Snowden defects to Russia

Snowden continues his epic quest to fight off the tyranny of America's all-pervasive and exclusive grip on evil.
Snowden continues his epic quest to fight off the tyranny of America’s all-pervasive and exclusive grip on evil.

MOSCOW — In what may go down as one of the most treasonous acts in the history of the United States, Edward Snowden has fled to Moscow en route to Venezuela in order to avoid prosecution for leaks that his supporters claim can’t possibly damage American security interests. “Either he will stay in Russia for the rest of his life, or we will reroute his flight from Venezuela to Guantanamo Bay using F-22 Raptors,” said President Obama in a private conversation leaked and tweeted by Snowden.

Snowden first revealed a massive surveillance program that allegedly targeted American citizens, which was followed by denials from President Obama and other officials. For much of the public, this confirmed their worst fear that the government could, in some cases, eavesdrop on telephone and internet conversations without warrant and trigger criminal investigations.

In his second round of leaks, Snowden uncovered crucial details of American espionage programs targeting China. In spite of this, Snowden supporters maintained he has not damaged American security. Pro-Snowden pundits like Glen Greenwild have pointed out that espionage operations in China are “illegal,” just like all espionage ever, and Snowden’s benefactors refuse to believe this kind of disclosure is an act of espionage with or without treasonous intent.

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