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McDonald’s allows employees in Denver to vaporize marijuana

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DENVER- Offices across America have begun to allow indoor use of “e-cigs,” the popular battery-powered nicotine vaporizers. Medical marijuana patients employed at McDonald’s corporate office in Denver complained it was unfair for them to now step outside, provided they use the same vaporizer technology for their entirely non-recreational drug-taking.

Critics are fearful that marijuana will become a “normal” part of American life, and this is just one more step down the slippery-slope to a nation of people who sit around in front of televisions eating way too much food while actually laughing at Family Guy.

Medicinal Marijuana patient and Human Resource official for McDonalds Sidney McSherron said, “My days at work sitting on the computer watching YouTube are just that much better now.”

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@some ones grandma…I am someones grandma too, now let me ask you this if you had a condition which by now I am quite you do, and you had medication that your Doctor gave you and it really helped ease your pain or cure your condition, but you would have to go all day without taking YOUR medication, would that be right? Why do ppl like you chime in when you know nothing about what you are talking about!! Let me also tell you that you need it in your diet too. Everyone does! why don’t you use your PC to actually resource the benefits of cannabis! You might be quite surprised! my husband a diabetic now eats one gram before bed he went from taking 3 pharma pills per day and testing 180 to 250 to using marijuana now he takes no pills and tests from 65 to 113!! Me I had a bowel disorder for 30 years it is gone, I had restless leg syndrome, it is gone, I had extreme back pain , no more, I had severe insomnia from my hysterectomy 14 years ago, I now sleep like a baby. When you add marijuana to your diet it is like little pacmen that go in and eat everything bad while you are asleep and leave all the good! we have been on this diet for 7 months I have lost 45 LBS and my husband has lost 40 because when you eat cannabis you can sit and eat mounds of food you eat small meals. We both feel 20 years younger. I believe when you eat cannabis it takes your bodies clock and weight back to where it should be. Research it on your own than if you are SMART you will get in into your diet!!!!!

to this “grandma” shut ur mouth u think weed really is sum miracle drug ur stupid prolly from all the reefer dnt say things u dnt kno about

@Sharon Day… You GO GIRL! I too eat cannabis daily. I have very similar results as you, and I survived cancer. CANNABIS DOES CURES, it IS THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, and the one given seed bearing plant that provides our bodies with everything we need on a nutritional basis. So continue to eat your cannabis with your husband, and keep spreading the word!
@dubs… show some respect, dude. I too am someone’s grandma. While some of us actually value education, and do our own research, others continue to live in the reefer madness of the 70’s. Educate yourself. The research is out there.
The only way we can truly save our planet, and our children is to educate with the truth and end cannabis prohibition!

I eat it and do so because with cancer I struggle to maintain weight and it helps me maintain as well as the need for medications to curb feeling sick is way down. Also I take far less pain pills. Now I am aware of my intake and do not take for a high effect as I like to maintain control of my body….for those of us who take for medical reasons it’s a life saver. I go to great lengths to get legally as there are no dispenseries here. I also will not drive while taking….for me it’s about being smart with usage.

This is great! Although it is a fantastic medicine the sick should not hold a monopoly on it. I don’t like the implication that you should only use it if you have cancer, etcetra.

This is not fair. We all know it shouldn’t be illegal and most people do realise that. Marijuana users, sick or not, should stick together and work to make it available to everyone, everywhere.

The Granny made a mistake and reported she likes the idea! People, please medicate b4 blasting other people! Too fucking early for this shit! Where’s the Tylenol? Sheet! Lol

I RLS back pain diabetis, high blood pressure, neuropthy throughout my body so i am in pain 24/7 i was taking about 20 pills a day for pain and now thanks to marajuna i dont take anything anymore and i can control the pain, marajuna makes everything better, this goes out to the dumbass that made the comment to the grandma’s do you take asprin or some other prescription drug if yes read the side effects most cases death is always on the list marajuna has only 1 side efect it makes you happy so to all the haters get a life and to all the stoners party on people medicate,educate, and dont stop power to the people

congratulations on using the “website” field correctly. you are the first person among THOUSANDS to do so.

Do any of you that comment back and forth proof read your comments? And for that matter, does anyone? I am a pot-head stoner that smoked for years, and it is a miracle herb, and if y’all really smoked it, well I can say no more. I was about to journey down that hippocritical road myself, peace world.

I must have done something right because this article has attracted the FUNNIEST commenters. Take yer hypocratic oath and feed us some of those pacmen.

Is her name really McSharon or did McDonalds make her change it to be the HR Manager? McLovin this story! McThank You all!
By the way, I think Employee’s should McThank every customer!

Any man who tells me that God created things on his Earth to hurt his creation is an atheist pig. Don’t believe. You’re here aren’t you asshole. Think you’ll die if you smoke weed. You’re an ignorant asshole. Everything’s bad if the Government says so. What do they know!?!? When the FDA ok’d steroids to be put on the market, these pricks invested and made millions. Once the sports players started using ( look how good they became ) and being questioned about it ( how good have they become ) they dragged them into court. They legalized this poison, put it on the market ( no prescription ) kids became stronger, wiser, more alert & and making millions of dollars using this shit. And the Goverment of course goes back on their word. Did they remove this shit from the shelves of stores ? No. Never. Can’t hurt the investors. Can’t bail them out anymore. Fuckin’ retards all of them. Backwards fuckin’ idiots. God gives you everything good for free, and the Goverment makes laws against it. When you make laws against God’s gift to you, you are an undeserving ignorant fuck! Stand up against these laws if you have any balls. Congressmen & women, Senators & Governors stop acting uneducated & stupid little kids. It used to be all about you. Fuck you. Now it’s about us! ( U.S. )

Although personally I’m pro cannibus I don’t buy the “God doesn’t make anything that can hurt you” theory. Poison Ivy? Indian Pea? Poison Oak? Apple Seeds? …

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