Rapist Speaks Out In Support Of A Delusional Barrett Brown

“We are the pee-pool,” says Tiessen.

Internet legend John Tiessen spoke in defiance of IRC bans and IRL double trouble Barrett “The Wild One” Brown Monday. During his Internet podcast, Tiessen once again decried the rats amongst us, referring to undercover agents at Occupy meetings, and outlined the divide and conquer mentality of government opposition, referencing Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Barrett Brown is in police custody after threatening the children of federal agents.

Tiessen quietly yelled to his audience of no one, “We’re rootin’ for Barrett Brown to get out of jail, and we’re fuckin’ protesting against that. They say they’re protestin’ against them but they’re not – they’re tryin’ to stop it. They’re tryin’ to stop the movement and they’re winning. They’re winning and people are listening to ’em. We are the pee-pool! We are the pee-pool!”

As something resembling emotions rose up within him, Tiessen got carried away with himself and, remembering why Brown, on whose behalf Tiessen is speaking, was arrested, corrected himself midstream: “We have our minds and we’re going to do what we want to do. If we want to take down the feds– if there’s five people that want to take down the feds . . . they’re gonna do it, leave ’em alone!”

Tiessen concluded by encouraging his presumably sleeping audience to “wake the fuck up.”

The following is funnier than anything we could possibly write ourselves

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Serially why didn’t big brother make it condition of his parole for raping babies in the mouth, NO INTERNET ACCESS!
*pours gass on the pedobear, lights a match and poof, teh problem of him fagging up teh airwaves and twitter solved!

I miss BB, he is sure a stand up person. Seems not only do the good die young but the governments sure don’t like them. One thing everyone should notice is, BB has not snitched on anyone. Many said he was a rat but i did my best to tell everyone he was no rat but a true freedom fighter. NOW THEY KNOW!!

John Tiessen has always said things that seemed to be way out in left field but as we see now it all turned out to be true. Him and Barrett Brown are true Freedom Fighters for all people

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