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Herman Cain plans secret divorce with infuriated wife

Don't be fooled by this picture. Gloria's gained a lot of weight lately after finding out her husband only sexually harasses ugly women at work.

Herman Cain’s wife is mad as hell that she hasn’t been the target of sexual harassment in nearly 15 years. She’s filed for a secret divorce under pressure from militant Tea Party militia men acting as Cain’s personal guard and trying really hard to prove that they aren’t racist. Secretly, they loathe Cain because he has more money than them.

Cain continues to malign his wife’s fat ass publicly, stating Gloria is 200% his wife.

Anonymous hacked Herman Cain’s wife’s e-mails to find this bullshit out and asked Chronicle.SU to disseminate the secret divorce. While no one on the internet really gives a fuck about Herman Cain because he’s a capable public speaker who knows when to 999 instead of John Wayne Gacey, Anonymous is fucking pissed off because that’s their default state.

At the next debate, before taking a drag off of a cigarette, we expect Cain to sexually harass Michele Bachmann and then give his slow troll grin for the cameras.

The following is a transcript of Herman Cain committing statutory rape on one of many hundreds of pizza delivery wenches he raped while CEO of Godfather’s pizza, as released by Anonymous.

Yeah baby you like that?

Yeah I fucking like that shit baby, give it to me.

Oh looks like your vagina is ready for sex, I will give you a generous raise after this dicking.

Fuck yeah nigga, you’re a big man.

Yeah I like it when you call me nigga, bitch. Swallow that cum. Yeah bitch.


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