Hillary Clinton indicted over e-mail scandal

INTERNET – Former New York Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton was indicted by a grand jury, Monday, for illegally using a private server to host her government e-mails. Clinton was detained and is being held on suicide watch at the military brig in Quantico as a terrorist and enemy of the state.

Forensic Analyst Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador led a squad of commandos to exfiltrate Clinton’s e-mail servers from an undisclosed Deep State hiding spot after being tipped off by Julian Assange. With sophisticated airgapping hacks, specialist Jamie “Asshurt” McFegs was able to extract damning deleted evidence that Clinton conspired with Vladimir Putin in rigging the 2016 presidential election.

Dr. Troubador and his team fled beyond the reach of the Deep State to the safety of Moscow early Sunday morning with the help of Wikileaks and the Courage Foundation. Julian Assange told fans, “Dr. Troubador is the greatest hero of all time. Bigger than Snowden, bigger than Manning, bigger than me. He will be remembered for millennia as the man who single handedly and boldly changed history for the better.”

In the most striking leaked e-mail to Putin, Hillary wrote “We’ve got to cancel out those deplorable Republican votes any way we can! Hack the voting machines and cancel their fucking votes if you have to, get into their facebooks, twitter, youtube and BAN the fuckers, whatever it takes.”

Donald Trump tweeted that he would end all democratic elections in the US after Hillary was put to death for treason.  “Maybe I’ll be president for life, like Putin or Xi Jinping.” the president told reporters on the golf course at Mar-A-Lago. “But first, we’re going to set things right and LOCK HER UP AND GIVE HER THE CHAIR! We’ll ask questions later. There’s just no time for a trial with these terrorists.”


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Get serious, Carleton – iPolitics

Carleton University has done an admirable job in raising its game and improving its reputation in recent years.

Once derided as Last-Chance U, the place that accepted students that other Ontario universities rejected, Carleton has worked hard to develop itself into as a serious place, with cutting-edge research and a true competitor to its cross-town rival, the University of Ottawa.

So I was shocked to see a recent career ad in The Globe and Mail announcing Carleton’s search for first-ever “Allan Slaight Chair for the Study of the Conjuring Arts” in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

That’s right. Carleton is aiming to become a world academic centre for magic and everything that entails.

“Focusing on perception, illusion, deception, influence and the history of magic, the study of the conjuring arts is an evolving area that represents a respected and growing academic area of study,” the ad claims.

The university says that the study of magic involves psychology, history, literature, communication, media, religious studies and theatre.

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