Stephen Hawking joins Illuminati, snubs Israel

Who is Stephen Hawking, anyway?
Who is Stephen Hawking, anyway?

TEL AVIV — Rampant rumors on the net have surfaced espousing contradictory narratives about Stephen Hawking, Israel, and the Illuminati. Most popular of these stories is one in which Hawking has refused to appear at a conference in Israel in protest of their wanton killing of Arabs, while other more reliable sources claim he was only sick.

Clearly, the Illuminati’s mind-control hell spawns internet narratives which become deeply embedded into public consciousness because the Illuminati long ago inserted their “hooks” into our “minds.” But why do they want to discredit Israel, their patsy in the Arab world, and why now? Illuminati expert and Jungian Psychoanalyst Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador says, “Israel cannot continue its course for much longer, especially as more and more nations become destabilized and revert to Islamic states. The Illuminati is turning people against Israel because we’re going to ‘cut them off’, and trust me, you don’t want to be cut off from the Illuminati if you’re a nation-state vying with the Arab world.”

Does this mean that America will duck out of treaties with Israel? What are Stephen Hawking’s fever dreams like? Didn’t Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador just admit to a high position in the Illuminati?

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Reading this literally made me retarded. They are coming to take me to the group home right now.

he is not in the illumanati thrust me and im only 10 I like Stephen hawking for who he is if I got to meet him I would cry hes a great man bye everybody im crying because ou are saying he is in th eillumanati but I know hes not hes a wonderful man and the smartest in the world.bye everybody and Stephen hawking don tliaten to those haters out there and you are my hero abd friend Nye Stephen hawkings remember don’t listen to the haters bye

Illuminati was a great group besides being atheist they never done any harm to this world.The time existed when Galileo was kept under house arrest as he opposed the views of the church,u can’t blame anyone as wrong unless u completely knw them and neither of us know them well.A group of highly intellectual people who wanted to bring a scientific virtue a world without god I think even without illuminati it is slowly turning into the same.I am not a non believer of a god but truth has to be spoken.

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