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Putin officially endorses Trump, promises “big hacks”

Russian President Vladimir Putin officially endorsed Donald Trump
Russian President Vladimir Putin officially endorsed Donald Trump

MOSCOW — Russian President Putin officially endorsed Donald Trump Thursday, following Trump’s call for Russian intelligence agencies to penetrate Hillary Clinton’s classified e-mails. This marks the first time the Russian state has made any official statement on an election in the US.

Putin told the press, “Donald Trump is a very wise, shrewd man and under his rule a Russian and American alliance could truly stride across the globe. The FSB is working incredibly hard to hack and ruin Hillary’s campaign, and this is just the very beginning.”

Imitating Trump’s style somewhat, Putin went off topic, saying, “I know for a fact that President Obama was born in Nigeria. Maybe we will do something with those files, maybe Assange would like them. Maybe Obama will not finish his term. We will bring the big hacks.”

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I see Ron jumped the shark again or the shark jumped Ron. Either way Ron and Sue Basko never stop being entertainment.

‘sexual transmutation of energy’ = Sexytime$ w/ bitcoin$ (the bot is drunk) **reads/scans part one & two of hypermart**

Under the governing of the “dove of peace” big part of the world soaked in blood. They moved closer and closer to the boarder of Russia provoking it. They regected all treaty concerning a balance of nuclear weapon, that were in force before. They do all they can challenging nuclear war. Lay is the state f their crooked mind. They are not able to understand were they are going on. It is the way to the Hell. God bless to win Donnald Trump.

You A$$ange is on Real Time with Bill Maher. And Bill is making him look like the a$$et that he is to Russia ahahaha …

2009: Hillary pressing the reset button with Russia.
CORRECTION: 2016: Trump is Putin in guyfawk mask.

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