buck and the 6th cousin that is twice removed watch over her. They picked them due to they were great watching over the famliy moonshine still.
Now they use this way on WHO to shoot and WHO not to !
They only will shoot someone when then see the write of there teeth, this is because anyone with all there teeth are not a relative or friend.
I was shocked to see they are on are for a new season ?
They must be taking a lot of this backwoods hillbilly fat farting dumbass kid ?
I only watched this show twice, if she was my kid and did or ate any of the crap she does, she would be sent off to a private school that would teach her the right way !
How can anyone watch this show, knowing by watching her only gives the network more power to keep making more shows, Which in return is making Honey Boo Boo do stupid shit and eat and drink all that healthy food !
Can all you say diabetes , high cholesterol , kidney damage , fatty heart and much more !
So all you who watch her, why not let your kids eat and drink the crap she does ? Let your kids act like she does around your famliy or friends ? You wont will you ?
Think about that ?

LOOOL she didn’t die. Your a bunch of idiots. It would be on the news and all over the media. Her family is getting together tonight for the season premiere tonight at 9. This is so jokes. If you actually believe she’s dead than your a bunch of idiots

If Honey Boo Boo Child Was or Is Dead Than It Would Be spread All Ac-cross The News And So forth…. I Mean The Girl Is a Bite Chunkeh But Give her A Break.

who the fuck cares about this lil fat girl….and whats wrong with this country..why would you watch a show about a fat plastic 7 year old. all of you guys should kill guys have lowered americas bar lower then it ever has..

U need to at least feel grief like I suggested to anonfish or whatever but still u shouldn’t make fun if the deceased

That’s not nice even if u don’t think she was the cutest u could at least b sorry for this little girls family

All of u fags are such a bunch of inconsiderate pricks who need 2 get a life and stop thinking u know everything… We don’t know if she’s dead or not and it doesn’t matter wat u faggots say about her, u don’t disrespect the poor kid no matter how she looked… How would u like it if this convo was all about ur kid or anybody in ur family??? Don’t always think u know best, wat if she really is dead and u’ve all been making jokes like she was meant 2 be raised in a barn amongst pigs… U all disgust me

What in the fuck is wrong with you fuckin retards it dosn’t matter if it’s true or not. First of all you don’t make fun of someone that has passed away, what if it was your child or sister and people were saying shit like that. Man this really pisses me off. I mean really what is wrong with people today that’s just fucking amazing. I hope each and everyone of you have fun in hell cause that’s where you should go after this life.and it doesn’t make you look or sound cool it makes you look like the heartless basterds you are. Fuck all you fucking retards that posted something bad about that little girl. If it is true my heart go out to the family !!!

Do any of you people making rude insults about this little girl even have a life?? I mean really, do you have nothing better to do besides sit around and insult her and her family. It’s people like you that make America a horrible place. Saying you wish death upon someone is so immature and childish. Especially since you’ve wished death upon a 7 year old. Fucking grow up. It’s not your child. So why worry about she raises her children?? Why don’t you judgemental assholes find something better to do and worry about ypur own damn lives. It’s sad that these poor people have to live with people always making fun of them. It’s sickening actually. You people are just jealous that you’re not famous and have a popular television show. Grow up and leave this family alone.

I take it that you are also a toothless backwoods redneck ?
What parent in there right mind would want to show off a kid that has no manners, runs around the house like a little brat, then.let the kid eat and drink whatever she ?
Oh yeah I am so jealous that I don’t have my own TV show !
Have you even.a brain ? Most of these shows, have rednecks/hillbillies in them, mostly for our Entertainment, due to how we stereo type them.
Yeah I would want my own Tv show, but my family has all there teeth, have manners, and have class. So no producer will be knocking on my door any time soon. Nor would I want them to !
She is going to have to live with all the crap she does for the rest or her life, and when ratings drop or the producer gets fed up with them, they will be dropped like a hot potato !
Then what ? Oh mommy is going to have to get a job.and stop living off the kids money ! They are not getting paid all that great anyways.
But maybe if we get hard up for money, I will pull some teeth, move to the south and come up with some kind of shit that the producers would love, but gell would have to freeze first !

Actually no. I am not a “redneck” as you call it. I can’t stand the way they act and I have all of my teeth thank you!. And I never said I agree with the way she raises her children. All I am saying why waste time to judge these people when clearly they only act that way to get attention because they know they’re on camera. I’m a mother myself. Of a ten month old. And no it isn’t right she lets her children sit there and eat and drink whatever they want. But it’s their lives no one else’s. If she wants to let her kids be unheathly, so be it. She’s the one who will have to deal with the consequences of her actions. But I don’t think it is right tp wish death upon someone. No matter what the situation. Obviously you’re just another one of those jugdemental pricks that doesn’t know right from wrong. I was raised not to judge people. But I guess some people just think they’re better than everyone else. It’s bullies like you people who cause other people to do irrational things like murder people. That is all I have to say to you!

You do judge people !
You have just did it here !
Plus I bet you do it every week, how many times.have you seen a mother or father do something with their kids, then.said to yourself, “I would never do that, or I would never let my kid do that” ? This is judging someone.
Anyone who says they never would judge people,.are full of it ! It’s human nature.

Don’t think they are just acting for the show, from.what I understand, they have been doing YouTube videos and thats how they were found.

Any family that are dumb enough to air there family shit on TV, should know they just opened themselves up to shit.
People have the right to.say what they want. So if someone wants to say she died because they are fed up with the BS , then they have the right to say it.
No one asked you to read these post.
So.some people feel better by talk shit about her, they didn’t email you to.ask you to read it.
You did it by yourself to read all of the post.
Then you past judgment on all that made a comment.
Oh but you don’t judge people ?

Again, anyone that says they don’t judge people, say they don’t get jealous, are racist, are all full of it ! Again it is human nature. There have been studies done about all of this, and the findings would.shock you.

Really who is getting hurt by any of these post ?

Why don’t you go.and complain to some of these tabloids out there and the shit they say ?

Whatever. Whether you believe it or not, there are different types of judgements. It’s still the point that you don’t wish death upon anyone. Especially a 7 year old or any child for that matter. It just proves you have no morals. Would you wish death upon a child?? Cause if you would, then you also have no morals. Yes this little girl is overweight, but rather than pass judgement on her, someone should help her. All she is knows is junk food and energy drinks. She needs to be takendrom her mother and put on a diet.

Fuck you, “Krissy.” You have a stupid name and stupid ideas. You’re commenting on a fake blog post about a redneck slob.

Get a life, you piece of shit.

Grow a fucking purpose.

Never come back here.

Wow, Midnite, you like dissing the “rednecks” yet you spell like one? I’ll hit you so hard with a dictionary to the head you’ll vommit the alphabet, go study and stfu, leave krissy alone and I don’t know, maybe grow some balls and go to the South and call one of us a “redneck” and let’s see what happens, mkay? This “redneck” has better grammar, spelling and teeth than you so if I were you I would rather shut the fuck up, to the rest of you indecisive pricks, suck it ass faces, I’ll see you all in Hell! Yes that’s right Midnite, Hell is spelt with an ‘H’

Well you don’t have the balls to even use a name, but go under “Anonymous”, is that you.have asshole, oh boy I misspelled Hell, by hitting the G thats right next to the H.
Just shows the mass range of your IQ, of a 50 by your writing.
Just love the idiots that have nothing better to do or say and try to pick apart ones spelling, when they hide
behind their computers and talk big !
I have been in the south, and called you all toothless backwoods rednecks !
Put your money where your teeth was and come up north to Chicago and talk this shit to my face !
Oh don’t forget to bring your dictionary so you can try to hit my head with it ! Just that you will be crapping out the alphabet for the next couple of weeks then !
So hop on the next bus and come run your mouth !

I’ve never read such awful comments. I watch the news almost 24/7, and Honey Boo Boo hasn’t been reported as dying that I saw? But, whether she died or not, why all this meanness? If you don’t like something on the boob tube, turn the channel. My God, what would the world be like if we were all perfect robots????? Besides, who wouldn’t want to make some money…in this economy those people are/were? lucky to catch their fifteen minutes of fame. What’s bad is the child beauty queen contests. Remember Jon Bonet??? Too many of us focus on the wrong things. Just because we’re online doesn’t mean we have to be crazy cruel. We all have our faults. LOL! Look in the mirror/s? :)

All of yall are fucked up in the head tho little girl was 7 years old she barely knew right from wrong and yall gonna laugh at her passing away,there is a big place in hell for all of you so minded creatures in not gonna call you people because people have feelings and wouldn’t laugh at a young child dying R.I.P Alana Thompson you will be missed and I loved the show p.s. I’m 15 take notes fellow Americans

She said she doesn’t like vegetables… This is what happens when your parents don’t force feed you healthy stuff…



Alana didn’t die.. You’re all fucking stupid.. Especially those who believe this shit and talk trash on a little kid. This is reality tv.. They play up to the camera ffs..

one day honey boo boo farted and her face exploded and out of the wreckage crawled donald trump’s hair and it parted the oceans and blew away all the plants and trees and then everyone died . except the fishy’s.

the end.

then kim jong un released his new hit album and became president of the mermen and all the fish people and koreans along with honey boo boo who miraculously survived somehow danced until god decided to put an end to them once and for all.


the end really this time.

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