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Doc Watson NOT killed by the Illuminati

Live Forever In Peace As We Perish

The “Technorati,” an extreme AnarchoSocialist element of the Illuminati far above Anonymous in terms of skill and secrecy, quieted Doc Watson away to a CyberGrave and publicly announced his “Death” on Tuesday. CyberGraves are the biggest new craze among secretive elites like the Bilderbergers and Illuminati. By recording only a few hours of brain activity with incredibly sensitive equipment, sensitive down to the cell, a CyberGrave could potentially lead to a state of virtual immortality for even this very generation! The secretive nature of this technology is of course kept under the tightest of tight wraps, tied down, and used by only the super elite.  The first celebrity to ever be given a CyberGrave was Tupac, and current hologram technologies allow him to make appearances in public saying entirely new things which are genuinely taken from his real, preserved consciousness. Engineers for Tupac reported Anonymously that rendering Tupac’s appearance at Coachella this year took ten whole years.

“This is probably the New World Order, folks. I’ve finally figured it all out. The reason why the Denver Airport is geared out to gas an entire continent in a single act of monumental unscalable terror and genocide is because all the fucking Elites from Bilderburg to Doc Watson have all had themselves digitized and they’re just waiting until they have their own digital fucking Minecraft world supercomputer to retreat into after this one is FUCKING DESTROYED. This is how they will achieve MAXIMUM POWER OVER ALL. Well, I’d rather be a damned victim of the biggest genocide in the history of the entire damned planet than a sucker living inside a world of computer glitches where some heroic myth generated by a computerized hack will repeat recursively ad nauseum.” ~ Alex Jones

FACT #1: Right now the “NSA” is building the world’s biggest supercomputer storage database near Area 51 which will be so fucking big it can contain the entire internet 10,000 times and that’s before they upgrade it. Plus, it’s heavily defended by armed guards at all time. Anonymous Insiders says the secret location is codenamed EDEN

FACT #2: Why bother with the material world if you can retreat into an endless realm where you are now actually “God?” If you had this power, would you ever tell anyone about it? NO!

Fact #3: This makes more sense than lizards because David Icke just thinks Jews are nonhuman.

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And mean while, the body parts are piling up in Montreal at political party offices. #truSToRy

I say now who do..who do you think you’re fooling? Get ready for you job shoeshining for True Israel…you gonna have to shine extra hard for them to be able to see themselves in their shoes when you’re done…LOL..get ready for Revelation 2:9 and 3:9…i know I am..and hey, I’m just a gentile! LOL

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