O’Reilly Media’s Jeffrey Carr bans only woman presenter at all-man tech conference

The nexus of trolling culture and call-out culture has O'Reilly Media's Jeffrey Carr mansplaining to prominent women in tech.
The nexus of trolling culture and call-out culture has O’Reilly Media’s Jeffrey Carr mansplaining to prominent women in tech.

INTERNET — Monday, Tim O’Reilly, who coined the terms Web 2.0 and Open Source, found his O’Reilly Media Corporation embroiled in a sexist scandal as his overpriced security TED talk variant “Suits and Spooks” disinvited known “troll” Jaime Cochran. Trolls are an online subculture of rude people who trick others and make them upset on the internet for so-called lulz, or evil laughter.

Jeffrey Carr, Suits and Spooks organizer, faced massive social media unrest after hiring former Anonymous leader and FBI informant Sabu to speak at his conference. Carr became mired in even worse trolling and ridicule after responding to the mess with an open invitation for other “Leaders of Anonymous” to balance out the butthurt haters of Sabu. All other Anonymous leaders being in prison, Jaime Cochran, the troll known by the famous handle AsshurtMacFags, presented herself as an Anonymous Leader but was quickly exposed and mansplained by Carr.

Jeffrey Carr rudely disinvited Cochran from Suits and Spooks while firing off sex-loaded words like ‘drama’ and ‘gossip’, and when Fruzsina Eördögh called him out, he mansplained to Eördögh that she should have contacted him privately through e-mail instead of on twitter or through a blog. Thus he was conveniently able to deflect all accusations of sexism. The manppression was so thick in the air that Eördögh’s blogpost became self-aware of its own unavoidable internalized misogyny.

Carr hired KYAnonymous AKA Deric Lostutter to balance out Sabu, and Tim O’Reilly has since coined a new scare-term, “Trolling 2.0,” and plans industry-wide talks on how to tamp down this new and menacing subculture before it infiltrates more of his cheap sales pitch seminars veiled as educational conferences.

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  1. Let the games begin.
    Transphobic pig, etc …
    beside the only non-leader is the anti-leaderfag, ķilgoar.
    FBI loves these conventions, like whores on vacation in Las Vegas. Carry on asshurt luv, ur a classy act as a troll +1
    ps- Wonder if the three stooges of infosec will be there, Tommy ‘Big Head, small penis’ Ryan, Aaron ‘i can count to potato’ Barr, & Neal ‘lying lymie’ Rauhauser.

  2. I downloaded the hacker wars off of the piratebay, & yes I was trying to be ironic. All docs are propaganda, no …

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