YouTuber Shad M. Brooks dead at 37

Fans mourn the loss of Shad M. Brooks, fantasy writer and host of the Shadiversity LARPing channel on YouTube.

Brooks died tragically, Saturday evening, during the filming of one of his many off-the-wall medieval weaponry videos. While testing a barbed steel spike mounted to the end of a bullwhip, the weapon struck Brooks’ chest, piercing a gap in his armor and creating a superficial, but terrifying wound. Doctors say the shock at the wound, as well as the inability to remove the barbed tip, caused Brooks to panic, triggering cardiac arrest. Paramedics had difficulty safely removing his armor to apply sufficient aid, and the YouTuber was pronounced dead on arrival to hospital.

“It’s just like Steve Irwin all over again, a tremendous loss striking right at the heart of Australia,” said Gerald Johnson, longtime fan and admin of The Shadiverse, Brooks’ official Discord. “Who else can tell the world what is realistic or not, simply by using reason, logic, and a keen sense of psychology? Only through the use of such fair debate can we arrive at the truth of medieval warfare. There was no one like him and I’m afraid only snobs like the woke Matt Easton will be left on YouTube, relying on flawed Archaeology and History to make their conclusions and cancel the enemies of their ideology.”

Matt Easton of the Scholagladiatoria YouTube channel refused comment on the death of Brooks but said, “It’s very true he judged evidence very much on the same basis as a medieval scholar, and in that sense he was quite true to the period. How intentional any of it all is, I can’t say.”

Brooks’ fortune has been disbursed equally to his twelve surviving male children according to medieval Salic law that forbids his wife or daughters from possessing land.

Shad’s bestseller, Shadow of the Conqueror, was panned by critics for celebrating a “Fantasy Hitler” protagonist with a penchant for raping thirteen year old girls. Fans, however, loved the book for its high levels of realism. Phillip Lichtenstein, moderator at the Shadiverse Discord server defended the book, saying, “That’s what a medieval king does, is it not? Would you rather have some Black king going around asking for consent from his [expletive] eunuchs like some [expletive] Disney movie?” Lichtenstein continued to berate our reporters who were promptly banned from the chat room for “Spreading the woke mind virus,” having expressed no opinions whatsoever.

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