Hurricane Ian washes Mar-A-Lago into the sea

INTERNET — As storm waters subsided, Thursday, Donald Trump returned to the now ruined and flooded Mar-A-Lago golf resort.

“Look what Hurricane Biden did to the great, great game of golf,” Trump said as he stood over a ruined sand trap, now full of ocean water. “Nancy Pelosi, in the Capitol building, she must so so happy right now.”

“If I were in the oval office this would have never happened, not in a million years,” the former president pointed at the ruined foundations of his former luxury facilities and shifted from his smug demeanor into a more hateful and accusatory tone, “I’ve seen the leaks from Hunter Biden’s laptop, and this hurricane is a bad, bad deal, extremely embarrassing for our country.”

President Trump raised a single finger to the sky, signing his allegiance to QAnon, “Where We Go One, We Go All [WWG1WGA],” and said to the sea, “The Storm is Coming, and it’s going to be a big one, real one. The people are tired of this bad, bad government and the gestapo style FBI that has been entrapping me, and so many other good people on both sides. There’s very, very good people on both sides.”

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