Trump’s first visit to home town of New York City met with [glorious praise]


President Trump returned home Thursday, for the first time since becoming national daddy.

Thousands of demonstrators appeared at the Intrepid military museum, a decommissioned warship docked in lower Manhattan, where President Trump met right-wing Australian Prime Minister Malcolm “X” Turnbull.

As people outside chanted “New York hates you,” Trump and Turnbull participated in a ceremony to commemorate the battle of Coral Sea, a joint military operation between the US and Australia.

Hatesec of Internet Chronicle was on the scene and like, got a feel of the overall vibe, and shit.

Listen here:

Afterward, Turnbull and Trump were scheduled to play a round of golf on one of Trump’s courses in Westchester.

Fewer than 1 in 5 New Yorkers voted for Trump.

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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Fix the fuckin’ podcast asshole, it ain’t downloadable. And where the fuck is part two. The elderly need their fix of hate radio. You’re gonna wither away and die in that basement cell in Queens.

Lol at Cassandra drunkly handling firearms with Milo last night. Too bad she didn’t accidently shoot him. Now there’s a headline.

Regardless of who is hacking who, Russia/Putin benefits from the rise and election of nationalist candidates worldwide. Funny how ppl were always worried about the commies socialism except now the commies have traded in their socialist dogma for fascism as their delivery system of totalitarianism.

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