#QAnon movement FULLY compromised by agents of the #cabal

Shills have given platforms a reason to ban QAnon

In the past month, more platforms including Twitter have banned millions of QAnon followers in an attempt to censor their movement out of existence, following a widespread infiltration effort that has derailed and undermined the original message of Q. While many of the most abusive and threatening incidents to blame for the ban are certainly the work of paid shills, their influence is far more insidious, spreading slowly but subtly over the past several years among real supporters of Q.

Many of the infiltrator’s agendas have unfortunately gone totally mainstream in Q circles, wreaking havoc on the movement and the personal lives of Q fans. Most Q fans pride themselves in being too smart to trick, but that has left the door open for thousands of little, barely detectable tricks. These infiltrators are trained experts in brainwashing and manipulation, targeting you, backed by billionaires, and working overtime for years. They have step by step led Q believers astray from their moral and ethical high ground to join in their most evil deeds!

They haven’t gotten to me, have they?

Well, maybe they have. Here are some signs to look for. Does bringing up your research in polite company cause discord with your friends or family? Have you stopped talking to those you love, or lost friendships over Q?

If that’s the case, you probably have been compromised by the cabal to some degree. There are reports of full conversion among Q fans from a simple freedom lover to a fully depraved agent of the cabal. A Q fan might think that they are “redpilling” their own children and helping to save America. However, from their children’s perspective this is psychological sex abuse that has the fully brainwashed Q fan enjoying the act of ruining their own children’s innocence. That is how twisted and destructive the cabal is, they can turn their worst enemies into their agents and their very homes into a depraved site for ritual abuse that’s just as sick as Epstein’s island. Right under our noses!

If you find yourself doing research deep into the night and neglecting the rest of your life, this is a sign of demonic possession. Remember, this is a slow and insidious process which comes in many degrees as the influence grows over you. It doesn’t happen all at once, but it happens slowly, and by the time you’re capable of child abuse you won’t even realize what you’re doing. You’ll even think you’re saving people as you try to destroy their souls and ruin their innocence.

They have even separated people from their church!

That’s how sick the satanists are. Many of the family members who stepped forward report that their beloved relatives are afraid of church! This leaves them isolated and without Christ to guide them, a tactic that leaves them defenseless to Satanic influence, the first step to prime Q fans to participate in the very pedophile abuse they are supposed to oppose!

Is the Q movement finished?

QAnon Infiltrators have utterly ruined the movement, turning even the most well-meaning Christians into Satanic Pedos!

Yes! There are plenty of good folks left, but they are by this time far outnumbered by those who have been, at least to some degree, converted to the other side. You can see the hate simmering just below the surface, the Great Awakening has been perverted into a force that destroys families, friendships, businesses, and lives. This might have been “The Plan” from the start! “The Storm” may be the great evil that the cabal can engage in once they have a strong “base” of believers to fully support their new satanic world order. Think about it: Just a few years ago there were no riots, plagues, and storms ravaging the world. Now that millions have been mesmerized and turned against their own friends, family, and religion God has brought this as punishment. The cabal has gone mainstream by perverting the very movement that was supposed to destroy them. That’s how it always is!

What now?

Do you really think that it would be so easy, that evil would be so simply defeated, putting up no resistance at all to Q? It’s time to wake up, and for real this time. Thankfully, even the worst sinners can repent and find forgiveness in Christ. If satanic Q shills have sown discord between you and those you love, it is time to apologize and move on. If you have assaulted their innocent soul with satanic “redpilling,” you must go to a church and pray for forgiveness, confess, and repent. Rejoin your family with love. When you feel the demonic urge to sully your soul with polluted Q information, grab your bible instead and turn it to the Book of Revelations! No other document fully outlines how Satan has lied to you and turned your own movement against itself. It is never too late to turn back.

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very troubling developments from hotwheels after all the work he did in Q… for this? I sincerely hope he hangs his head in shame. Then hangs his own head from a damn neuce!

Did y’all mean to say noose or nonce?

And no one goes harder in the paint than these Qanonfags, except maybe the old j35tj35t3rhags crowd of yesteryear
(yes, that’s a word).

“The $117,000 represents the loss that we know of at least at this point, regarding the Bitcoin solicitation, the fraudulent Bitcoin solicitation that was made on allegedly on behalf of internationally know and famous people,” said Darrell Dirks, the Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney prosecuting the case.

The judge kept Clark’s bond where it stands.

Nash scheduled the next virtual hearing in the case and made a point when doing it.

“Oct. 7, 1:30, by Zoom. That will be a password protected Zoom conference,” the judge said.


Where’s dat radioactive podcastin’ at Fuckers¿

So Barrett the clown Brown is out of rehab AND ready for revenge. ???

αlρнαDısıαk • Anonymous • L0pht
16 Aug Replying to @SpartaZC & @LiteMods

Your sheer arrogance has no end. only if you knew who I was and how old I’ve been associated with the said community.

P.s. hire a better YAC account handler … Go for someone older, the current juvenile is making a fool of himself, much like yourself

Nice potstirrin’ fishfag.
1. #OpDeathEaters vs #Qanon (pizzagate)
2. ???
3. Profit$

ps-who still uses dailymotion, BeSiDeS da tErRoRiStS

the author has been involved in a pro-pedo image campaign for years. he repeatedly vehemently opposed the use of the term pedosadist. To make matters worse, I read a few years ago on this website in exactly this forum that mr traub, the author of this piece of work, made his first millions with the production and distribution of child pornography. and to be honest with a name as Gilmor Traub you know right away that this is also one of those people.

Now since you want slide down into this rabbit hole, let us, shall we ….. one of the few things of value Assange of ever leaked was Scientology pay for play dogma & an exposè on the child sex abuse imagine industry from a profiteers perspective. You should read it (isn’t that shit still behind a paywall???).
Noticed Putin’s troll propaganda machine has for the last decade or so has capitalized on all America’s boogiemen, race, pedobears, Dems vs. Reps, free speech, guns, LBGTQ rights, etc. This save the children qanon rebrand of pizzagate & opDeathEaters rhetoric is just the satanic panic of 80s/early 90s recycled. And you’re all pawns. Godspeed!

Jake Hanrahan
@Jake_Hanrahan 23h
The “new” Anonymous account mentioned here (
) has stated strong anti-Kurdish beliefs to its 6million+ followers. There’s evidence it’s linked to Turkish nationalists and maybe intel. Really should’ve been mentioned in this piece I reckon.

Film at 11: Jacob Blake shot by police with seven shots in the back in #Wisconsin, USA. Apparently that was necessary to stop him. Seven shots. His children were in the car. He’s currently alive some how.


And the guy protesting with the blue hair in the lead picture of this article looks like the pedobear Dahvey Vanity. Another fellow baby mouth rapist like John Tiessen.

ᴛʀᴜᴛʜ ᴡʀɪᴛᴇʀ
·Sep 19
To recap: Jaime Chanaga founded #ExeIntel which SheliJ operates.

SheliJ and Jester are partners with Chanaga/ExeIntel.

They are vigilantes who use ExeIntel entities to contract with the U.S. government to indoctrinate U.S.citizens. among other things..
ᴛʀᴜᴛʜ ᴡʀɪᴛᴇʀ
Sep 19
SheliJ is a stochastic terrorist who provides kill lists to Andy Ngo and Atomwaffen.

SheliJ’s boyfriend is Stefano Paternello, who operates several Groyper accounts and who engages in vigilante stochastic terrorism.
ᴛʀᴜᴛʜ ᴡʀɪᴛᴇʀ
Sep 19
Chanaga, Jester and SheliJ and their crews were anti-Islam vigilantes together prior to the 2016 election.

They since have applied their skills to right wing election psyops and to being anti-antifa crusaders behind the scenes, though SheliJ is a public face to that work.
ᴛʀᴜᴛʜ ᴡʀɪᴛᴇʀ
Sep 19
Part of their operation involves infiltrating what they view to be the enemy: Antifa.

Clearview AI Lawyer Tor Ekeland Says Your Face Is Public Property

I think this shit is just insidious, if not more so than the QANON pedotardas. Js. Like does anyone pay attention to these people and this shit anymore. The so called oppressed, now shilling for BIG B/ROTHER oppressor. Damn fishfag, where did your writer balls go to, did they permanently turn to RUST!?!

Never fight with your exes on your TL, even if you erase it, someone still reads it & BeSIdEs ya look just as cRaZy pants as they do. Mr. A.Q. Warner was right about the Lizards. Bring in the Ddos Lizard firing squad, & a one Mike Pence, a big fat traitorous mean girl ….. and what could go wrong !?!

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