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Lebal Drocer, Inc. defends autonomous riot control robots: “Our killbots were just following orders.”


It has come to our attention the Automatic Crowd Dispersal Computers [ACDC Gen. 2] by Lebal Drocer, deployed throughout sensitive regions around the world, have malfunctioned, resulting in the unfortunate loss of privilege-enhanced human life.

Our killbots were designed within very specific parameters, and were designed not to kill people who matter. Our top of the line killbots, using racial recognition technology, were designed to eliminate undesirables based on factors pulled from a database, like income, status, and social media behaviors. These are not your deadbeat daddy’s fucking killbots. (Click OK to proceed.) These are state of the art killing machines, and they’re coming for you.

“They’re going to find you!” That’s the Lebal Drocer Guarantee, but we are still working out the bugs. This is a beta test. You agreed to the terms of service. This is what it is.

Lebal Drocer, Incorporated hereby absolves themselves of all guilt, releasing responsibility for the attacks, and excusing themselves from this conversation.

Oh, I’m sorry, did our killbots kill someone you love? Maybe try loving better people, and don’t get mixed up with people programmed for execution by killbot.


By Hatesec

I am the hatest

4 replies on “Lebal Drocer, Inc. defends autonomous riot control robots: “Our killbots were just following orders.””

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‘didn’t get to bang no sluts!‘
Whose the edgy hipster fgt eh
*consults the AP Writers Style Guide over the usage of whose vs.who’s

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