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Motor Mouth the Bounty Hunter. And real-life superhero?

BOOM HEADSHOTIs Motor Mouth ( of MotorMouth news import ) a bounty hunter after the heads of anonymous and occupiers?




“And the answer is, quite frankly, yes. He is all of those things.”

– Old Brutus, head of the research department.

Motor Mouth (pictured) has been involved with various Occupy movements, but not as you might expect.

As the pieces fall into place, more anons have come forward to discuss sightings of the figure within hacktivist culture around Occupy Wall Street events, but there are suspicions he is working with police.

anon the bounty hunter
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Interestingly enough

There is a real life superhero calling himself MotorMouth, who also happens to have a questionable involvement in political demonstrations. MotorMouth news, on the other hand, has been involved with Occupy Wall Street events, leading to questions surrounding his involvement with authority. He is part of a group of real life superheroes that could only exist if legally sanctioned by the D.C. police department – which means cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

MotorMouth News has a torrid history, to say the least, with the underground hacktivist culture – his website bearing a shallow and incomplete portrayal of anonymous activity – and his involvement with the above ground occupy movement is said to be wrought with distrust.

If true, it would reveal a fascination with masks and disguises paired with a desire to be on the winning team – that is, the fascists controlling America.

On his website, Motor Mouth, the real-life superhero, claims to have been involved in ‘riots’ but does not specify which; additionally, he listed a “racially-charged political incident” but does not specify which side he stood up to protect, though he does claim to have stood up for something. The case is about a piece of shit assassin cop who pretty much got off the hook for manslaughter – and at MotorMouth the superhero’s website, there is no indication that the superhero was standing up for the death of an innocent black man.

Lead correspondent Tyler Bass of explained the issue is hardly divisive. “White cop, dead black guy,” he said, “case motherfucking closed. ‘Controversial’ doesn’t begin to describe how fucked up that was.”


So remember anons, if you see this man, do not divulge information to him. He could be a bounty hunter hooking up crooked cops, so better safe than sorry. Like we used to say back in the World War II days: “Loose Lips Sink Ships!”

Good luck out there.

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You guise are worst then a group of grade 8 girls in the school yard/on the intrawebz playground with Satan as your supervisor.

You have to admit, that hilariously disproportionate little-man Napoleonic syndrome motherfucker is decked out like a riot cop. Mad little kid who wasn’t dedicated enough to becoming a police officer WENT RENEGADE BITCHES

This is hilarious and, if anything, flattering that someone took the time to write this.

My involvement originally with Occupy started out with doing a handout of various goods to Occupy SF then stand watch over the group in the same evening due to rising tensions with the public & SFPD. Shortly there after, I worked overnight security over the food tent at Occupy Oakland on a couple of Saturday nights going into Sunday mornings. My personal involvement with Occupy ends there. Now my ex-teammate The Ray was the one who was involved with the Novemeber 2nd going into November 3rd violent protests & riots. He attempted to defend a man & woman that were being attacked by an OPD riot cop that had broken formation. The officer in question & The Ray got into a scuffle which brought over up to 8 other officers. He fought the officers for a matter of minutes before some kind of projectile hit him in the left temple & knocked him unconscious. An article by the SF Weekly later came out with a number of racist accusations against The Ray, all of which he admitted to me were true. At that point, my organization the Nor Cal Protectorate & I put distance between ourselves and him, obviously ejecting him out due to a large difference in beliefs, ethics, & morals. In the end, The Ray has his heart in the right place but his mind god knows where.

As for the “riots” in question, I’ve only been through one and the was the July 2010 Oscar Grant riots. Myself & the 2 real life superheroes I was working with that night saved 2 bars, an ice skating rink, & a saki bar from being destroyed by looters and the sort (we additionally gave medical aid to a young woman who had been sliced up by glass from an unknown source). We were later detained by OPD for about an hour due to them thinking we had a gun (which wasn’t the case). After tearing apart our gear and only finding non-lethal weapons & medical equipment, they let us go.

I first morally sided with Anon years ago in their fight against the Co$. The Co$ is a bastard group that has needed a good kick in the ass for a while and Anon gave them just that. Beyond that, I support Anon when they aren’t destroying public or private property & when they have a clear message (as was the case in their war against the Co$).

Anyways, my mouth is tired & my motor feels like it’s revved up enough over this. Take from it what you want. Laterz.

Motor Mouth ~ I’m trying to find you! Can you contact me please?

I’m a professional photographer and I am looking for Superheros for a documentary project I’m working on. I live in Oakland, CA and I want to document the amazing work that you do; from patrol missions to charity work, and all good deeds in between. As a thank you for allowing me to capture your journeys of good will; in exchange I would give you all images as well so you can use them for media and marketing purposes; or your own

I’m greatly invested in this project and would love to talk to you more!

Thanks so much in advance for your time; I really look forward to hearing back from you ~ and truly hope to document your amazing work!!

Thanks so much Motor Mouth!

[email protected]

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