Will Smith files for divorce from Jada Pinkett Smith

Reports indicate the Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith are currently fucking, as Will Smith files final divorce papers.

INTERNET — Just weeks after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, the actor and rapper is announcing he will be divorcing his wife of 25 years, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jada Pinkett Smith was photographed escorting Chris Rock on Hollywood Boulevard Wednesday after their final divorce papers were filed. Rock told paparazzi, “Big Willie’s mistake was I’m into GI Jane. She’s hot! I like it when a woman pops off.”

Rock was later seen striking a paparazzi photographer, who got up in Jada Pinkett Smith’s face with his camera. Rock dramatically slapped the camera and shouted, “You keep my woman outta your lens!” The gaggle of onlookers broke into uproarious laughter.

This second slapping incident follows the suspicious swatting of Chris Rock, which took place just hours after media first reported Rock’s steamy new public affair with Jada Pinkett Smith. Rock was unharmed, and there is no word on official attribution, only a vague message from a hacker group called BigWillieSec, warning Rock that they will “simp slap” him again, if he continues to fuck Jada.

Jada Pinkett Smith announced her affair with Rock on Monday, posting on Instagram that the couple “found love in the midst of controversy,” as they posed in front of the Hollywood sign. Amber Heard, embroiled in another celebrity drama focusing on female on male mind-control and abuse, commented on the Instagram post to congratulate Jada Pinkett Smith on being a “True Queen.”


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