Purchase a bottle of Dew SA today!

The new patriot-flavor of spirochete-infested gene-editing Dew SA rots our very brains out

Within its Red, White, and Blue packaging the bone-melting acid of Dew SA rips into your kidneys while torturing your taste buds with memories of watered down cough syrup, the flavor of force-fed childhood trauma. These colors  have, in fact, Run all together into a watery purple drink that a Roman Soldier might sprinkle on Christ’s wounds.

Alt-right baby gorilla rapist and jackass manblogger Mike Cernovich has press credentials at the White House and made some hand gesture that may or may not represent white power. Now racist creeps are cupping their balls and stroking off with this hand gesture, calling themselves deplorable, videotaping themselves nutting on images of former Black Lives Matter barbie doll Cassandra Fairbanks, the backlit milky globs seen in vines on their Twitter feed. Each of them are cautiously avoiding all pizza parlors while plotting their own satanic rituals, which will one-up the liberal dipshits. She is thinking, in that photo, that historians will remember Hillary only made the mistake of not injecting enough child blood to become the First Woman President. ‘Fairbanks, now that sounds presidential. I will end all the wars.’

In grasping at global military domination in a menacing fuck-all towards especially the most democratic nations, stroking at the big ones, Big Boy, Fat Man, and relishing in the waning political stability under Dew SA’s classic Machiavellian Republic, American hack historians write bizarro-world histories for their children that say free market economics, the ideology backing their own suffering, has made such domination possible. Some of the children who read this trash even grow up despite melting skeletons and take on a lifetime of college debt so they can learn it’s all a big fucking lie. Carrying (John Lennon) ~Pictures of Chairman Mao~ ya fuckin’ cranks, and giving Trigger Warning a headline here: Hate speech, Free Speech. Class WarfareThe Pepsi Can with a half dissolved Rat in it, handed to the police officer by Caitlyn fucking deadname Bruce Jenner herself after winning more gold medals than anyone. The cop takes one sip and that’s the beginning of the end for a global transnational corporation. Chelsea fucking deadname Bradley Manning, handing the Coke can to Assange, and there’s the beginning of the end of the ‘Transcolonial Hivemind.’ Socialism has arrived thanks to History’s shattered, interrupted, and meaningless dialogue with itself.

You got Apple, You got Samsung. Democrat, Republican. Coca Cola, Pepsi. Alt-Left, Alt-Right. Nazis, Marxists. Twitter freaks, their dicks and brown twenty inch clits hanging out of the Overton Window for anyone who might stroll by and give it a yank. Go ahead, say something politically incorrect, I love Hitler, I love Stalin, I love fucking Twitter’s Pussy! Reaching for extreme speech and extreme acts and finding only Pepsi, hand signals, tweets by Trump, tweets to Trump, FBI entrapment games, and a fistfight in the park! This is the final flattening, not only of meaning but of affect. The schizoid mass-mind, searching for UFOs, for mommy, for daddy somewhere in the blank sky, the empty highway, the high desert. Kyuss riffs, repeating until disappearance and then the emergence of the great Green Fireball, rolling in and out of the atmosphere, twice the size of the moon, final warning from above that all the Nukes on earth ain’t shit.

But who cares, it’s a global Mexican standoff. Pax Americana. Hacks, Wikileaks, Stirring the Pot with Trump’s Truth. Crooked Hillary went down, now “be damned” says Julian, the whitest white man raised in a white hair whiteness cult, a hideout office in South America’s territory inside the White Man’s home country. And the Mexicans, how the hell did they get drawn into 9/11? Was it the anthrax powder in the mail box, the Lyme disease created with CRISPR rotting out our pineal glands? Goodbye literary centers, hello spirochetes digesting our souls. It’s blurring all the brown people into Muslims. Yeah, sure, it spread through Venezuela, 24 million in the streets demanding Capitalism, demanding a bottle of Dew SA to cripple their livers too.

The syphilis that invaded Hitler’s brain lured Europe into firebombing itself. Both World Wars a human sacrifice to make it up to the gods for the lives stolen from the top of those pyramids in the Americas. This invader into Europe, a bacteria transmitted to whites as they raped Indians, and the trees in the Amazon, growing out of the farms and the bodies killed without history, without memory in wave after wave of Euro-Afro-Asian plagues. ‘Never would have happened, under Andrew Jackson,’ tweets the President. Smallhead Zika babies, robbed of humanity by a gene-editing virus, changing their embryonic DNA to form inhuman mini-brained slave apes of the lustful European’s imagination, future primo rape targets. A debt yet to be collected, the payment to America’s Gods defaulted, empty Mayan temples, Dew SA vouchers received as insult and payment, food that hungers Quetzlcoatl and the spirochetes.

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back from oxycontin and mountain men fun ¿ there were rumors that u are therapeutically wrecking a bandsaw. after all, better than writing. you should turn to the question that defines your further life instead: “do you want fries with that”

This is Dr. Troubador. You seem to be suffering from a chronic spirochete infection. Consult your Reiki Healer IMMEDIATELY before posting further comments.

ouch, all the sand in my vagina. wait til i tell pappy grandpa and sister mommy bout u. theyll send u to bed without incest.

already in capslock mode¿ little thin-skinned these dayz. need a lill reach-around¿ thats why kenny is fapping ya on twitter¿ poor mr. hill william. (btw its nut syphilis, its spongiform encephalopathies, duh)

“It puts the lotion on it’s skin, or it’s gettin’ the hose up it’s arse again.”

A while back, if I remember right, my life was one long party where all hearts were open wide, where all wines kept flowing.
One night, I sat Beauty down on my lap. And I found her galling. And I roughed her up.
I armed myself against justice.
I ran away. O witches, O misery, O hatred, my treasure’s been turned over to you!
I managed to make every trace of human hope vanish from my mind. I pounced on every joy like a ferocious animal eager to strangle it.
To be cont’d

*watches Dave Chappel HBO special circa 2000 & switches to Chemtrails articles for my trolling needs
brb 4 day long wk end niggas, no trump to ruin it, so we here can have nice things ?

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